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Anyone else insanely tired?

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Howdy -


Anyone else insanely tired? Like, do not pass GO, do not collect $200, drop and give me 40 winks tired? 


While I am an accomplished opportune napper, lately I have been sleeping a ridiculous amount and it still feels like it's not enough.


And by a ridiculous amount, I'm talking about 14 to 15 hours a day. Usually 10 hours at night and another 4 to 5 hours spread out over the course of the day when I take naps with the kids or crash on the couch when RJ gets home.  It's all I can do to drag my butt into Crossfit on M, W, F for my beginner classes, and even then, as soon as I come home, I'm dead to the world.


Honestly, if I could, I'd sleep more. It's like have no energy whatsoever to do anything right now and it's seriously starting to freak me out. When I do manage to not feel like something that got pried off the grill of a freight train, I'm always cold. Maybe I didn't notice the cold issue with my last munchkins because my first trimester was in summer, but man, I am always covered up with blankets and piling on the warm clothes, which usually leads to me getting sleepy...


Ideas? Help? Something? I don't want to be a giant landslug for the next 8 months. 



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I feel like my tiredness is not as intense as it was. I'm 10 1/2 weeks right now. I still can't stay up past 9:30 and usually stay in bed until 9am (if possible), but I'm not having to nap with my son as much as I was a couple of weeks ago. I was definitely getting 14 hours or so at that point!


As for feeling cold. I think I've posted this somewhere already, but I get cold when I'm tired or after I eat. I also seem to get more nauseous when I'm tired (so...anytime after 9:30 pm). Since it's actually been cold lately, we've been using our woodburning stove a lot and I haven't been cold. It's also been about 78 degrees in the house. :)

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Hello there (yawn)

I came to the dd club just to ask this question so yessssss, I am extremely tired. As in falling asleep while my 1 year old watches Pingu. NOT good.

I hope the exhaustion leaves, but from last time I remember being sleepy too.

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Yup.  I understand with a toddler and nannying for a 6 month old I'm bound to be tired as sort of par for the course, but this has been extreme. When I have just her, my daughter is pretty rad about letting me take power naps (this afternoon she let me nap on the couch for an HOUR while she played, my mind=blown), but even with naps and sleeping at least 8 hours at night, I am dead to the world. But I am holding out hope-- this week, Monday was a super productive, non-fatigued day for me, so I am really hoping that as the first trimester wraps up, some of my fatigue will go away.

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Pretty exhausted myself!  I'm getting about 10-12 hrs of sleep at night, and sometimes nap during the day if I can get it quiet enough with a rambunctious 3.5 yr old!  Sometimes I can get a snooze in on the couch for 30 min or so while she watches a show...I'm finding that from like 1-4pm I'm practically non-functioning, except to drrraaaag myself to the bathroom to pee!  I get a burst around dinner time, but by 8 i'm zonked again.  


I have found that if I get my exercise in before lunch it helps.  And also eliminating sugar is super helpful.  I can't stay away completely with cravings and all, but I do notice a difference if I lay off one week, and splurge the next.


I always remind myself that this fatigue is preparing us to slow down, & listen to our bodies...all for the great event of birthing and sleepless nights (and days).  It'll all be so worth it once we are cuddling with our new babes, just staring at them for endless hours-tired or not :)

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Yes yes yes.  Especially after a lot of activity.  We had a houseguest and did a lot of fun things and I was so tired that even sitting was uncomfortable.  I am also having a tricky time falling asleep.  Busy brain....... and husband snoring.....ugh

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YES.  sleepytime.gif

I sometimes feel like I am going into one sleep binge (long block of sleep, of course I am getting up to pee a lot) after another.  It doesn't help I use to drink tons of caffeinated tea per day and when I found out I was pregnant I drastically reduced that to pretty much zero per week.  

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Originally Posted by sheaffer View Post


I always remind myself that this fatigue is preparing us to slow down, & listen to our bodies...all for the great event of birthing and sleepless nights (and days).  It'll all be so worth it once we are cuddling with our new babes, just staring at them for endless hours-tired or not :)

This is good advice, Sheaffer, and I'm trying to remember it. I have been feeling pretty glum about how much sleeping I've been doing.  I associate oversleeping with depression, and I tend to feel pretty foggy and groggy after a long sleep. The diclectin I'm taking for vomiting is compounding it. I just feel like I can't get enough sleep. I wake up exhausted and am plotting how I can squeeze a nap in throughout the day. I also woke up with a nasty head cold yesterday so my nights are filled with mouth-breathing and headaches - a yucky combo. This phase really feels like a test of my endurance. 

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I have been sleeping a ton and like MsZelda I associate it with depression, and also  hear my mother's voice in my head criticizing my sluggish behavior but really, we are pregnant! Our bodies are working so hard to build a baby from scratch. I'm trying to just give myself a break, and give in to it, especially right now while I am still dealing with the nausea.

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I hit 11 weeks yesterday and it's starting to get a little better for me.  Both this pregnancy and my last I had what I referred to as "soul sucking fatigue" in the first trimester.  This time it's so much harder because last time I was on summer break from work (I was a teacher) and could nap whenever I wanted.  Now I have a super active 3 year old who doesn't nap.  I feel like I haven't done anything but the bare minimum of house upkeep in the last 6 weeks because I've just been so freaking exhausted.  I find it gets worse if I don't eat decently.

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We moved right before I found out I was pregnant--and right before the holidays-- and the nonessential boxes have just been sitting unopened for months. Until now! I just unpacked a good dozen or so boxes! So good to finally be getting some energy back. I'm 12 weeks. Hang in there everyone, it will get better soon.

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I feel better knowing Im not alone. I have 5 kids, single mum, and just movd and thishouse is in SUCH disarray. Its just, when I get free time I endup crashing on the couch. Asleep by 8:30 at night, back up by5:45. Draaagggggiiiinnnnggggg through my days. Im a multi tasker soo I hate feeling lazy but its good to take it easy and relax. The boes will get unpacked someday...I only have a short time in this portion of my journey with this blessing.

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Totally, totally exhausted.  My weekends are spent almost entirely on the couch.  If I had a private office I'm sure I'd be napping all day at work, too!  I'm hoping it starts to let up soon - it actually feels like this past week has been even worse.

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Today was day #2 out of 50 (FIFTY) workdays/10 weeks in a row that I'm in training in a classroom setting. The instructor is engaging and has us interact & complete activities, etc. but there are still moments when he's talking and I'm very afraid I'm going to fall asleep in class. I really think coffee would help in the morning, and I'm not afraid the caffeine in a small cup of it, but I don't think my stomach can handle it. I've definitely been going to bed earlier and sleeping in when I can (on the weekends). I hope it gets better soon! 

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Do you think you'd be able to handle it if you ate first? I can generally handle caffeine as long as I have a good solid breakfast.

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Well I just had a small caramel macchiato after lunch, so we'll see! 

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Caffeinated soda might be easier on your stomach. Good luck!

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Low iron = cold and physically exhausted.  Have doc check your iron levels.

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Thankfully, this is the first pregnancy where I havent had overwhelming tiredness. I've always said it's that tiredness where I am either pregnant or I have cancer.  I just felt like a sloth.  Making sandwiches for dinner was too much.  IT GETS BETTER!!!  It's just hard when you are in it.


I know I'm a broken record with my iron, but one thing that always helps me is to take liquid iron, Floradix.  I dont get tested, but that's just me. I just take the small dosage recommended, once a day. And I start feeling better right away. STILL TIRED.  But not so tired I cant make sandwiches.  I can stand and make them. LOL.


This time around, I can make dessert. LOL

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Coffee doesn't help at all but I still enjoy a cup in the mornings.



I think I am working too many hours at the studio/home/bed trying to get some things done before the deadline this month, and with our hyperactive toddler I'm getting no sleep either- he is even super active in the bed.



I think I average 5 hours most nights between my cosleeping toddler doing gymnastics and having to pee every hour so that could be part of it. I'm also really sick with a cold, oh and then pregnant with twins...  sleeping.gif



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