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Anyone Cloth Diaper?

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I started at 2 weeks old with DS and we did it on the cheap so just prefolds and covers.  I am totally drooling over all the really cute newborn stuff.  I know its not cost effective, but dang it I want them!  (It doesn't help that I work at the cloth diaper store!)


How can you resist these?




Or these?




ACK!  I am in so much trouble!

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I did cloth with both of mine from birth.  With DS I used kissaluv 0s and prefolds and with DD I used a mix of muttaqins, swaddlebees, and prefolds.  I was REALLY disappointed in the SBs because they were SO small.  My 7lb 4oz DD wore them for TWO WEEKS before she outgrew them, and she wasn't exactly a chunker.  I was very disappointed in them, but I loved loved loved my muttaqins.  I'm already stalking the CD comms for them because people hold onto those bad boys.


I used prefolds with DS until he was around a year old and then I got some AIOs, I can't remember the brand.  I don't think they make them anymore though...they were so cute too, I still have one, but the elastic is completely shot.


With DD I used muttaqin smalls with mostly wool covers (that I knit) and once she got bigger I put her in pockets, BGs,  FBs, and HHs.

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I used prefolds and wool covers with my older son, then a few homemade PUL covers with prefold inserts.


With my younger son, my mother got into sewing diapers, so we had an adorable stash of several of the homemade patterns, La Di Da's being my favorite. I'll still be able to use many of these, but but to tell the truth, I'd just as soon go back to prefolds and wool. That was truly the least fuss for us!

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I did prefolds from a week or so old (when the free 'sposies from the hospital ran out!!) with my DS. Just in the last couple months we have added some AIOs and pockets to our stash. I'd love to get some fitteds and wool covers for the newbie. I'm kinda lucky that my big babes don't need newborn dipes. We went straight to infant prefolds and Duo sz1s.  My small stash is visiting with a friend who is supposedly sending it back soon. I think I am going to need to freshen it up...with some new stuff :)

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I LOVE cloth diapers!! One of the BEST parts of having a baby ;) I've used cloth diapers since dd2. With dd2 I purchased diapers (every style out there.. I went through phases of likeing AIOs, pockets, AI2s, prefolds, flats, fitteds, pocket fitteds, and then wool, fleece or PUL covers). Before dd3 was born I decided I'd learn to sew because I loved cloth diapers so much and wanted more!  So... I did! And I loved sewing so much (and sewing diapers) that I did sell cloth diapers online for a while.. but then it just wasn't fun to sew them anymore, so I decided not to. I like sewing for *fun* and there wasn't enough profit involved to really make that much of a difference.


For tiny newborns I like fitteds for sure (Kissaluvs 0s .. or for sewing, there is a free newborn pattern from Darling Diapers that is quite similar and by far my favorite).. for covers it depends on my ambition. In theory I like wool, but for ease of use I like PUL covers. I've made some of each and I'll probably make some more before this baby is born. When out of the newborn size and into smalls, I still like fitteds and covers because small babies have explosive poos from being exclusively breastfed... but I also like prefolds (newspaper fold I believe.. or maybe it's the angel fold?).  And then for mediums (which my kids never move out of) I usually end up with PUL pockets stuffed with flats with some premium prefolds thrown into the mix.


I own *lots* of cloth diaper patterns and love trying them out ;)

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I loooove cloth dipes! We primarily use BG 4.0s now, but we started out with Clotheez prefolds and various covers.  We would have stayed with prefolds if my little one hadn't been a super soaker whose fluffy bum was so big he couldn't lie comfortable on his back.  So we went with something trimmer :)


I'm excited about diapering a new one... if it's a girl I hope I can convince DH to buy some new colors :)


off topic -- anyone have experience using cloth trainers? 

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I LOVE cloth diapers, too!!! :) I used disposables on dd1 with LOTS of problems (rashes, yeast infections, too much money, etc.) when dd2 was about 2 months we switched to cloth. At first we used prefolds and covers, but hubby had a hard time preventing blowouts, so when she outgrew them, we moved onto fuzzibunz pockets. We have really loved them, I will be switching dd2 to pull up type cloth diapers that I am sewing myself before this babe is born. Then, I will fill out our "baby cloth diaper" stash with some more homemades I am trying to find a good pattern...maybe fitteds with covers would be good!

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We use cloth.  


Love the KL size 0 for the newbies.  With DD we used imse vimse covers, lite wraps, wool and fleece.. then eventually for into BGs and AIOs, etc.  With DS we went back to KLs and covers till he was basically crawling, then it was AIOs and pockets all the time.  

Planning on making more diapers for the new baby.  After 4 years and two kids, a lot of our diapers aren't looking or performing so well anymore.



Re:  cloth trainers - I found them to be more of a hassle than they were worth.  We just used panties or diapers, depending on the situation.

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I love cloth! I used Kissaluv 0s and tiny MotherEase Sandies for the newborn period and went with straight Sandies from then on. I've resisted experimenting because I know I'd end up with a ridiculous cloth diaper stash! This time, I'm planning on buying a small number of fitted diapers from an awesome WAHM I know to supplement what I've already got. I love the sandies but they are not trim and I'd like a couple for when a trimmer diaper is in order, like for in the car seat.

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I use mostly FBs now for my 23 month old. I have also some BGs and some fitteds. My newborn stash is mainly prefolds and fitteds with wool covers.

If I have a girl I will get to buy a bunch of cute pink girlie dipes! biggrinbounce.gif

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yep, I have used cloth on all three of my babies.   I liked the kissalluvs a lot, but my favourite for newborns were those organic Disana tie on nappies from Germany.  So cute and so cheap to buy too.   By the time you have a rolling crawling baby they are not my favourite at all though, to much faffing.  


Love love wool covers; longies and shorties and handknits :)

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Yep, this will be my 3rd time using cloth. I still have all of mine from before (the ONLY baby thing I still have, lol) I use mostly fuzzibunz, Baby Kangas (Do they even make those anymore? lol) and BGs while outside the house and use a mixture of prefolds and fitteds with covers and wool at home. Since I knit, I make most of my own wool... or my mommy does. smile.gif

I'm very, VERY tempted to take a bit of our tax refund and buy the big OS kawaii diaper package (such a great price!!!) I feel like I should wait to find out the gender but honestly, I'm still not sure I AM going to find out .... so feel like I should just take the plunge while I have the money, lol. I want to buy some nice, yummy wool yarn too so I can have something to pass the time until this babe gets here!
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We'll definitely use cloth again for this baby. We used prefolds and Bummis covers early on then prefolds and Flip covers. We tried the Baby Kanga pockets but they always leaked. Oh, and we also have a few gDiapers that we used with our own prefolds...they fit really well for really little ones but I didn't care for them later on. I'm hoping my DD won't be in diapers when this baby is born!!

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Absolutely. I used prefolds and covers on both my kids, but toward the end I started sewing my own pockets for DD and just used those with Kushies covers..I believe they were kushies, not sure, it's been a while :).


I will ask my friends if I can buy some of their diapes since I threw most of my stuff away because we were done with babies after all (yeah right). I will also sew some wipes.

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We cloth diapered out son - the bummis pre-fold kit plus more covers and about 6 small fuzzi bunz.  My HUGE DS outgrew these all at 2 MONTHS!  He was 22 lbs at 4 months old.


We borrowed 24 medium FB but don't have them anymore, and all my medium covered are destroyed - so I guess I have a shopping list!


I own 18 large FBs, so I good once NB gets bigger!

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Yup cd here. I have some of the swaddle bee and blueberry simplex and basix. So cute and trim but they do run small. Also use prefolds, FB, and sposoeasy.
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LOVE LOVE LOVE cloth diapers! We started out with Rumparooz and when those fell apart (all $400 worth) in less than a year, we bought the BG 4.0s (which convinientely come out right then). We tried to cloth diaper ds2 from birth, but the Rumps were too big. So i have a few covers. And i'll probably buy a few fitteds and prefolds and try that. It's such a short time that i just can't justify buying all those little diapers!


Oh and if it's a girl... i can't wait for girlies colors. But i try not to think about it. haha


RE: Trainers... i have the BG FLIP trainer that came out a few months ago and i love it. I need to buy a few more. My 17 m/o has been potty training himself, but he's far from perfect and being able to pull them down is SO nice while knowing that if he pees, i don't have to freak out!

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We mostly use prefolds and Thirsties covers, unless we're going out for long enough that I'll have to change DD and then we use BG AIOs since there's always a chance I'll have to change her in a less-than-ideal place and I'm not coordinated enough to do a standing diaper change with a prefold.  Oh and at night we use OS fitteds.  I'll probably have to replace some of our medium prefolds since both kids were in them for a long time and they're starting to wear.  I'll also need some more fitteds since I don't expect that DD will be night time trained by the time the new baby will fit into them.

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Unfortunately I can't... we use a shared top-loader, and my landlady and the other lady in the building use a TON of fabric softener... I don't want repelling and stink issues :(  If there's a way to work around it I totally will, but I'm not sure yet.


I wanted to add... for a newborn I love GMD newborn prefolds.  They're the best.  With a hemp doubler if they're heavy wetters.  Once they're big enough I like the Goodmama diapers... I had quite a few- all were used and I bought them pretty cheap, so they were worth it.  I used wool covers over them.

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WindyCityMom, that sucks. Is there any way you can convince her that she shouldn't really be coating her clothes with carcinogens anyways? I handwashed diapers for 2 weeks while we were in Cuba, so it can be done, but obviously it's not a good long term solution.

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