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My first "real" contraction was at 10 PM last night. Ronan Edward rushed his way into this world at 11:55 PM. We barely made it to the Birthing Center on time and all of our pictures are on our phoness so, they will take a while to get uploaded.
It happened sooooooo fast! 
Once he decided he was ready, there was no stopping him!
He was 6 pounds 10 iounces 19 inches long.  Quite the tiny guy compared to DS1.
We are in love!
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WHOOP!  That is awesome... so happy for you!  I'm resigned to not getting dressed again.  Enjoying a lengthy and mellow early labor.  Who knows what will happen next, but for now I'm content...


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Wow Rin, that is fast!


Congratulations again to everyone!

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Wow, congratulations!  So many short labors!!

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Super congrats, Rin!!! That fast of labor almost scares me... holy woah!!!


and mtn.mama, sounds like you are beyond being in the best birth spirit. Happy laboring!

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Yay, Rin! Lovin all the short and "easy " birthings we're having!

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Congratulations rin! Mtn.mama your attitude is amazing. I've had so many let down prelabors I can't resign myself to relaxing because I'm afraid of more disappointments. 

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mazel tov rin!

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Rin! Wow! 

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congrats, kim!  i too had a lil 5 lb. babe born early, at 37 weeks.  she was my first and taught me tons.  if i can be of any help, please be in touch!


yay, mamatokai!  congrats!

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Our baby boy, Oakley Tate was gently and quickly born at home on sunny Sunday morning 2-12-12, 10:02am, 6lb 12 ounces, 20 1/2 inches (he loves his 0's, 1's and 2's!)    So amazing!   Everything is  and was so perfect, it's surreal!  


   Woke up at 2:30am-3am  with contractions that actually stuck around. Called my midwife at 5am, she suggested I get some rest since I could talk through them. I laid down and they slowed to about 15min apart. I decided to get up at 8am, things picked up quickly within the hour. Got in our bathtub to relax. Called the midwife just before 9am- but I could still talk through the contraction I had on the phone with her, she suggested I eat, rest, and mentioned "pre labor"   I was not sure how fast I was actually going, so I told her OK.  15 min later contractions were more intense and really close, I called her and she heard me through one in the background. She said she'd head over it sounded serious. :)  I called the birth assistant (barely told her what was going on) and she came right away.    I felt a pop in the bathtub and my water bags broke at 9:45am. I was pushing and couldn't help it after that.  I believe the birth assistant got there around 9:55 or so,  and Oakley Tate was born at 10:02am! Once he crowned he Pretty much came out in one-two continous push- what a relief! I was on my knees in the tub and had my hand on my perineum and I felt the whole thing- I cannot believe my body stretched so much without tearing- amazing!  The birth assistant guided him out and said grab your baby! He was awake and aware right away in my arms and pinked right up. How surreal- I exclaimed, "I did it! I can't believe I did it!"                The midwife arrived a few minutes after his birth!  What an experience!!








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Congratulations, NourishCreate!!  What a beautiful baby and a great story!!! 

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Wow, mama..... Congrats!!! That is an amazingly intense but calm birth story. Enjoy your sweet babymoon!!

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NourishCreate- What an adorable little face he has!  I love his name, I had a good friend named Oakley when I was in High School.Your labor sounded intense and quick like many of the other FebDD mamas.

Way to go quick laboring Mamas btw,  I hope it rubs off onto me for once ;)

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Congratulations NourishCreate!  love.gif

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Had my baby boy at 3h47 last night. We don't have a name yet so we are calling him Valentino for now smile.gif he was 7 12 lbs and 20,5 in. I was in active labor for 3h and thats including 1h30 of pushing!! He came out sunny side up with a face presentation!! That was some intense pushing!!! 6015147f-f604-46f3.jpg

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Congratulations mamas!!! Such blessed news!

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So happy for you Memz he is so sweet and beautiful :)  I had a sunnyside up baby and it was so hard and a very long pushing stage, so great you had such a quick labor despite bad baby positioning. This gives me hope as my babe is currently not in the best position for birthing. Enjoy your new blessing, warmest congratulations!


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Congrats!  Love those pics NourishCreate and Memz.  Those babes are so cute!

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