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Baby Girl E is here!

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share that my sweet baby girl was born last week.  I had a lovely, peaceful labor at home.  My midwives were awesome and I felt really close to my husband during the labor.  I labored mostly in our jacuzzi and then wanted out when it was time to push.  Pushing was really tough, but she was born on our bed. 


After the birth, I delivered the placenta.  I started bleeding after that and it didn't stop.  My midwife gave me several drugs to try and stop the bleeding.  Ultimately, we transferred to the hospital.  In route to the hospital the bleeding really picked up.  The hospital was ready for us and I had emergency surgery for a very tiny piece of retained placenta within minutes of entering the hospital.  I lost 2 liters of blood and am really feeling glad to be alive- everyone keeps talking about how amazing my constitution is and that I've rebounded really well.  The recovery has been hard, but I'm doing well and so is baby E. I still can't walk for more than a couple of feet, but I'm slowly getting better. 


I keep thanking God that I live in a state where homebirth is legal and that I had such an awesome midwife and that she has such good relationships with amazing doctors.  The doctors and nurses were awesome throughout the entire ordeal.  I felt really supported and not judged at all. 


Baby E is nursing well and only had to have about 6 ozs of formula through the whole thing. 


I hope everyone else had less eventful births, but I'm so incredibly grateful that we have the outcomes that we do thanks to our awesome care providers. 

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Congrats Mama!!  So glad you are OK and had such wonderful care.  Welcome Baby E!  (that's what we call our little guy!).

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My gosh that's scary! So glad you and baby E are ok and healthy (: Wishing you a speedy recovery Mama

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How scary that trip to the hospital must have been!  I am so glad that you and your baby are healthy and home now.  Congratulations!

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Welcome to the world, E!

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Congratulations!!! I'm so glad that the hospital staff was supportive of your homebirth & that they were able to successfully stop the bleeding! Enjoy your little girl! 

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Congratulations!  Hope you are able to enjoy your baby while resting up and taking care of yourself!

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First of all, congratulations on your new bundle of joy!


What a scary experience, but SO glad for you that you had competent birth attendants and that hospital staff treated you well, and, more importantly, that you are okay.  I agree that it feels like those of us who live in midwife-legal states are lucky, and even more blessed when our midwives have a good relationship with hospital staff and vice versa. 

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