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Oh, Kelantan!  I am soo sorry for all of your  worry.  I personally am choosing hb this time around for many reasons... one of the reasons being that I feel it is safer.  My midwife helped calm a lot of my husband fears (we went into our interview with him having serious doubts, trying to 'rule out' hb was his general reason for being there and we left with him saying he'd actually now prefer I choose a hb!)... Have you talked to your midwife about your worries/concerns this time around? That may help...especially since it sounds like you really loved working with her and you value and trust her opinion.  I am sure a conversation with her would somewhat ease your mind.


Your comment about the what if is a tough one.  There are what if's in all situations, though.  Being a mother is such a huge responsibility and we all have to do our best with the information we have. I think talking with the midwife would be a good starting point...then go on from there.


I don't have much advice (I'm sorry!) but have always found my midwives to be very helpful in easing my worry about ANYTHING!


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That's really tough Kelentan! I think Jodie has some great advice and I don't have much to add.


With my daughter we ended up transferring to the hospital (non-emergency, basically enough factors built up that we risked out of a homebirth at the last minute) but I still remained under the care of my midwives and that made a huge, huge difference to my hospital experience. At the time Midwifery was only partly covered by our provincial healthcare so it did cost us about $1600 whereas just going to the hospital with an OB would have been free, but it was totally worth it to me even though we ended up in the hospital at the end.


I will be planning a home birth again this time and as it's now covered, cost isn't a factor. I actually get angry that in the US so many of you have to deal with cost as a barrier to getting the birth you want! 


I guess my only other comment is not to panic yet. You don't  have to make a decision right away. In the end go with what feels right!



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Oh and I started next weeks chat thread here: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1342918/weekly-chat-january-23-29th so it's ready for any early birds and eastern time zoners in the morning!

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