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I have been pumping for my DD for 9 months now.  I have been very blessed with a good supply.  She was a 27 weeker, came home with her NG tube (which came out after only 2 days), oral aversion, was super sleepy for months, and had a tongue tie (which got clipped).  Despite that she did latch and nurse a few times when she was a few months old.  But I think the reason we are not breast feeding (at the breast) is beacause I went back to work part time while she was still in the NICU, and by the time she was actually awake and getting over her oral aversion, I was working all the time.  We just couldn't get into a sustained rhythm, and she never has gotten comfortable with it.  She's home with DH.  She is very healthy, doing well with bottle feeding, and pumping is going fine for me.  And, she still is able to latch- she just clearly doesn't prefer it.  My work schedule will be changing, I'll be home a LOT more, so I don't rule out the possibility that now (at 9 months, 6 months adjusted) she could become a breastfeeding baby. 

So, I feel like a bit of a downer saying all this.  But I also want to express that although it sucks to not be able to breastfeed, it's overall okay.  I feel good about how we are both doing despite everything.  I do mourn the loss of the ideal breastfeeding relationship but I think we all mourn something during the transition to motherhood.  But I feel very satisfied with where we are now. 

Hey me too! We are now exclusively pumping too. And finally happy with it. It seemed my preemie just had too much medical intervention. I've been pumping for 6 months now and also started out with an oversupply. Am so grateful I froze some of it for now. My supply has gone down since the NICU days but since I have the freezer stash I don't have to do formula! Woohoo. Hopefully my stash will remain until at least his 1 year birthday. I'd like to keep pumping until then too but we'll see. Wish me luck!

I tried for months to breast feed. Saw numerous lactation consultants, used nipple shield, pumped before nursing to stimulate let down, nursed in the bath, while walking, in all the breast feeding positions. oh and I even went to breast feeding groups. I was the only Mom there pulling out a bottle to feed him plus a baby on oxygen. Man, that was hard.

Anyway, it didn't work for me. I really wanted it to. I had to add the loss of breast feeding to pregnancy grieving for a load of fun in the therapist's office. We NICU Mamas have a lot of processing to move through before we can come to a place of healing, forgiveness, and acceptance. At least, I did. I finally feel at peace. Except this damn acid reflux but that's another thread...
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I had a 27 weeker on January 17th, due date was April 12th, and he came home from the NICU April 2nd. I had lactation consultant after lactation consultant over here to try and help. He did latch a few times in the hospital and a few times at home, but mostly he would just scream at the top of his lungs anytime I would put him to breast. I have pumped since his birth, and I produce a ridiculous amount... About 3 oz each breast, each pumping session. I'm still pumping every three-four hours. I finally began to feel like the breastfeeding attempts were doing more harm than good. I felt so much pressure to breastfeed, even though I was uncomfortable with the amount of screaming and crying he would do. Finally one day I just decided that I was more concerned with WHAT he was drinking, rather than HOW he was drinking it. (He hasn't had formula since coming home.) It was a hard decision, I felt like I failed, and I still do sometimes. I'm hoping maybe by some miracle, once he's a little more caught up to his actual age, he might feel more comfortable with the breast. I still try once a day, and if he's screaming within 10 seconds, I stop. I figure he's been through enough already, and even though I know I'm missing out on a lot, I still feel like I don't want to f*%# with him anymore than he's already been.

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I have had limited amount of success nursing him when he's not fully awake in the morning.  If it's any other time he does the mommy is trying to kill me scream.  I'm tired of pumping.. but I plan to keep going until we get through next winter/flu/rsv season.

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I pumped for our DD born 3/15 due date 5/20 so she was ten weeks early a 30 weeker. She was breathing room air at 7 days and latched on at 2 weeks old, but she was in the NICU so I could only nurse her a limited amount of times KWIM. I was so worried and freaked, (ofcourse once I knew she was going to be fine) I feared she would never nurse.  I bf our DD and DS from birth and the weaned at 4? yrs old both of them! EBF was all I knew.... So I really was lost that first week or so pumping. I did not like it but said to myself I will do what I need to do what is best for LO. Well once we got home on 4/16 (she was 4 weeks in NICU), she nursed well and never looked back. It's crazy though because I do pump now and then to save some bottles for when I go to the gym. But the last few times I nursed her before leaving and DH said she did not need the bottle. I will continue to pump but just to keep a small stash for my gym time or if MIL watches the kids but I will nurse her before I go and keep the pumped milk for back up. She takes any kind of bottle doesn't matter to her but NOT from me so easily only from dh or mil.

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