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Struggling a bit!

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Just wondering how life with a 4 month old or thereabouts is going for you! This is my third time around and man, I am just not doing it very gracefully. Maybe it's my age, 37? Can't deal with the sleep deprivation as well as I used to, I don't think. I do okay for awhile and start to feel like I'm adjusting better and becoming more capable and then a string of bad nights brings me to my knees. Luke is overall doing great and is an amazing, happy baby. He is all smiles and coos all day long when he's awake (and especially from 10pm to midnight lately, ugh).


Also feeling a little stir crazy with it being winter and harder to get outside and out of the house. I try to tell myself that it's good he's little while it's cold as we'll be able to enjoy the spring and summer that much more with him being mobile and (please, God) liking his car seat more! I guess I feel more isolated because all of my mama friends have older kids and are most definitely not in baby mode anymore. I realized I don't know any "in real life" mama friends who have children 2 or younger!


Anyway I thought it would be fun to hear all about what your lives are like these days, if you have a moment to share!

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Boy, am I glad to see this! I have been having a really hard time of it. We are all alone now, just the two of us with only babysitting when I have classes for two and a half hours three days a week. This is HARD. Mr. Moo has a cold and he is miserable and I am at my wits end most evenings by the end of his crying bouts. I just keep telling myself that it's normal and that it won't last forever and that I will look back on this time and wish I had more time with him at this age, but let me tell ya, I am struggling. If it weren't for my fabulous pediatrician telling me that I'm a good mom yesterday, I think I might believe that I am a horrible person unworthy of such a beautiful child. Thanks for this... it's really good to know I'm not alone. I have no mommy friends IRL at all right now, though I am working on making some, which isn't easy in the midst of this.

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Yeah, it's hard over here too. I also don't know anyone with kids in non-internet land, so that piece is a bit isolating. (Good thing we have this place!) I am actually taking care of Alexander and working my full time job from home simultaneously during the day. Exhaustion doesn't even begin to cover it... but when he laughs or is curled up sleeping in my arms... that's just it. That kind of happiness is worth the struggle. 

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the laughing is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard!!!! 

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Yes, the laughing and awesome little emerging personality DEFINITELY do a lot to recharge my batteries. I still feel like every day is a bit of a marathon but that is life in the present. ;)


I resigned from my job last month and keep counting my blessings that I don't have to be away from him 45 hours a week or more, as I would have had to, had I returned a few weeks ago. That is huge. I am starting to really get into doing crafts and cooking with my daughter, during those times when Luke naps alone in the bed. And I am starting to be able to plan and cook some great, nourishing dinners as Luke is tolerating the baby carriers better and better. so there is some real progress. the thing that has bothered me so much this time around is not being able to do so many things that made me happy, quite simply. Like knitting or cooking or even shopping for meals which I do enjoy. All those things were so hard to do for so long.


It's also been bumming me out that even my biggest pre-preg jeans are still skin tight. Arghhh! I am still living in yoga pants as I refuse to buy pants in this size as I remember that I was back in those bigger ones around 4 mos last time so it could happen again. I keep thinking of the Dr Sears advice - 'it takes 9 mos to put it on so expect it to take 9 mos to take it off'.' I got the fit mama workout video from the library which was totally cheeseball but got me moving. I still need to look at the Tupler technique as I have that stomach separation big time. I can also feel and see my muscles getting stronger from all the baby wearing, yay.


Mommel, hugs to you!!! My husband may not be a ton of help with the baby but it is nice at times to have another adult to talk to around here. What are you studying in school? PS I just ordered a nose frida as he just had a cold too and my little syringe thingy was a total joke. I hope your guy is feeling better!!

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