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I agree, that little temp drop is definitely just a normal fluctuation.  Your chart still looks great, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on Friday!

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Thanks! I'm hoping for the best. It's almost kinda funny to be honest. I was invited on a trip to Punta Cana in March and I'm not sure I'd go if I'm pregnant... which sucks cause I want both things terribly (never been more than 4 hours away from my home my entire life) but in my mind I can't have both things at the same time... it's a bit of a dilemma. haha.


At any rate... it is now 3:30pm where I am and so far not one single hint that AF is on her way.

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Travel while pregnant is safe... you might need to be extra careful of food/water in certain areas, but other than that not a big deal until you're 35 weeks along.  So I say go ahead and wish for both!

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I think I will wish for both! lol... I'm at such a weird place in my life right now... wanting to be preggers, wanting to go to the Dominican, trying to lose weight (15 pounds down so far!!!)... ah well.


At any rate, it really seems like I made it through the entire day without any signs that AF is impending. I've been checking my CP, because normally right before AF comes it gets a bit lower and starts to open and then the day of AF it opens completely.

Well so far it's still really high (almost can't reach it), getting softer everyday and closed shut. I've also got some crazy belly rumblings going on... every time I eat food my stomach just seems to grumble in disagreement.

Oh, and if I have to go to the washroom one more time.... wild.gif I'm going to lose my mind!! Every 30-60 mins I'm going again!


Anyway, we'll see what my temp does tomorrow!

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AF is still a no show, my temp went back up a bit this morning and I don't really feel like AF is going to be here anytime soon. I get little bitty cramps off and on every now and again... but that's it so far. But the day is still very young (6:43am here), so we'll see what happens. If she doesn't show up today I'm officially calling her late.

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Yay!!  Keep us posted!

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Well... it's the afternoon and still no sign of the witch. Thought she might show up this morning.... but NOPE!

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Well... looks like AF might be on her way. I had a little bit of pink spotting tonight. I guess I must have just ovulated a little later then I thought.

Ah well... there is always next time.  I'm much more hurt and upset then I thought I would be, probably because I thought I might actually have a chance this cycle... but I guess not. This sucks.soapbox.gif

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Well... still no AF in sight. Temp went down a smidge, but again it was only about 0.07 of a degree.... so it's still quite high.
I haven't had any more spotting since that single one spot of pink (even after a pretty crazy workout), and while I thought my cervix was opening up last night... it's seeming very closed/softish/and high up... so I dunno.

Honestly the whole thing is getting frustrating... I'd like my body to stop feeling like AF is going to come if I'm pregnant, either that or just have AF come... I can't WAIT till tomorrow to test... if this witch doesn't show up before that.

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Your chart looks very much like a pregnancy chart to me.  Your spotting could just be the typical spotting around the time of expected AF.  Many pg women spot with no complications.  I would be dying to test again.  You might be 14DPO today, but that should be accurate for 99% of women.  You've got some serious will power to wait until tomorrow!

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I agree with Jaimee!  Well, at least it's just one more day, I hope you get a BFP!

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Well.... so far I haven't had any sign of AF. Still having cramping off and on, but it's not that big of a deal.


I'll be testing tomorrow morning, so I guess we'll find out. I'm almost kind of nervous to test... but on the other hand I still feel like there is no way I could be pregnant.


I dunno... I'm kinda used to disappointment right now, so we'll see.

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Waiting....  Peace.gif

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So... details... hahaha!!
Me and DH decided to go out for breakfast at Cora's (all day breakfast restaurant)... we had just bought a FRER and DH convinced me to just go and take it while we were in the restaurant.
I went to the washroom and did so... feeling like an absolute moron. and at first I didn't see anything, no control... no test line, nothing. But then the control showed up and I didn't see any line, so I just shrugged my shoulders, but it down and did up my pants... etc.

When I looked back at it... I had a very clear, pink line!!! I immediately sat back down and burst into tears I was in so much shock and awe.

I ran back out to DH, sat down and just exploded! He was so happy! We were so full of nervous energy we weren't able to eat!! Man o man... I can't believe it actually happened!

We are so happy and shocked and just out of our minds! I'm going to take another test soon just to 'double check' and then I'll call my doc.

I feel great, no spotting, no real cramping (just minor twinges), sore boobs... food aversions... etc, this is such a good day!

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Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!  Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  joy.gif I knew it!  I'm so happy for you!!  HH9!  Be sure to join your due date club social group!!!!  Looks like you're due in early October!

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Yay, congratulations!  joy.gif Your chart looked so great (and so different from your last month's chart) that I was really thinking you were pregnant!  orngbiggrin.gif  Go up to the Groups link toward the top of the page and you'll see the October 2012 due date club, join me in there!  

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Will do ladies!


I can't believe this is finally happening! But yeah... this is great, even though we're in the middle of a blizzard, this is easily the best day ever. I was pregnant this summer and it turned out to be ectopic and from the time I found out till the time everything ended, I didn't get to relax or enjoy it one bit. But this time, everything seems to be classic/textbook pregnancy and symptoms... so I'm going to sit back and relax and enjoy this.
I called my ob/gyn and got an appointment schedualed for the 7th of Feb, so I guess we'll see what happens then. Interestingly enough, my appointment is on the same day (5 weeks 4 days) that I lost my first baby.

I'm so scared that the same thing is going to happen to me, or that'll I'll miscarry. Every time I go to the washroom I check the TP, I don't think I've ever scrutinized so many bits of tissue.
At the very least, I'm just about out of when AF would normally be here... so that's good.

But yeah... I feel good. I'm still getting little twinges and cramps (really low and mild)... kinda worried about those, did any of you ladies have that around this time?

And yeah... I've got a few symptoms. Sore bbs, tired (majorly), hungry and smell aversions, cranky lol, and good lord... if I have to go to the washroom one more time......

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Yep, twinges, cramping and even spotting can all be totally normal.  Definitely get over to your DDC to hear the experiences of ladies going through the same thing you are right now!

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Originally Posted by Jaimee View Post

Yep, twinges, cramping and even spotting can all be totally normal.  Definitely get over to your DDC to hear the experiences of ladies going through the same thing you are right now!

Thanks for the reassurance! Is there a 2012 Oct DDC, or is it just the 2011 one?

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