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Question for babywearing mamas up north!

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Is there any tricks to the trade of how to babywear in the winter?  It is below zero outside and I am trying to figure out a more convenient way other than me taking my coat off to put on the wrap and then put him inside of it while standing outside in the cold?  My son is 8mo and can not sit up yet and we just had to switch him to a convertible car seat as he has already out grown his.  Any pointers and tips would be great!

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Do you mean in situations where he's going from the car to the carrier?  I would either wear a sling underneath my coat (put it on before I left the house) or just carry him into wherever you're going and then get him into the carrier.  In situations where I was staying outside I had a babywearing coat - usually if we were staying outside it was around home or around another building/home so we would get bundled up indoors before heading out.

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Can you sit inside the car when you get him in and out of the carrier?  That's what we do and then everyone gets to be a little warmer--sit in the back seat next to the car seat.

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Definitely finding a carrier that you can put on before you leave the house under your coat is a plus.  Then sitting in the car next to them and getting the baby in the carrier there instead of outside is a good idea as well.  I personally like ring slings and wraps (pre-tied, in "poppable" variations) for this, as they are more comfortable to wear when driving and the easiest to get baby in/out of.  And sometimes if it was really bad and it wasn't a far walk in, I'd just hold the baby in arms (under my coat, with a light blanket over them) until we got inside and then put them in the carrier.

Also, if you find you are wearing a lot a coat that can fit over both of you is a good investment.  There are some actual babywearing vests/jackets but usually something a size or two too big works just fine too. :)

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thank you all for your comments!  i have a moby at the moment and will start wearing it under my coat if needed.  and i have a van so i will be able to get him in while inside the car.  i guess winter just isn't easy on us in so many ways! 

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I have a Amauti that I use for going outside, walks, while older son is playing in the snow, etc. From the car to inside a store,etc, I usually just take off my coat and deal with being cold for a minute. Or if I want to take the baby's winter gear off, I'll just carry baby and carrier inside and get settled inside.
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