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EC and learning to walk?

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We are having a potty strike here.  In the last couple of weeks my 1 yr old DS has been learning to walk and he has started refusing to stay on the toilet long enough to poop, then he poops in his diaper a few minutes later.

I respect that he isnt devoting his attention to EC at the moment and is going to have less control than usual.  I also respect that he doesn't want to sit still on the toilet.  But, how to I keep some semblance of EC going so that he doesn't forget entirely about the idea of going on the toilet??  Any tips to get thru this potty strike, please???

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This happened to us. Big time strike when walking happened. She refused to sit. It lasted a couple months. Don't stress. I tried to offer potty upon wake up and after naps and if I see her starting to poop to put her on. And if she gets up and runs away oh well. It got frustrating for me but I didn't want the potty to be stressful for her. I would give her diaper free time everyday and she'd pee on the floor. She has the body awareness which is key but doesn't have the desire to use the potty which i can't force. It's an independence assertion and distraction.
New fun books on the potty. YouTube videos of animals keep DD still on the potty.
Hang in there!

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Ditto! Actually DD learned to walk at 10 mo but the potty strike thing is new now that she's so fast and agile. The other bugger is that she now goes into the bathroom, sits on the potty but doesn't go, gets down from the potty, and pees on the floor standing right next to it. headscratch.gif Thankfully, easy to clean, but what's the point?

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We just started a couple weeks ago, but my 9 month old has mastered crawling and is now standing/climbing and (I'm guessing) soon to be walking - he has backed off on the potty a bit (concurrent with an uptick in general frustration/tantrums), so I've been lurking around here finding possible ideas.  Books and toys are our current go-to's but it seems others have suggested a change of scenery, whether a potty placed so they can look outside or a change of location (sink, bathtub, big potty or little, depending on what they typically use).  Also, can still offer potty at same times every day so they don't forget about it, but let them exert a lil willpower on whether they go or not.  That sounds like a solid idea to me - especially since walking is such a huge step toward independence - it almost makes sense there would be a backslide.  The other thing is the less stressed and focused on "outcomes" we are the better they do, I'm convinced!!!  Sounds like you have a great attitude and are very aware of where he's at developmentally.  Hang in there - I'm betting they will figure it out in the end (after all, who REALLY wants to sit in a wet diaper??? ;-))

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I went through a bit of this with my LO around the walking stage, though at the time I didn't make a connection between the two. I just figured out that he didn't like holding still, and that maybe his tummy was a bit uncomfortable right before a poo, so I stuck with it through a little bit a squirming and fussing and he started going regularly again. Not that don't respect a true "no", but in the same way that you some times have to hold them down to get a diaper on, you can be a little insistent about the potty.

I will usually let him squirm or run off for a min and then put him back on, or even stop and rub his belly to help move things along. Sometimes I let him go naked for a bit and set the kitchen timer to remind me to try the potty again every 3-5 min (depending on how sure I am that he needs to go : )


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DS stopped using the toilet when he learned to walk. Hated it, cried when I sat him down on it greensad.gif

So after several weeks of trying gently, I gave up. He's 5 months out from learning to walk and still cries, wiggles away, or says no no no! when I occasionally offer him the toilet. It was starting to get stressful for me and him so I put the little toilet away. It's just not right for us now and I don't want him to get an bad impression of toilets!

Oh well. Sigh. Once it gets warmer here, I'm planning on doing more diaper free time and bringing that toilet out again....
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