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My MIL sent my husband a list of names - top boy name was Derek, top girl name was Addison Montgomery (full name), and Callie and Arizona were also on the list.  Looks like someone is a Grey's Anatomy fan!

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Thank you!!! It's a family name on my husband's side, and since thinking of it about a month ago, it's ALL I could think of if we were having a boy. Once we had our ultrasound, I've felt he was Devlin 100%. It took a bit to convince my husband it's a good first name (he liked it better for a middle name) but he's on board now. orngbiggrin.gif

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Devlin is cute. Sounds handsome :)

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C's Mama - Devlin is an awesome name! It must be so fun to feel like you're getting to know this little guy!


We have a short list if it's a boy. Tiernan Bly is at the top, then Rowan and I love Callum! For a gir, I love Louisa and we're thinking Maeve (May+v) or Tilly for a middle name. Alice and Sylvie are also on the short list. We have our anatomy scan on the 6th and I really hope we will be able to find out the sex. Although I suspet we won't really be able to settle on a name until we meet this LO!


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Another one I forgot it Tennessee for a boy.  I was born there and my grandparents have a farm there (until they died and my uncle bought it), so it's a meaningful name and I think it's sweet with our last name.  DH is not entirely on board, however.  :(  I love all the names everyone is coming up with.  Everyone has different tastes, but we all have a creative streak, it seems.

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Love that name LilyTiger!  So cute.  On that same note I also like the name Georgia for a girl.  

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We've decided on Quinn Elinor for our little girl.  We're so excited about it and we both love being able to talk to her and call her by name.  It feels so special.  B just kissed my belly goodbye as he was leaving for a run and told Quinn he loved her.  So cute!  Then he told her that mommy's belly was hairy (since I've gotten peach fuzz all over my belly since becoming pregnant). irked.gif

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I had a dream the other night that Veritas Vitae named her daughter Ramona and called her Mona. Which means I was having a dream about posting here, haha.

So funny that you were dreaming about mothering.  


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So now that we know we're having a boy I need to buckle down with name ideas.  I've kind of narrowed down my favorites to Jack, Ian, George, Nolan, Sean, and Nathan.  It's not like with my girl names, though, where I know they're perfect and it's just a question of which one fits the baby.  Nothing feels quite "right."


I want something uncommon, not used by a million people, but not really out there or made up or misspelled.  I like more stereotypically masculine names, at least where you hear it and know it's a boy.  Can't start with H or end in "th".

Ninetales, those were basically my and B's criteria as well, sans the boy specific and H and th rules.  Good luck!


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So everyone, if you saw the name Eidyn, how would you think to pronounce it?  

I would think A-dyn or eye-dyn.  I really like the Eye-dyn pronounciation you are going with, and I love Eidyn James together.


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I'm thrilled that we have settled on Devlin for our baby boy (I call him Dev, DevDev and once, the Devlinator when he was kicking particularly hard ROTFLMAO.gif). We're still working on a middle name. The part that's hard about that is that most of our favorite choices end in n, and with Devlin ending in n and there being two n's in our last name, it's just too much. So, we'll see what happens!


edit: v v v Archer is one of our short list middle names! 

Devlin Archer is a fantastic name!  Funny that you're already coming up with nicknames.  B and I are doing the same now that we have settled on a name. She is Quinn E. (Quinny, but since her middle initial is E...) and QuinnEPie.  B is also calling her Quinn E. Poopoo, Quinniper (think Juniper, which is my niece's name) and Quinnkinn or Dohvaquinn (Skyrim reference again to the Dragon Born thing, he just thought of these and is SUPER excited about it eyesroll.gif). 


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sheaffer, we've decided on Piper for a girl, but Archer was on my shortlist for a boy and DH nixed it because he thought he'd be called Archie.  The only Archer I've known was this beautiful six foot tall black man I worked with and no one would dare call him "Archie", so I don't know how common a problem it would be. 


For boys I also love Jack (too common now), Ryder (becoming more common), Dryden, and we have Dallas as a family name, but DH doesn't like it.  DH has much more traditional tastes than I do, so we're struggling.

If you guys always called him Archer, I'm sure that is just what he would go by.  It is hard finding a name that you both can agree on.  B and I also have very different tastes in names, even though we have basically the same criteria when selecting a name.


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Thank you!!! It's a family name on my husband's side, and since thinking of it about a month ago, it's ALL I could think of if we were having a boy. Once we had our ultrasound, I've felt he was Devlin 100%. It took a bit to convince my husband it's a good first name (he liked it better for a middle name) but he's on board now. orngbiggrin.gif

That was how I felt about our name.  Once we had the ultrasound, and knew it was a girl, I just felt like she was a Quinn, which I only ended up considering briefly before the u/s. Autumn wasn't really getting a good reception from our families, so I looked up some alternatives and that was the earlier list I posted with Quinn on it.  Once we saw she was a girl, we both sort of just agreed upon Quinn, especially when I looked up the meaning and saw it means wise and intelligent.  It felt so right for her and we knew almost immediately afterwards that was it.


LeAnn, I love Tiernan Bly, what a great name!


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oh my goodness, sorry for the mega-post, I feel like I have a lot to catch up on since I was gone.

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Love all these names!  My husband absolutely refuses to discuss names until we know the gender so it will be two more weeks before we do any serious thinking about our name. 


In the meantime, my mom totally cracked me up in an email she sent about names.  My two-year old has started demanding that we call her "banana boat"--no idea where this came from.  If you call her by her actual name, or even a nickname like "sweetie" or lately even by a pronoun ("you"), she immediately corrects you, "no, 'nanaboat."  It's driving my mother crazy and prompted this email:


"I was thinking, with the new baby, don't spend a lot of time picking a name. The baby will just chose it's own name like apple truck or something. I miss bananaboat."

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That's so cute!  I used to know someone whose son insisted for at least 2 years that his name was Squid, and did the same constant correcting thing.  After awhile everyone really did just call him Squid, even when talking about him in the third person when he wasn't around.

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Yes, I know a boy that insisted his name was supposed to be Pi starting around age two.  He's ten now and that's all anyone calls him!  It's actually a nice name.

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Pennywhistle, I love Squid!  That is the funniest.  I think I like it because my father called my brother Squid Brain and Turkey Vomit and other inappropriate names (I was called Squid Brain too, but my little bro got the worst of it) and I have a soft spot for hilarious and ridiculous nicknames.

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My husband keeps asking if we can name the baby Doctor or Senator, just so that teachers will have to yell out "Doctor!  Sit down!" or "Senator, please give your presentation."  eyesroll.gif

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i'm a lurker, mostly, but what do people think of the boy's name Judah?

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Marilyn....my grandmother's name :)

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I really like Judah.  DH is against Biblical names thought.  :(  I like the nickname "Jude" that you would probably get with a Judah.


We're looking at Ryder, Wyatt, Cooper, and a few others for boys.  I love Jack, but it's too popular.  For girls, Piper is still far ahead of the others.  We're trying to have two or three names for each so we have options if the baby doesn't seem like whatever name.

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My husband and I completely disagree, but that's normal for this stage of pregnancy.  I'm a family tree nut, so I have pulled names of people I love or find fascinating.  For a girl I love Elizabeth Mary-Terese (great grandmother, mother-in-law, father).  For a boy I love Connell Peter (Connell is a family name and Peter is for the baby we lost.  In the Bible, Andrew's brother is Peter.  We named our son Andrew.)  Other possibilities include Cormack, Mary, and Molly.


He likes Penelope.  There's no way I'm naming a baby after a character from The Big Bang Theory!  


Our older children are Jillian Amanda (both maternal grandmothers), Katherine (Katie) Britton (great-aunt and my grandfather) and Graham Patrick (A name I've loved forever and my mother).  Jillian was going to be Hailey until I was on my way to the hospital in labor with her.  I was scared to death and prayed to my grandmother... and found peace.  When I held Jill for the first time, I knew what her name was meant to be.  Katie is just a Katie - spunky, freckled, and Irish-stubborn.  She's 6 months away from being a "real" teenager and she's already putting her older sister to shame... Jill is SO easy compared to Katie.  And Graham is my little nature-boy.  He gets out of his uniform when he gets home from school and heads immediately to the woods or grabs a ball and heads outside.  He can't stand to be inside all day.  Andrew Charles was named for my husband and grandfather... and as I held him before I had to let him go, I knew my grandfather would hold him for me until I'm able to catch up with both of them.  So whatever we choose has to fit in with the current names... and that's no easy task!

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I love Judah, it has such a sweet sound to it! A friend of mine named her little boy Jude last year, suits him perfectly. She was obsessed w the Beatles through the entire pregnancy.

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Since we know we're having a girl now, we've been thinking a little more seriously and we have a short list.  We've pretty much decided the Helen will be  the middle name after DH's dearly loved and very sick grandma.  So the first name short list is


Madeline (nn Maddie)

Abigal (nn Abbie)

Sophia (nn Sophie)




DH is leaning pretty heavily to Madeline.  I'm pretty split between them all.  

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I like Judah, too.  Granted, it is too Biblical for me to ever use but I like the name a lot.


Madeline I like, too.  (I'm apt to pronounce it -lynn but I know some people say -line.)  And Amelia is very pretty, too.


We've had names picked out for years ... so, since we found out the baby is a girl, it's been nice to call her Nina.  My husband is Indian and Nina means something like "beautiful eyes" in Hindi.  So we've managed to find a good multicultural name.  I still need to come up with a middle name, though.  I don't really care if her middle name is easy to pronounce or not so I might just go all out and pick a hardcore Hindi name.  I'm more protective of her Indian side, I suppose.  As my background is pretty much "Mainstream America," I'm certainly not worried she won't be adequately exposed to it!

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