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slow flow

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A tired hungry cow produces no milk....so on that note, I am 60 lbs heavier than when I first started having babies, its been 5 months since baby #2 and I am finally starting to slim down, unfortunately less sleep (from forcing myself to wake up and exercise) combined with portioning my food has resulted in decreased milk production,...So I must now pack in the calories, sleep in (not that I'm complaining) and dream of the body that I must put on hold. Any tips from breast feeding mommas on foods to get the mammaries flowing?
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What makes you think your supply is low? Is your baby not gaining?
I ask because from what I've read, weight loss would really only affect supply if you were already underweight and malnourished. Stress can inhibit the letdown reflex but exhaustion is pretty much par for the course for all new moms, breastfeeding or not.
Many women THINK their supply is low at about four months because their supply has regulated and they don't feel full and leak anymore. As long as your baby is gaining weight well - kellymom.com has some great resources on normal growth - all is well.
The best way to increase supply is to nurse, nurse, nurse. Offer the breast more often, offer the second breast after baby has finished the first, use breast compressions and co-sleep. A big bowl of oatmeal every day for breakfast is worth a try, too!
If that doesn't work to increase supply, pumping and herbal and/or prescription galactagogues may help.
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I agree with megan73. Unless there is actually some sign your baby really isn't getting enough milk (not gaining weight) then he/she probably is. Especially if you are feeding on demand.
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