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Am i crazy????

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ok so i found out i was pregnant on friday which made sense to me because i had been feeling nausa and some dizzyness and very very tired. but the days since ive felt a tired and my blood sugar has  been dropping a little bit but other then that ive havent had any syptoms and part of me feels afraid there is something  wrong with the pregnancy because i feel ok. i know that sounds crazy but to better explain, when i was pregnant with my first i had THE WORST morning sickness, i could barley drink water and keep it down for the first 3-4 months i lost over 40 pounds, which of course I DO NOT want to happen again, but it makes me feel like i cant really be pregnant now, or like my hormone levels must be too low or something.....idk am i just losing it??

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yes you are crazy! lol.gif
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Hope that just means this pregnancy will be much easier orngbiggrin.gif  Doesn't sound like cause to be concerned at all.

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I had two easy, uneventful pregnancies with no morning sickness, cravings or whatnots and my babies were both completely ok. Don't worry. Every pregnancy is different (even though I'm hoping #3 is just like the previous two).

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O ^_^ ! Thank you everyone i feel alot better knowing that its probably just me being paranoid, ive heard every pregnancy is different but i guess i just did realize that one person could have two pregnancies that are SO

different, but i will stop worring and just put out good vibes instead


thank you everyone for comforting my sillyness!


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I totally understand that feeling, though. I'm having trouble trusting this pregnancy because of the lack of feeling bad. I've had a little light nausea and my breasts are sore, but -otherwise- I feel really good and that's not how I remember it.

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I was super sick with my DD and not with my DS.  I wouldn't wish for m/s. :)

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I only had one instance of morning sickness with DS and it was triggered by my dog having the runs all over my basement.  Other than that, no puking.  With DD I had morning sickness, but again it was triggered by the smell of poop (changing DS's diapers was done in the bathroom next to the toilet) and in that case herbs.  I had to change my prenatal vitamin (perfect prenatal) because it smelled so herbal and I couldn't take the More Milk Two I was using to keep up my milk supply.


Maybe you're just going to have a really mild first trimester!

Mothering › Groups › September 2012 Due Date Club › Discussions › Am i crazy????