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my baby is breech. I am *very* upset

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I am doing absolutely everything to turn this baby (name a therapy and I probably have an appointment)... but I am facing the very real possibility that my due-in-11-days baby is going to be born in a hospital instead of at home like I planned.  I just met the gyno team there (for the first time!) and they are supportive of trying first for vaginal, but I am in an extreme funk about the hospital setting, all the hoopla and drama, and the possibility of a C section.  This also really effects all future pregnancies I feel too.


I am really, really down, I cannot stop crying.  Please help with some encouraging words...

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oh, frannie, i am so sorry.  i know you've got to be so stressed out about it.

take some deep breaths-- you know our little one has been breech, not sure what is happening at this point, but my ob swears they almost ALL turn, some even during labor. 

if you have a practice willing to support you while you wait, instead of automatically scheduling you, you've got a lot going for you with this. 

i can't remember- is this your first one?  just take a little time and look at family centered cesarean info, and make sure your practice knows that's what you want just in case.  my c birth with my first was frightening to me mainly because i didn't research it beforehand, and didn't know what to expect.  in retrospect, it wasn't horrible or the worst thing ever. 

however, i am sending flippy baby vibes to you right now!  turn, baby turn!!!!!!

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I am so sorry. I know how stressed out you are. I found out DD was breech at 36 weeks, and I freaked out. I think there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself that would really help out:

is a great resource for ways to spin babies. None of it worked for me, but that doesnt mean it wont work for you. No harm in trying if you are going to sit around stressed out anyway smile.gif
Go see a chiropractor that specializes in pregnancy or is familiar with the Webster technique.
Ask your doctors about an ECV (version). The success rate is a little higher than 50%. I had a successful version and it is what kept me from having a section (I live in a place where breech babies are not delivered vaginally in the hospital). Mine was pretty painless, took less than 90 seconds, and was basically two doctors placing their hands on the outside of my belly and swiftly turning DD around to head down.
Familiarize yourself with the options you have during a section. There are lots of ladies here who have had cbirths who can better inform you, but I know one of the scariest things for me last time was the idea of facing a section when I wanted a natural birth. The number one reason I was so scared was because I was uneducated about the process of a c section and the options I had. This time, I researched a lot about sections and if something were to happen that would put me in a situation where I needed one, I am much more comfortable with it now that I know way more about it.

Again, I know how disappointing it can be to see your natural childbirth dream slipping away from you, but it really is best to not stress yourself out too much about it. What really matters is that the baby is delivered safely and you are ok, right? I know it's hard to think like that in the moment, but try hard not to let the stress of the baby being breech keep you from enjoying your last couple of weeks of pregnancy. You are gonna be a momma soon, one way or another!

Maybe another mama who has vaginally delivered a breech babe could chime in with some info about that. I dont know very much about it, but I know folks do it all the time!
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Oh, Frannie!  I'm so sorry!  I really do understand both the frustration of having a breech baby (my first) and the frustration of feeling like how this pregnancy goes effects your whole future family plans (I keep wondering if my c-section lead to my placenta previa this time and if the stress of this pregnancy makes me not want to have another child.  I'm not one for regrets though so I try to let it go...  I do understand though).  Lots of hugs.


I think you are making the right decision to have a trial of labor before prepping for a c-section.  I've read that many babes flip once labor begins.  (And, not insisting on a trial of labor is my own main regret for my first pregnancy.)  I think you still have a good amount of time and some good chances of having a better outcome.  With my first I tried all the reccs on spinning babies and moxibustion.  None of that worked at all.  I think chiropractic care and/or and ECV are both very promising.  I wish I had tried them with DD. 


The other thing I can say is that even though I didn't give birth the way I wanted to with DD (or with this one as well), my regrets are only for not standing up for my needs.  Not for how my daughter was actually born.  Sure recovery was hard but, for me, what mattered most was the outcome-- I had my daughter.  I found the experience of surgery traumatic... but I had never had surgery before and I'm a control freak.  But, I wasn't scarred (well, I have a scar but it's physical, not emotional).  And, I've been able to build on my experience to make sure that I"ll have a better c-section experience this time.  Maybe making some plans for a possible c-section will help you deal with the possiblity?  I know both Hildare and I have posted our c-section birth plans in a birth plan thread on the Feb DDC.  Maybe there's some info there that might help in case you do end up with a c-section?


I don't know if there is anything else to say.  Except good luck and keep us posted about whats going on.  You really do still have some time and some options!   



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Sorry, Frannie. I can't imagine, and know it must be hard for you. I agree with everyone else that you are lucky to have a team working with you, and most do turn before labor.

Your little one has been breech almost this whole time, right? Cause I have also read the stories, where some refused to turn, and there ended up being a reason why. Short cord, or something. In that case, whatever the baby needs, you will be in a place that can provide it.

With my first, I saw the hospital as a scary place, and I had my son in a birthing center. Now, I don't see it like that anymore. It's much less polarized to me. What's important is healthy baby, and wherever you can achieve that.

Good luck with all the therapies. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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Sending you (((hugs))) Last time I faced the real possibility of a breech birth, this time I don't care. My baby knows how to be born, no matter the position, breech or vertex I know there is a reason and I trust it. I know my body can birth my baby breech or vertex. 

I will say spinning babies (linked above), webster (linked above), and acupuncture helped me turn my baby. There is no telling he wouldn't have anyway. Talk to baby, ask baby why butt down, tell baby it's ok and safe to be head down. 

http://birthwithoutfearblog.com/2011/12/20/breech-at-41-weeks-turned-head-down-12-lb-4-oz-baby-born-naturally/ I love this story.

http://mamasandbabies.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-surprise-breech-birth-at-home.html This sweet mama is on facebook, and she's had a breech birth.

((((hugs)))) And you know what it's ok to cry, it's ok to throw a fit, sometimes that's what needs to be done to get baby to turn. Thinking of you <3

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Oh Frannie, I am sorry to hear that.  I think the others have offered some excellent advice so I'll just offer my support andhug2.gif.  I'm hopeful that you can still have a wonderful birth experience!



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thanks so much for all the links and all the encouragement.  I am trying the external version again on thursday with the most amazing midwife (It didnt work yesterday, but I keep up hope, and nurse my belly bruises in the meantime), I am starting moxatherapy today, and I have three chiro appointments this week.  In addition I am trying to relax, taking baths with my belly down and floating, and sitting basically upside down on the couch.

And preparing for a possibly hospital birth (vaginal breech delivery), or a C section if that is what happens.  


YOu ladies are wonderful, thank you.  Now I am off to read those birth stories about breech babies!

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people have made such great suggestions.  have you contacted an acupuncture clinic that knows how to turn babies?


and, you can do moxa on yourself daily or even multiple times daily.  i've seen it turn babes as recently as last month!  the parents did it themselves after i taught them one evening.


it sounds like you have time still for the babe to turn and time to make a great plan if that does not happen.  i hope for the right things to fall into place for you each step of the way. 



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and, you can do moxa on yourself daily or even multiple times daily.



just to be clear- it is best to have someone do it to you, not you do it- you are to lay down or sit relaxed when it is being applied 

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yes my husband does the moxa for me... twice a day!


i'm 38wks3d pregnant.   fingers crossed we have time to turn baby turn!

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Turn baby turn, we're rooting for you!

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go baby go!  you can do this frannie... baby will come out the way he needs to!


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Come on baby, flip! 

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C'mon baby!  Time to turn around!  Good luck, Frannie!

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glad to hear he is doing it for you!  sorry for any confusion.  would be kinda uncomfortable to reach your own pinky toe at this point, eh?


flip on back into place, Frannie baby!

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Due dates are VERY approximate - chances are you have at least another week - especially if this is your first.  Good luck!

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We are rooting for you Frannie!  My Doc. says babies can still turn up until labor.  Hugs!

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i should update here and say - my baby has flipped!!!!  it feels like a miracle :)

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