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Hi!  I am starting the GAPS diet because I believe I have some yeast issues.  I am trying to determine if I should do the intro or not.  I don't have a lot of digestive issues such as discomfort, constipation, or loose stools so I am not sure if it's needed.  I suppose it wouldn't hurt and I could go through it pretty quickly.  Any thoughts?

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I'm joining you guys and bumping this thread. Couldn't locate a newer thread. 


I've had eczema and hives for the past couple months and began seeing an acupuncturist a few weeks ago. I also had hives this time last year. I suspected it could be a manifestation of some type of allergy be it food/seasonal/whatever but I have never had a reaction to anything that would pinpoint the allergen. I also suspect it could be stress which I've been under a lot of lately.


The acupuncturist gave me some dietary restrictions last year that included no meat (other than fish but no oily fish like salmon or tuna), no wheat, oats, or brown rice. The only grain she said I could have was buckwheat. No spices only salt. No shellfish. No cod liver oil or brewer's yeast (which I thought was weird and heartbreaking). This week she took it much further and said no egg yolks, no dairy, no nuts or seeds, No oils whatsoever. No sugar. And a lot of other 'nos' that I think are crazy. Plus some of what she said this week contradicted last week so I've decided to tackle this diet thing on my own. I had already been thinking I should try GAPS to help with my issues so after my acupuncture appt today I ordered my book.


I've already been eating TF for about 3 years now so it won't be too tough I don't believe. Maybe we can get some life back into this thread? 


How has everyone been doing so far?

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I would like to start the GAPS diet as well.  I am a bit nervous as I am 21 wks pregnant, but I really feel it's something I should do ASAP before I pass my bad flora onto baby #2.  I am hoping my DH will join me (even in the full, and we can go back and do the intro if necessary).


I want my DD to join us as well- she has reflux and yeast issues as well as occasional rashes and dirrhea; she has not had grains yet but has had potatoes (and loved them!).  I don't know quite how to go about it with a baby so young, she is almost 11 months.  Also what I am confused about is if we can have raw milk- we drink about 2 glasses a day and yogurt 1x a day atm.  DD has 25-30 oz and I cannot take her off that b/c she will definitely lose weight. 


I'm pretty excited to start though- getting recipes and menu plans organized and ordered 10 lb of beef bones.  also can we have bacon?  (pastured, sugar free)

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I have a 3 year old daughter I'm not going to make her or my boyfriend do GAPS so I'll be doing double meals often. Like if I'm cooking something with grains for them.

As far as I know you can't drink milk but you can use your raw milk to make yogurt or kefir. Not supposed to have anything with lactose.

The bacon I'm not sure about yet. I've read online no processed meats? Even the nitrate free bacon usually has sugar in it so it may be a no no.

ETA just saw you said sugar free so not sure.
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We're planning to start the Gaps diet soon.  Have been meaning to for AGES and am just now going to buy the book, and a couple of supporting ebooks.  Did you all order the book from the main site? Anyone in Canada know of a Canadian source?

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I ordered my gaps book from amazon.
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I am in Canada and was planning to order off Amazon.ca but they don't carry the book new anymore.  So I'll just get it from the library for now, as well as a DVD and cookbook. 


I'm not sure what the deal is on bacon, the website says avoid processed foods, but this bacon is naturally made by the farmer/leader of our local WAPF chapter so I know there is nothing bad added.  I really love bacon :D  Anyway I've decided to start next Monday so am collecting recipes and will be going shopping.  Still don't know if DH will join me...

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Your bacon sounds like it would be fine (as long as it is nitrate free and sugar free).  Hope GAPS is going well for you.  We've been doing it for about 8 months and have seen a lot of benefits for our family.  It's such a way of life for us now, it's hard to even imagine going back to the NT diet we were on before (although DH and I do have small cheats every now and then for a treat), much less the SAD.  


As for raw milk, I think the recommendation is that you not have it for a while, then try adding it back in per  the instructions in the book.  I knew DH and DS1 had issues with the milk, but I thought DS2 and DD would be fine with it.  But when I added it back in (about 6 months after we started GAPS), I realized that DS2's behavior got really wild and out of control, and DD got very fussy.  So we have cut it back out again.  All of us seem fine with yogurt, kefir, and GAPS approved cheeses (I try to only buy raw milk local cheeses when possible.  I sure do miss the fresh homemade mozzerella though!).  


Since you're expecting, you won't be doing the intro anytime soon because it's not the right time to do a heavy detox.  So if the raw milk is really important to you, you could always keep drinking it for now, and try removing it when you do the intro after baby is older.  


It's been interesting to me how much easier it is to tell if something affects me now that I've been on GAPS for a while.  I used to always wonder could it be this or this or this, but now it seems pretty clear.  I had some potatoes the other day, and I felt so awful afterwards, I thought it could be because I had been very stressed and hadn't gotten much sleep, but the same thing happened a few days later.  No more potatoes for me!!   And yet, I ate them for years without ever knowing that they could have that effect on me.  


Hope the diet goes well for you both.   

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*YAY* a GAPS thread!  

i've been 90% GAPS for years now.  with only occasional cheats (and most of those sprouted or soured grains, or a baked gluten-free quinoa cake for someone's birthday).  i loved finding the GAPS book b/c it answered so many questions about my reactions to many foods.  and my love of bone stocks.  


that said, at 16+ weeks pregnant, i can only go for about 1 week without 'cheating' by eating a sourdough brown rice pancake.  or two.  usually topped with raw cheese, pastured butter, some sort of pate, and a big ripe tomato.  but i can't do grains well, period.  i'm noticing that it's when my nursing daughter ups her interest in nursing to 2-3x a day instead of just one.  then my carb cravings skyrocket.  or if i've failed to plan ahead and keep plenty of good meats on hand.  


i have 1 child who is most like me and who the Dr. suspected of being gluten-intolerant (i have a family history of celiac, though i'm undiagnosed since i went gluten-free in 2001, and won't go back), and she is my ONLY picky eater.  the other 3 kids will drink bone stock, eat soups, eat meat, and veggies, and generally be satisfied and healthy with whatever i provide.  my one picky eater is the one with the most issues.  I do think it's hard to do when pregnant/nursing, but totally think that it can help prevent a lot of trouble later on.  my one girl w/ the gut issues is the only one who i had antibiotics during labor with.  i was behaving then.  now i drink kombucha, eat sauerkraut and kimchi, and always have fermented foods on hand for all of us (and we like them all) and have had such great experiences with having healthy eating kids with no health issues at all.


so, would love to keep this up, as i've been struggling to eat GAPS while pregnant with less cheating.  when i do it, it is sooooo good, but when i cheat, i regret it for 2 days.  which is a huge healing curve since it used to be a week.

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Well I still haven't started GAPS.  My DH is worried that I won't get enough calories, nutrition etc. and also about my detoxing while pg.  He does have a point, I am ALWAYS hungry lol!  For breakfast I have 2 slices sourdough bread slathered in pastured butter and, recently, peanut butter, and 2 eggs with raw cheese and coconut oil, sometimes a slice of bacon, and I'm hungry a couple of hours later!  It's crazy (and I've only gained 10 lb at 25 weeks along).  I don't know how I'd keep up if I can't have any grains, starches etc. as I lose weight quickly.


I've been re reading the guidelines for GAPS during pregnancy and she says


 If your digestion is normal you can have potatoes, sourdough bread and whole grains cooked at home in moderate amounts. Remember that all these carbohydrates must be consumed with good amounts of natural fats to slow down their digestion and improve their nutritional value: let people say about you - “She likes a bit of bread with her butter!”




My digestion is normal, excpet when I eat out, that makes me sick for 2 days... so basically I'm following the GAPS guidelines but adding in a side of potato, rice etc at a couple of meals a day.

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Dove84- your diet sounds like mine.  but i feel great for 3-5 days without potatoes or soured rice bread.  i think a lot is metabolism, as i have gained at least 10lbs at 17 weeks.  but if i go too long w/out potatoes/starch/sweetener, then i get headaches and nausea.  that is usually quickly resolved with a nice carb-rich treat.  so, i still consider myself doing GAPS as the healing part is a priority, but with a variation for pregnancy.


and my husband certainly says that butter line about me, and our kids....

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fyi to the pp whose DH thinks he's lactose intolerant...wheat damages the cells on the brush border of the small intestine where lactase is made.  so all of those who are lactose intolerant are also intolerant of wheat.

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Originally Posted by provocativa View Post

fyi to the pp whose DH thinks he's lactose intolerant...wheat damages the cells on the brush border of the small intestine where lactase is made.  so all of those who are lactose intolerant are also intolerant of wheat.

Are you saying wheat damages the lining for everyone, or only those allergic to, or intollerant of, wheat?

Do you have support for the claim?
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I'm so glad to see this thread! Is everyone still on the diet? It looks like it's been a couple of months since the last post.


We've been on the diet for several months and are seeing improvements and are doing well, overall. I'd love to be able to keep up with others who are in the process.

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oh wow!  it has been a while!  i've been 97% GAPS- i did have some quinoa.....  and other than potatoes, soured brown rice, and quinoa, the whole house is pretty much on the bandwagon.  homemade stocks and all!  we're full-GAPS and do great on it.  


please- post on what you're doing, what's working, what's challenging and how people are responding in your family and community!  


i'm making GAPS desserts for thanksgiving this year- my almond flour/lard crust is AMAZING and apple pies don't need more than a drizzle of honey anyways!


how are you approaching the holidays?

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Okay, good! I know someone who has come through the diet, which is great, but it would be SO nice to talk to others who are going through it currently.


The whole family is doing GAPS. My husband, my two boys 8 and 5, and myself. I had a lot of allergies growing up and took tons of antibiotics and bcp prior to having my boys. I think my gut health was wrecked and I passed that onto him. I think my husband been fighting yeast issues for years and all of us tested positive for yeast overgrowth prior to GAPS. In addition, we have/had other issues such as caries, headaches, constipation, acne, food allergies, just to name a few. Nothing major really, but enough to make me want to do a reboot....We started GAPS almost 4 months ago and my headaches went away right away and have not come back. Constipation issues are pretty much gone, too. I think, from how my tongue looks, that the yeast is getting under control, but not sure it's gone yet. My oldest son's allergies are much, much better. He was downing Zyrtec twice a day and not just needs it occasionally. So we are seeing some progress!


I think we're doing pretty much everything aside from juicing (ds8 can't do raw apples or carrots and those are cheapest and tastiest). If you juice, and have any advice, let me know! We do some Bio-kult, but we're kind of conservative with it since it's so expensive and we do kefir water, milk kefir with goat's milk, kombucha, sauerkraut, etc. Hmm, what else. We're pretty strict on full GAPS right now. I can't wait to add in some things like quinoa, oats, sweet potatoes, but want to give it some time, first.


We've had really good support from family! My mother-in-law is really getting into healthy eating and my mom would like to be. We're homeschoolers so we don't have to mess with that side of it. Friends have been a bit dubious, but keep their comments to themselves! winky.gif


Are you willing to share your crust recipe? We're hosting Thanksgiving so we'll be fine sticking to the diet. Christmas will be harder, so not sure how I'll approach that yet. On T-Day we'll be able to have turkey, salad, and I found a squash/apple casserole dish that looks good. I think I'll be able to make a good cranberry sauce, too, just subbing honey for sugar. Any other ideas? What are you guys doing?

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hey- you're in St. Louis!  that's where my husband's from!  so our in-laws are out there.  we visit once a year or so.  


I learned about the diet AFTER pretty much going on it to heal myself (noticing that grains and starches and i did not do well) - so here's some encouragement.  hubby's chronic yeast issues (when my son had thrush after antibiotics at birth, my husband looked in the mirror and said 'um, i think i might have that problem too') that were life long healed up over the last few years, and he's not 100% GAPS.  read the book about 3 years ago (my raw milk friend said 'hey- this is what you do!') and it filled in the details about why what was working was working, and gave me tips on how to heal more.  I was healing from years of illnesses, allergies (loved my zyrtec), skin issues, fertility issues, and emotional/mental struggles and can say that at this point I am very healthy.  But I also keep making choices to heal, every day, even if it's not easy.


for juicing, i didn't like carrots or apples (too sweet and hurt the tummy sometimes) so i did cucumber based juices.  i would often do kale/cucumber/lettuce/green apple juice when pregnant.  sometimes w/ celery, or other greens, but usually the kale cucumber and something else.  ginger is nice, but sometimes i would make it too strong.  lately we haven't juiced as we got a farm share, and there's not enough veggies in a farm share for a family of 6 to juice and eat!  at least not in the amounts worth juicing!  but in the summer i would juice watermelon rinds, (the melon is sweeter whole, not juiced oddly enough) but also just made lots of smoothies in my vita-mix.  i'd like to juice again, but it's not a huge priority right now.


we stepped away from the probiotics after a while as well- price and also not a clear benefit to cost ratio.  i'm the only one who really needed healing as i had done GAPS before most of my births, and none of my kids after my son have ever had probiotics or any health issues.  i usually make my own kimchi, kraut, and kombucha.  i've done the yogurt, but the kids like their raw milk just fine and they are healthy on it (and raw colostrum, my farm is amazing) so i haven't felt the need to fix that.  i've slacked on kimchi and kraut, but we have local raw fermenters i can buy it from.  joy.gif


homeschoolers here too!  and we just moved to a community where many parents have tried dietary changes for their children's health, so we have a lot of support.


I'll work on the crust recipe and get it to you.  i don't measure normally, but it's almond flour (ground in my omega juicer), and salt and lard.  i mix it with my hands, i think something like 1/3 cup lard to 2 cups almond flour, and a dash of salt, mixed w/ hands.  i use wax paper to roll it out (chilling makes it brittle) and then make top and bottom crusts.  i'll measure in the next few days and get back to you on more accurate details.  you can use butter, i just get free lard from the farm, and have to buy butter, so my baking is done w/ lard!  it's a simple recipe to play with and i just fill the crust and go!  


Blessings and peace-

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Thanks for the response! It's great hearing how this diet has helped others. We are on full GAPS right now and so are in that holding pattern. We've pretty much added in all that we can add, but aren't healed yet. Somehow it was easier when the diet was more restricted, but we always had something new to look forward to, ya know? I just have to have faith in the process, I guess, and realize it will take some time and that's okay. 


I love the tip about juicing cucumber! I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow so I'll pick up some!


So glad to hear your hubby was healed of the yeast even without being on GAPS totally. I try not to do many carbs, but I'm afraid to go carb free even to heal the yeast. Unfortunately, I did carb-free diets in the past to lose weight and I really think it took a toll on my adrenals? Metabolism? Something. For years I couldn't not get past week 2 of any workout program/regime before my energy would crash. Now that I'm on GAPS with some fruit, honey, carrots, etc, I find I'm cruising along just fine. 


What are some of your family's favorite GAPS meals?

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it does take time.  i'm a heath counselor and have walked many families through GAPS and none of them have regretted it or come out at the other side without life-changing benefits.  but also most of them have been on it for well over a year....


okay- i used elanaspantry (my only baking site) to get a rough crust idea a few years ago.


so it's 1 1/2 cups almond flour to 1/4 cup fat (i use lard or butter)

i sometimes add a touch of salt, or just a hint of sweetener, but usually just do the flour and fat and sometimes baking soda (not always)



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Awesome! Thank you so much!


It's good to hear it takes time. We all got sick this past week and I was really bummed. I think my expectations are too high, sometimes.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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