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I would love to live in that gown when I'm home after the birth, nursing and working...but if the top was roomy for you, I've just gotten to a full B....

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That's in size XL... winky.gif

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That gown looks so comfy, especially for August.

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Hey All!  I'm on my last day of formal meetings today and since I didn't take a nap yesterday - I passed out at 9pm and didn't wake up until 5:45am - a first for me since we arrived from China - YAY!  I feel much more normal today.  


As for labor clothes :) - I actually never end up wearing anything for birth - so I just start in whatever I'm wearing (after I go into labor I take a big shower so I start out really clean :), and then eventually that just gets ripped off. (although I did end up wearing my smartwool socks throughout my last December birth :)  Then after birth I take another shower and I throw on a loose shirt with no bra and my after birth stretchy undies (you guys know the ones, right? fancy! lol :), and then once I can stand it - I throw on yoga pants or shorts and continue to live in variations on this combo for a few days.  But I've always been at home - where I totally control the visitors, nobody coming in and out, etc.  So I would probably want some kind of alternative to a hospital gown too if I end up going that route this time!  


I am really starting to get excited for this baby now that I don't feel so rotten every day - I was excited before - but it's starting to become more real - I have an appointment next week Friday and I am so anxious to hear that little heartbeat!  


Speaking of heartbeats - we used a home doppler for our unassisted homebirth - and I really was happy to have it.  We didn't use it much - but monitored a bit here and there and it reassured us that all was going well.  I used it a few times before the birth to make sure I knew what I was doing.  I borrowed one from a friend - so no experience buying my own to share, and I sent it back right after the birth.  

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Feeling baby movement! I've felt a few flutters in the past week, but im

definitely feeling movement now. I didn't feel my first move until 18 weeks! This is so awesome. We haven't even had a formal appointment yet, so I'm feeling movement before hearing a heartbeat!!! Yay!!!

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That's awesome Geigerin! I think I first felt something around 9 weeks and pretty sure I've been feeling little flutters all week. I'll be 12 weeks monday and I don't have another appointment until Feb - so I'd really like to feel more so I know the baby is ok. lol

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Lizbiz- I was thinking the same thing about labor clothes. I wore a robe both times until at some point it feels entirely irritating to have anything touching me in anyway and I peel off the robe and am naked for the rest of the labor. It's usually for several hours. :)


Geigerin- That's so fun!


I'm feeling very happy b/c someone made the comment "I don't know how you do it all." to me today. This is a very common comment I hear when I'm not pregnant. Normally I move at the speed of light and always have 100 very cool plates spinning in the air at any given time. First trimester about knocked all those plates down. I have not liked being slowed down, but I accept it. I'm good with going with the flow (doesn't mean I like it though). Anyways, I've had more and more energy and getting lots done again and to hear someone say that was like Hallelujah I'm back to my old self!!!  (I'm not really 100%, but so much better energy wise and I appreciate the heck out of it! thumbsup.gif

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If any of you with other kids already have an IKEA Antilop highchair, there is a recall on them:


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Originally Posted by Thebyr View Post

Labor gowns are my new obsession and since we told our parent's last night and the hub's mom sews... I asked her to make me one like this - minus the fabric choice: http://www.etsy.com/listing/85189991/new-black-white-zebra-print-labor


Love it! Cool you are getting a homemade one from your MIL.  I bet they were excited to finally hear the news.  Lately I am spending way too much time on etsy.  


I have been craving is spicy salsa, black beans, fresh made guac with lots of raw onion, and cheddar.  The combo can be in a salad, in veggie fajitas, quesadillas, a wrap, nachos, whatever.  But that really isn't unusual.  

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I definitely stalk etsy too: wraps, nursing covers, cloth diapers - it's sad. lol My MIL is sooo excited, its really good because I have tons of stuff for her to make. ROTFLMAO.gif


That food sounds yummy!

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I MIGHT be feeling some movement. As crazy as it sounds I can't recall feeling lightening or fluttering with any of my other pregnancies. But you all started talking about it so I started paying better attention at night when I'm in bed, and perhaps.  It makes me think of a frog moving around in me. Does that make sense?  Like it is pressing off me or something.  Or is that my imagination? 

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I think at this stage the baby is probably about 2" in size, so it's really hard to differentiate the kind of fluttering that something so small can make from, say, gas. But on the other hand, I don't think there's any harm in thinking it's movement, either! It just makes us feel more connected with our babes! This is when I wish I already had a doppler, because I could try to find the heartbeat when I felt those interesting flutters...

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Intime- I bet it is the baby. Especially since you've had several pregnancies, it wouldn't surprise me if we were more aware. I have been with each of my pregnancies. Listen to the way you're describing it; 'a frog moving around'. It sounds like that's a unique feeling you haven't experience before. I've bet you've experienced gas bubbles before though, so you prob. know what that feels like. If I felt like something was a frog hopping around in me, I certainly wouldn't suspect gas!


I don't buy into the gas theory that is often passed around. I mean, people always say that to a pregnant woman, but you don't hear that very often when people aren't pregnant. I don't hear "oh it's prob. just gas" every time someone is feeling something in their gut area. I think women can feel there babies at all different times. Everyone is different. Of course it's not very likely earlier than 11 weeks or so, but is it possible? Absolutely.  So I agree with Aimee, if it makes you feel good to believe it's the baby, then go for it. There's no harm in that. Enjoy it!


Thebyr- After I read your post I went to stalk Etsy too! teehee. And I bought another crochet pattern for baby girl. Little baby leg warmers! Now i just need some cute yarn. smile.gif


Yesterday I received a wonderful and unexpected package from a client. Well she had mentioned several days ago on FB that she had some maternity tops she could send me if I wanted them. She's almost due with her baby.  But I didn't know if or when she would actually send them. But the package was not just a few tops, it was a full box of goodies! most of the tops were new, and a few gently used. They were all very much my style. She knows I'm banking on a girl, so she also sent some baby girl clothes and socks (so cute!), a new 7 sling and some organic herbal pregnancy tea. I was so surprised and really honored that she thought of me so highly to be so generous and thoughtful. The tops are perfect and now I don't even have to buy anymore for winter (I was badly needing some too!) There are even a few spring/summer tops. They are way cuter than anything I've seen around here too! Anyways, that was lovely to received. I'm grateful.

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Sol, I have also been craving and eating a lot of Mexican/southwest-inspired ingredients lately, which is funny because it was after eating at a place like that that I got so terribly sick (tilapia soft taco--NEVER again!!!). But no problem when I make stuff at home, thank goodness!


That's wonderful that you are feeling more energetic, Jamie! I am happy to say that I am, too! Much more work to do, but I am happy about it, and the weather has been cooperating, so I've been going on nice long walks. It beats lying on the couch and reading and working on my projects immobile all day. What an amazing gift package! You are so fortunate, enjoy it!


 To the ladies talking about movement or feeling movement, something very strange happened last night. I have been sleeping on my left side constantly (I read something about it being better) and last night flipped to my right and had lots of weird sensations, kind of like things were no longer in their correct place, but mainly telling me that my body was not happy on the right side. I swear I could feel the fetus fluttering, but I was also half asleep. After I went back to the left side I had a mini panic attack that I had caused distress and must have provoked the fetus to get the cord wrapped around the neck. Totally irrational way to ruin the experience, stupid brain! 

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Jamie that is wonderful about a wonderful client sending you goodies.  I can see where that would totally make your week! Glad your energy is returning too.  

Intime0 that is what happened to me too, at night, when real quiet and completely boring.  I am 12 weeks. 

Andazula, the nice walks sound great!  Sleep is a whole new thing now isn't it?  I was mostly stomach sleeper but that isn't working for many reasons. I wonder if a pregnancy pillow would help you find a comfortable position?  Do you know is a pregnancy pillow multipurpose?  Like can you use it for breastfeeding too?  I will have to look into that.  

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The left side isn't the only side you can sleep on... my last two pregnancies I could NOT lay on the left for any length of time. If I did I was a ball of excruciating pain until I moved. I think listening to your body is more important than listening to what someone else says is the best. (it's about blood flow... better return on the left side, but that doesn't mean it stops on the right side, lol)


My head hurts and I could use another nap already. Hopefully my littlest one will want to nap soon.

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Sol, great to hear that you are feeling things, too! So exciting!! I am comfortable at night when I am on my left side with a pillow between my knees. I anticipate needing one of those snoogle pregnancy pillows, though, like this: http://www.amazon.com/Leachco-Snoogle-Total-Body-Pillow/dp/B0000635WI I've heard good things about them.


Demeter, I appreciate your comment. I never said it was the only side to sleep on, I just checked my posting. I just commented that I had read about it (specifically that it was better for circulation, as you say, but also for digestion). ITA that everyone needs to determine what is more comfortable for them. I would never say anything is the best or only way (except maybe for myself, but even I am prone to change), since I am not qualified to say any of those things.

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So, I have to brag for a moment.  My DH just passed his professional exam today, and I am so proud and relieved!  This has been like a huge rock hanging over my head.  Before this he was finishing up grad school and commuting an hour each way, and then once grad school ended, he had his internship, which was insane, and then the studying for the exam and working 30 hours a week has meant that I've barely had a husband for the past year.  I was really worried too, since he overthinks exam questions and does a lot worse than his actual knowledge base would indicate, so I was horribly afraid he wouldn't pass and his confidence would be shot, and we'd have to do this whole horrible thing again.  Also, of course, this means he's a lot more employable, which is good news for our savings account.  I'm thrilled overall.


Now if I can get this big work project out of the way (the book goes to publishers in mid-February) I can start nesting with abandon!  I've been itching to move furniture and rearrange rooms to make room for the nursery, but I couldn't ask DH to help with his schedule and I should be doing my own work too.  Very soon I will be able to throw myself into this thing with abandon!  I'm really really exited! 


Phew.  Sorry you guys had to put up with this personal post, but I am so relieved it is ridiculous.

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I have to get a pregnancy pillow soon. I've been making do with a little pillow between my legs and a bigger one for my belly to rest on (my uterus isn't even up in my belly yet but I think it's displacing everything else and it is NOT comfortable to be on my side without support). I think I need something more streamlined, like one of the mini preg pillows, or at least a wedge. I'm just having a tough time choosing! 


Edited to say I just ordered the boppy prenatal sleep wedge. It was cheap ($15) and if it doesn't work for my belly or I outgrow it, I can always use it for other things like propping myself up when I have heartburn or congestion. 

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Interesting, I had the "side that's best to lay on" backwards.  I used to alternate sides, until I figured out how to nurse Elsa off both sides without rolling over.  Since then we've mostly stayed with me on my right side, so I can watch tv after she's asleep.  The other night I tried to lay on my left side and couldn't sleep because it was so uncomfortable, so I assumed that was the "wrong" side. 

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