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My son is almost 2. We're starting him at the preschool at our synagogue, in the fall (they do at 2.5) and then I'm homeschooling afterwards from kindergarden on. The preschool that he's going to is so awesome and I'm not so great with super super early childhood ed. I've never done like 1st grade but I was a substitute so I know how to "teach". (I'm a year or so away from having a teaching certificate, I just don't have time or money to go back to school for what would be a masters program :P) 

 The elementary school in our district is horrifically overcrowded and their test scores (not that that's EVERYTHING mind) are abysmal.  


I need to bone up on my spelling. My spelling is so bad its epic. I have a huge vocabulary and can't spell the words I know how to use! HA !