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How did you know you were "done"?

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How did you know your family was complete? 


We have two daughters, ages 4 and 2. Our first baby was lovingly planned, and our second was a surprise. I always knew I wanted two -- even better, three! -- children, and my husband felt the same way. With two girls spaced so closely, and the attendant intensity and expense, we both thought our second would be our last. Both of my pregnancies involved lots of nausea and vomiting and I generally hated it. Now that our girls are out of the baby phase, I thought I'd feel really good about moving into the raising kids phase and being out of the baby-having phase, but with my daughter's 2nd birthday approaching I'm thinking more and more about a third, and not sure what to think. Two is great, two is wonderful! Two is manageable and affordable! Two is responsible! But I wonder if, ten years down the road, I'll regret not having that third baby? Or if this is just hormones and nostalgia and really, do I want to go through all that again?? Do you continue to feel pangs, even if you feel good about your family size?

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I don't know if this will be helpful but when I had two I still felt like someone was missing. We would be walking out the door and I would think "oh, I'm forgetting the baby."  I was also on the fence about having a third because 2 (2 years apart) was kicking my butt. Well wouldn't you know, #3 came along as a complete and total surprise and I feel "done" I don't feel like we are missing anyone now. It's hard but really, you will never regret the children you have!

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