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Such fun!!   I LOVE messy baby photos!!!


Yeah - poo.  Lets also talk about poo.  Finn's poos are not bright yellow anymore, more like yellow with brown to them, and often have food chunks.

And man...do his farts STINK.  Think probiotics would help that?  I suck at making sure I give them to him daily.

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Hello Mamas! Baby Sam just turned 8 months...he's starting to eat more solids, and I'm wondering just how much you've been feeding your baby. I'm reading the book Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron and for an 8-month old she recommends feeding a lot more than I've been giving. Right now, I mostly BF and will gave baby a bit of food (i.e. avocado, banana or brown rice porridge) in the afternoon and a bit in the evening. That's it...What about you guys?

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I'm feeding a lot less than what an average 8 month old eats. Same here, a little in the afternoon or evening. Maybe some cheerios too if I need to distract him for a few minutes. He loves eating but doesn't actually get too much in his mouth, and it's such a huge mess that I don't want to do it too often. Plus, by the time I get home from work, I'd rather just nurse and snuggle!


I figure it's not a big deal, he's learning to play with food and enjoy eating, so that's all that matters to me. I like the saying Food Before 1 is Just for Fun. :)

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Thanks, Cat. I'm happy with the ways things are too...I just got a bit concerned after reading Yaron's suggestions...

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I don't even give him solids every day. It's more of a when he asks or when we're all sitting down to eat thing. He's eaten most of an avacado before and he had a lot of carrots yesterday.

He doesn't really get combinations, either. Half a banana, half an avacado, some roasted carrot or potato, some oatmeal (last time I put some banana in), some bread. an egg.

We don't tend to eat food that is good for sharing, I like things a bit too spicy to want to give them to him. So we have enchiladas, he gets an avacado. It's vaguely on theme.


Until he's one, I really want him mostly breastfeeding. I had planned to exclusively breast feed until one but he really wanted to eat our food. I still sometimes get lovely breastmilk poo instead of the solid kind and it pleases me :)

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Finn eats a lot compared to River and Charlie I think.  He's crazy into food.  I backed off a bit and we are revisiting only whole foods, fruits, and veggies.  I was on my own a lot this past month with the kids, and unfortunately got into the habit of giving him what we were eating (combinations of things, grilled cheese, boca burgers, fries, bagels, etc) and started to feel guilty about it.  Now it's mostly bananas (breakfast, sometimes dinner); messy avocados, I'll offer tofu, beans (I have a great bean recipe I'll share if anyone wants), broccoli, etc. 

I offer every time we eat, and sometimes in between. Tho like I said I try to make sure it's simple, wholesome stuff.
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We do 3 meals and 2 snacks but her menu isn't huge.  Breakfast is usually diced fruit and some cheerios or a piece of toast, snacks are usually some crackers or something like that, lunch is usually a half of whole wheat pita with some almond butter in the middle or cheese and fruit or yogurt and fruit, and dinner varies...whole wheat pasta with some olive oil and a little parm cheese & veggies, or veggies and fruit or veggies and cheese....things like that. 


She's just about 9 months old, and I love that she loves food.  I love preparing food for her and having us all sit down together to eat.  Dinner time is my favorite time of day!  We keep her dairy organic and about 3/4 of her produce organic, her grains whole wheat, her sugar and salt low, and her sippy filled with water...I am comfortable with her diet.

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We're not quite at 8 months (next week) and we've only just started introducing a little bit of solids in the last few weeks. It is usually only at dinner when we all sit at the table together. The rest of the time is just nursing.


So far Seth has had:

Peas - these don't get very far, he'll mush them around his mouth and them spit some back out.

Banana - just a 1/4 inch slice and it proved too slippery, so we'll wait a while to try that one again.

Sweet Potato - this is a big hit. I made some baked "fries" for him and give them straight out of the freezer. He'll munch through about 3 of them during a meal, and he gets most of it in his mouth.


The plan right now is to just stick with veggies and maybe some fruit until closer to 1, then we'll introduce proteins and grains after his birthday.

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I feel slightly like a bad mom because I don't enjoy giving magnolia baths and thats what usually happens when she has food. Right now she gets a few tidbits of food every couple days. I tend to cook and eat when she is asleep bc its so much easier.

So far she has had:
mandarin oranges
middle eastern chicken (chicken tenders with tumeric, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, mustard, olive oil)
chickfila grilled nuggets (we were out and it kept her occupied and Id read when they first came out they didnt have MSG.. when I got home and checked the ingredients online and found out they do have MSG I was livid!)

I definitely need to work on more veggies (for both her and my diet!)
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Thanx for all the info...I am always grateful for the variety of responses and the sage advice I get from you all!


I'm going to stick w/what I've been doing and perhaps around 9-months get a bit more adventurous.

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