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Congrats Parsley, so glad this tough pregnancy ended with a healthy babe! Best wishes on your recovery.

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Welcome Parsley baby!  So glad to hear that your baby is healthy and strong.  Hugs!


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mazel tov!

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Hooray Parsley!  Congratulations!

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Congrats Parsley!!!  Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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Congratulations Parsley!!

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Congratulations, 100%mom!!

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hooray parsley!  i am so happy everything turned out so well!  and going home early :)  that's such wonderful news!!!!!! 

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Yay! Congrats on a strong, healthy little one, Parsley! 

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So happy our board has started bringing the babies!  Congrats to both of you moms!

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Our son (no name yet) was born at home last night. Two hour labor -- he arrived at 715!

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Congratulations Montamama1!!!!

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joy.gifjoy.gif joy.gifjoy.gif


Yay Montanamama1, it was the real thing!!! Can't wait to hear when you realized that to be so. :)

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Yay for all the babies!! It's so great to hear! Mntnmama - 2hrs is AWESOME:)

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Ok, peeps. I need pictures. I'm starting a thread.
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And then there were 3! Congrats, Montanamama!!!


This is so exciting! I wonder who will be next...

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Wonderful, montanamama!!!  Congratulations!

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I second the need for pictures!! I would love to see all the adorable baby faces!

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Congrats 100%mom, parsely, and montanamama!  Wow, 2 hours is amazing!!  those are the kind of labor stories I love hearing, it gives me hope that this one will be a faster and easier labor than DD  :)

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Thanks, everybody! Here he is. I don't know how to make the image size any smaller.


I had been having contrax all day yesterday but I thought they were just practice. Not progressing at all. 


Took a bath around 430 and about 15 mins into it felt my mucus plug pop like a cork! Was so weird!


My waters broke at the same time. Got out of the bath and had two intense contrax on the toilet. Had hubby call midwife; she said time for an hour and call her back. If they were 5 mins apart she would come and check me. They were about 3 mins apart, lasting about 60 secs each, for a half hour. Painful. Nothing like the cramping I'd had during the day. I had him call at 540 and she said she was leaving right then.


I was laboring alone in the bedroom. Lights off. Hubs was running around trying to get the house ready (tub for birth, calling someone to come get our daughter (22 mos), cleaning, etc.). I was kneeling on the br floor, holding onto the quilt on the bed for dear life. Apparently, this was transition, but I had no idea. I was moaning and groaning towards the end (between 530 and 6.) Started feeling pushy at 6, right when our friend came to pick up our daughter. I was grunting and groaning. Told hub to call midwife, tell her I was pushing.


She said I should try not to push (hahahahaha!!!); she was 10 mins away. I laid on my side on the bed and tried not to, which wasn't possible. 


She got there around 615ish... checked me, said, yep, your waters have broken, the baby's head is right here, let's push.


Pushing lasted about an hour. When he finally crowned, he came out in one push, head and body at once. 715p.


I called my friend to bring big sister home and she said "How do you have a baby already?" Which is about how I felt. I can't imagine how people have longer labors, though! I was exhausted and it was so painful. Can't imagine doing it for longer.


Daughter came home but was her bedtime; she couldn't really take the excitement. We just put her to bed. We all went to sleep around 10; baby didn't wake up until 530. He's been nursing well and I'm just taking it easy today. Big sister absolutely loves him.


No name yet for the boy. We've got it narrowed down to about 10 possibilities. 8lbs, 8 oz, 21 inches. Born at 39 weeks. (my daughter was born at 38 weeks and only 7 pounds. what a difference!)


going to try to take a nap. good luck to you mamas!

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