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House rules/Consequences

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We are trying to get back on track, set up some boundries, etc. so I was wondering what others have as house rules.


so far we have


you sit at the table and asked to be excused when you are finished.

consequence-if you get up before you are done then you are done.


No screaming, yelling, jumping, running, climbing inside

-you go outside or get sent outside to do/if you do this.


Pick up your toys when finished

-they will get taken for a week if you don't


Listen the first time



flush the toilet


do your chore list




I don't want to pay them to help around the house for a variety of reasons. Mostly b.c they are members of the household and should contribute...plus I can't always afford to pay them even a $1 a week



so what else do you have, and any ideas for consequences for the other stuff? I want them to be most;ly realistic. Hubs thinks we should take away the DS's their aunty bought them for not listening, but that has nothing to do with the DS and if it's taken away why do they care after that??



I hope this is the right place, it has to do with keeping the home clean and keeping things peaceful and flowing smoothly, mods you can move it to the right spot if I am wrong here.

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I think it totally depends on how old the kids are.

One loosing toys for a week it way too long, no matter how old they are.  Loose them for the day, or the next day but the whole week, that's just gonna not going to prove anything except you, as parents, have a ton of power and the kids don't.


Flushing comes with time.  Some kids don't like the noise of the 'flush'.


Listen the 1st time,  ya right.  I would read, the book 'talk so your kids listen, listen so your kids talk' or whatever its called.


Make chores a family thing,  not that kid #1 is always stuck doing xyz.  Rotate them around either weekly, daily etc.  Again if you get into a power struggle no one wins.

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