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I had Lasik done in 2010 and it was the best thing I've ever done for myself. It really changed my life; it has been so great to not wear contacts anymore. I used to get eye infections easily and was always bothered by contacts, and glasses were even worse for me. Such a nuisance! I don't have to worry about that anymore thankfully. The Lasik actually corrected my vision to better than perfect. It's 20/15 now. I'm amazed with the detail I can see from so far away. I haven't had any adverse reactions. I had the typical glares and sensitivity to light for the first few weeks but it went away and everything has been perfect since. I know that doesn't happen for everyone, though.


Now, the actual Lasik procedure I will admit I don't think I would go through again... That's saying a lot considering I'd go through childbirth again before Lasik. I can get free touch-ups for life from the place I had it done at, but I don't know if I'd utilize it! I don't think the level of pain I felt while recovering right after the surgery was normal, though. So I don't want to scare anyone out of it. My eyes were really sensitive to having been cut.

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I was told years ago I was a good candidate for LASIK, but my eyes have changed soooo much with each prengnayc and nursing, I'm glad I didn't. They've gotten a lot worse in just the 8 weeks since Jack was born. I actually called my insurance company the other day to find out when I'm eligible for another eye exam - not until March 22! These glasses are not cutting it, I'm seriously considering paying for an eye exam...

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Seraf, my vision before LASIK was -7.50 in one eye, -6.50 in the other. I feel your pain. I had glasses since I was 6. Joanie, I was the same way. I started wearing contacts at 10 and didn't take care of them. By my mid 20s I was getting frequent eye infections from my contacts. I was unable to wear them at all after a while, which sucks at the pool, etc. Plus, I am very sensitive to light, so it was hard not wearing sunglasses. Abra, I hate astigmatism contacts!! How do you wear them? I tried them on for about 5 seconds and then ripped them out. I would just have blurry vision when I wore my contacts.

The procedure was not fun, but it wasn't terrible. I did have to have one eye touched up after 6 months due to my vision being so poor originally. It was amazing to be able to see without glasses!! I'm so glad I did it.
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My eyes were the same as yours Amanda- but then they changed during my first pregnancy and now are at about -4!  Pretty dramatic improvement.  I'm not complaining!  My astigmatism went away, thank goodness. 

I have a friend who's eyes are super dry all the time.  He had Lasik years ago.  My MIL has had some issues with hers as well.  

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I've never actually worn contacts.  Every time I talk to the eye dr about it, they pretty much talk me out of it.  I figure that it would be way too annoying to wear reading glasses (like every time I sit down at the computer) on top of having to deal with contacts.  I'll try contacts when the science gets a little better.  I've had glasses my entire life, so they're really just a part of who I am.  I feel good in them, so I'm totally fine with wearing them forever if need be.

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Abra, I hate astigmatism contacts!! How do you wear them? I tried them on for about 5 seconds and then ripped them out. I would just have blurry vision when I wore my contacts.
The procedure was not fun, but it wasn't terrible. I did have to have one eye touched up after 6 months due to my vision being so poor originally. It was amazing to be able to see without glasses!! I'm so glad I did it.


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Abra, I've worn glasses long enough and I think I look better in them, but I hate being dependent on them. I was thinking the other day that I would have had a hard time of I chosen not to cosleep because it stresses me out not to be able to find him in the dark half asleep. I worry I wouldn't be able to find him in a crib. Lol. 

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J, I have really dry eyes. I was afraid I couldn't get lasik because of it.

Oh, I see Abra. I was confused.

Seraf, I know what you mean. I used to have trouble finding my glasses on my nightstand! Also, my phone wants to autocorrect Seraf to Seraglio. Why is Seraglio even in the dictionary and why would it be the obvious choice for what I mean?? Lol.
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haha yeah I hate not being able to find my glasses.  I wear them a lot since I am usually just at home :-)  For some reason my toddler has started freaking out when I wear them, though.  He says "I don't want you to wear your glasses!"  It's really weird.  Anyway- I have had them since I was 5.  It would be kind of weird to not have them if I got Lasik....  

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Ok...here are some before and after pictures after being inspired by all of you to take a shower and get dressed.  I feel better already!lips.gif015.JPG016.JPG

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jaw2.gif  Woot-woo!  Look at you!  Lookin' good, jill!  

I am sick with a cold....so I've been lazy this week.  I do have to take the boys to D's 2 month appt today though (by myself!) so I will try to get a photo before we leave.  I should probably start getting ready now (the appt is in 4 hours!)  It takes so long for me to get everything ready when I'm leaving the house without DH's help!

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clap.gifJill!  Way to go!

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Awesome, Jill! You've got a stunning complexion! 

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Cute, Christina!  The brown suits you!  I need to re-henna my hair.  Maybe this weekend if the chaos that is this germ infested house dies down!

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You henna your hair Jaimee?!?!?!  It's so gorgeous!  What kind do you use?  Maybe I'll henna mine- I always thought it would look kinda mousy.  But yours is shiny and amazing.  What is your natural hair color?

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Thanks, J!  I have been putting henna in my hair off and on for the past year or so.  I didn't like the greys that you could see in my part!  I use Light Mountain- many shades to choose from (including "natural" for blondes), pretty easy to do (I suggest standing in the tub with an inch or so of water- let me know if you'd like more details), the regular version woks well to cover a small amount of grey (and the "cover the grey" version is for more grey), it's totally natural, makes your hair very shiny, and it lasts about 6 weeks.  My natural color is dark brown with red highlights.  I've tried almost all their darker colors: light brown, medium brown, chestnut, auburn, dark brown, and black.  I've settled on medium brown as my favorite for me.    Here are some pics from when I dyed it:


5280679848_5a9150da69.jpg  medium brown
6212544819_c8bd78fb75.jpg chestnut
5746577981_8216af515e.jpg   Black


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I LOVE the chestnut!  Medium brown is really nice with the reddish tone- do you think the natural red in your hair pulls through? It looks so good!  Mine pulls red but it doesn't look good on me, so I think one with blueish undertones would be good so it doesn't get too red.  Chestnut seems that way.  I would like to go darker since I don't want to bleach it.  I'm excited about this!  

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Jaimee, what kind of grey hair do you have? I have a ton of it, and it's that wiry-textured, silver hair. It's super hard to cover. Even some normal hair dyes won't do it. Only certain brands work. So I'm wondering if henna would be able to handle it...

J, my hair also wants to go reddish. I hate it! I always go for the cool tones hoping I can at least achieve neutral.
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I think that the lighting was somewhat different in the two pics as well, so it may not be a fair comparison.  But in general, the darker colors have more indigo, which has the blue undertone you're seeing.  The Light Mountain website has a pretty good color chart for the different shades on different colors of hair.  Check it out!  What's great about henna is that it fades until it's gone... no growing out from the roots.  So if you're not a fan of how it turn out, it'll fade and be gone in less than 2 months.  Plus it's cheap!  Easy to experiment!

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Ok, sold!  I'm totally doing it.  I'll update with photos once I do!

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