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Can anyone access the donorsiblingregistry?

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It won't load on my computer and it has been several days.  Is this only me or is the site down?  Does anyone know why?

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Just to make sure- you're talking about https://www.donorsiblingregistry.com/index.php , yes?


Loads fine for me.


have you tried from a different computer?

You might have accidentally blocked the site with a firewall/ antivirus/ other security software you might be running?



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I've tried from my phone and my computer several times over several days.  I asked my friend to go on it today and she couldn't go on it either.  So maybe we have the same virus protection?  I've never had anything like this happen before.

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sounds unlikely.

It's not a virus issue. You just might be blocking the domain (by accident?) with security software, although if you've also tried from your phone that's unlikely.


Have you tried different browsers? 


What happens when you type their IP address directly into your browser:

(you might get a warning message that 'this is not the website you're looking for')


Do you get an error message? 

does anything load or do you just get endless loading?


The only other thing could be a routing issue from your ISP which only they would be able to resolve.

You'd need to call their customer support.


If your friend also can't access the site (is she with the same internet service provider? does she live local to you?) and your phone can't load the site it sounds like a routing problem...

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Thank you for your help with this.  If I paste those numbers it does the same thing it does when I click on the link above or when I search myself and click a link, it seems to be loading and then says "server timed out."  It does this from home, phone and ipad. However, b/c you said you could get on it, I took my ipad to a different wifi and it worked!  What does that mean?  That my home wifi is blocking it somehow? This is so bizarre.  Could there be a filter on my wifi??

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It wouldn't be your wifi- unless you've asked it to.

There are 'parental control' type software programs that run on networks (ie your home network) but you would know if you had this, right?


I think your next step is to contact your ISP (the people who provide your internet).

You'll need someone in technical support. They might ask you to check things on your computer, so call them when you have time and are at the computer.

They should walk you through it step by step, so don't worry.


To me it sounds very much like a routing issue- the info you request on your screen at home (by typing in a web address) goes to your ISP, who then send that request out into the net. Now imagine a 'blockage' somewhere, like a server that's not 'routing' that info onwards correctly so it never reaches the server that has the donor sibling registry on it.  Your computer will wait for a certain amount of time then tell you that the server timed out- meaning 'i've waited long enough- nothing's coming back'


Only your ISP can sort this out for you.

So call them!


And good luck.



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Anna thank you so much for the advice. I'm off to call the (sigh) ISP. 

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No problem.


Good luck!

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