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1stTimeMama: Ugh!! Awful. Seriously. Usually I absolutely adore my MIL (believe it or not). She's super sweet and kind... BUT... she IS set in her ways. Not so much stubborn, but she only cooks the sameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee exactly 6 or so overboiled overcooked meals. Won't try ANY new foods. Like I said, she only likes very traditional "normal" names. Everything is just very traditional and to me... boring. I'm not trying to go against the grain or anything, but some things I just like different. She wrinkles up her nose at the name, when I told her we'll be cloth diapering, when I told her I would be breast feeding (what?!), everything. I seriously just want to scream in her face, "IT'S NOT YOURRRR FREAKING BABY!!" But it's really hard for me because she really doessss mean well, and she's just so excited. But I totally see myself having a meltdown on her sometime during this pregnancy (which I've NEVER done). She usually is a push over once she realizes something really could be better or nice another way, so that's good... but the looks and the wrinkling of the nose, I just want to kill. I'm definitely a bit quicker with my tongue when pregnant. It just comes out, and it's not nice if I'm mad. Ooooofa. I'm totally following your and a few other ladies smart idea and NOT say a word about the name next time. Ruby was just hard because I've said for years... I was having a girl, and her name was going to be Ruby, so everyone already knew. I think the inlaws just thought I'd change my mind. Noooooope.


P.S. My DH's name is Michael, and he's a Junior. My MIL kept saying "How about Michaela?" How aboutttttttttt, you go play in traffic. biggrinbounce.gif I think I said this somewhere, but I'm mostly German, so after I had enough with the name changing talks of "You need an IRISH name!" I finally responded, "A. Michael isn't even an IRISH name. It's Hebrew. Did you know THAT? And... I'm German. If you don't stop, I will name the baby Hitler regardless of the sex." They laughed, but they definitely cut back on the name obsession after that comment. Hmph.

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Erica - Bahhahahah! biglaugh.gifThat is priceless...Baby Hitler! Your MIL sounds like a hoot, although I'm sure you'd beg to differ at this point. I love Ruby! My DH is irish and his family is all about the irish names as well. I like some (we're considering Maeve as a middle and Teirney as a first) but FIL really likes Bridget, plus a few others that I still don't know how to pronounce. As you said, very nice just not for us. We're avoiding the majority of the drama by sharing our short list but letting everyone know that we won't be choosing until we meet LO. What if we pick and its just wrong, kwim? MIL is also very into personalization and it would be my luck that she would order some cute monogrammed something and then I'd go and change the name and be stuck with some random kids initials. shrug.gif 

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LeAnn: Lorddddddddddddddddddddddddddd, the name Bridget has come up 7,000x in conversation. I really do like that name, it's just not a name for me plus it's our friends babies name! Maeve is supaaaaa cute!! I also really love Siobhan, but I don't like the normal pronunciation of "Shih-vaaan" I like it like how it looks "Showww-baaan", but that would never fly cause no one is going to say it how just IIIII like it. Lol. And my DH's favorite name is Tierney!! So funny! I told him from the minute he said Tierney it was out for me because it's a local bar in town, but if it weren't for that... loveeeeeeeeeeeeee. And uh, my MIL is obsessed with personalization too. I just don't get it. I seriously have at least 10 pads of paper/thank you cards with my name on them from her. I will never, in this lifetime, even be able to use them up. Never stops. Lol! I guess she has accepted Ruby finally though because she bought this little outfit with a giant R on the front of it. Of course it's nothing I would ever dress my kid in, but that's sweet of her soooooooooooooooooo she'll be wearing that when she goes to Grandma's. Lol.

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My mom forwarded me a post she saw on FB:

"Devon, the August below is a woman. I also heard a woman sales assistant in PetCo called “August” just yesterday. So maybe that’s not such a good choice for a boy?"


I wrote back:

"I'm not so sure you should tell a woman you named Devon that her choice of names might be used for either gender."



aaaaand, I'm done telling her about our ideas eyesroll.gif

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My friends 12 month old is August, and he is very much a boy, and I very much love that name. It's different, but not "weird". That's how I like my names! Different, but not made up. Perfection.

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Originally Posted by pennywhistle View Post

My mom forwarded me a post she saw on FB:

"Devon, the August below is a woman. I also heard a woman sales assistant in PetCo called “August” just yesterday. So maybe that’s not such a good choice for a boy?"


I wrote back:

"I'm not so sure you should tell a woman you named Devon that her choice of names might be used for either gender."



aaaaand, I'm done telling her about our ideas eyesroll.gif

LOL!!!!! Sooo funny!!! That's great!!!

Moms are so funny and hilarious, and opinionated. 

My mom actually says ew to many of the names we like. But, we have wisened up and refuse to leak any out. It is easier since we don't know the sex yet too. 


ericaf: Ruby is one of my all time faves and in our top list. How could anyone not like it???!!!  I also like Siobhan though Sheepish.gif

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I love all of the names on this thread. Most of them I never thought of and when I hear them I think "how perfect!" They are all so charming and sweet. We are not telling our name ideas to anyone really, because we don't want to hear comments or suggestions. We just like to have the baby and then tell people the name and that's that - no room for opinions. However I am going to take advantage of the relative anonymity of the internet and ask you all, my pregnant companions, for your advice! grouphug.gif


We will name our child an Arabic name, and it has to have a very good meaning. We aren't finding out the gender so we are trying to decide on girls names and boys names. It has to be a name that works here in the US and that people can say. Here are my top two names. I really want to know what you non-Arabic speaking ladies think of the names -- do they sound beautiful in English? Easy to pronounce? Good for a girl/boy?


Girl - Safiya. "sah-FEE-ya" This name means serene, pure, untroubled, and best friend. I really love this name, and my husband does too (AMAZING since there are very few names we agree on). I love the sound of the name and the meaning so much. However I am wondering if people will pronounce it right when they read it spelled that way. (It's pronounced like "Sophia" but with an "uh" sound like "sudden," not "aa" like in "sap." So "sah-FEE-ya"). Will people say Sa-FYE-ya? How would you you say the name when you first see it? What do you think of the name?


Only problem I'm having with this name is nicknames. I don't like the nickname Safi. (sah-fi). Also Sophie is kind of changing the name. Then I was thinking that Fifi is super cute.....or it's a hideous nickname that reminds me of a porn star/fluffy cat. Yes, no? Also my husband's brother just got divorced from someone named Sophie/Sophia, so it kind of has a relation to that, which is kind of a "dont mention it" thing in the family.


Boy - Zakariya. This is pronounced Zak-a-REE-ya, not the biblical Zak-a-RYE-ya. Does the spelling lend itself to that? I love this name, it is the name of a Prophet who took care of Mary the mother of Jesus. Hubby agrees! "Zak" would be the nickname (not sure I like that spelling though!). At first I thought Zak sounded a little too.....abrupt, zippy, futuristic....but now it's growing on me, and I think it's a cute little brother name.


Please please give me your honest opinions of these names. My thinking is biased since I speak Arabic and English.

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I like them both! I think Safiya is very pretty. You might get a lot of "Saf (as in apple) ee ya", instead of an 'uh' sound. But I lilke it a lot. The BIL issue is really a judgement call. For me it would depend on the realtionship you and your DH have w him and how he might feel about a name that is similar to his ex's. I'm sure your DH  has a pretty good idea about how his brother may react.


Zakariya is a great name, too. It will definitely be pronounced in the biblical way though. Just because it is so similar and the 'iy' combination is really unusual in English, so its pronunciation isn't obvious. If that will baother you maybe you could name him Zakari and Zakariya could be like an endearment? Just a thought. They are both lovely names!

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I really like the name Safiya.  I pronounced it Sa-Fee-Ya with a short a (as in apple) when I first saw it, but it's easy to say so once you tell people her name it shouldn't be confusing.


I'd never heard the name Zakariya before, but I like it.  I do think you'll get a lot of people saying Zachariah though.  I love the nick name Zak.

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youngspiritmom: I like both of those names a lot.  I think that a lot of people (myself included) will intitially pronounce them with the FYE/RYE sound initially, but I wouldn't let that stop you.  People mispronounce my name a lot due to its spelling (Devon: they say "di-VONN" when it's pronounced "DEH-vin"), so I just correct them and that's the end of it.  It's really not a big deal.

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youngspiritmom: I love both names too. When I looked at Safiya I said in my head "Saf-EYE-yah" until I read further though. I'm a loon with pronunciation though because my maiden name got massacred all the time, and it drove me insane.  (Probably part of the reason I love the name Ruby. Hopefully it can't get messed up! Lol)... but I really think Safiya sounds beauttyyyyful..

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youngspiritmom, I love both names.  I pronounced both of them correctly in my head, which is unusual, because I usually butcher foreign names.  But I teach Fareed Zakaria's work sometimes in class, so Zacharia never occurred to me.  Safiya I agree is beautiful and I think most people will pronounce it correctly-ish, but as Penny pointed out, it's not too hard to correct people either.  They're not outlandish pronunciations, so people shouldn't have that much trouble.  I also almost choked on your discussion of Fifi (porn star/fluffy cat)... so funny.  My dad had a boss who promoted his mistress and everyone in the office nicknamed her "Fifi" as revenge, so I think I associate it with ditzy porn stars or cute cats too.  But there are lots of other cute nicknames.  Safi, Fiya, etc.  I actually like "Fiya" a lot. 

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At first guess, I got Safiya right.  But I did pronounce the second one as the Western "Zachariah" in my head.  I think probably it would be 50-50 on the first name and probably closer to 100% wrong on the second.  They're both very nice though.  I wonder if Safiya just looks "foreign" enough and not like an English language name, so an English speaker's brain is prepped for a pronunciation that is not necessarily what they'd expect.  And Zakariya looks just close enough to Zachariah that people will assume you just spelled it differently.  That's one of the reasons I really don't like the trend of intentionally changing up spellings - it makes things confusing!

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I finally have a couple of names that my partner and I can agree on. We both like Jonah for a boy and I like the names Miriam, Harper or Harlow for a girl. We're struggling to agree on more boy names, but the girl names seem to come pretty easily. 

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sallyrae: LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Harper and Harlow! They were both on my names list, but DH vetoed them. Hmph!! orngtongue.gif And I was the same as you, the girls name list was a mile long... the boys... like 3. Haha!

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I am bumping this because I'm nosy.




We are pretty much 100% settled on the name, but we're waiting to announce which I've always found SO annoying in others. :) I LOVE our choice and I can't wait for everyone to know. Also, the middle name is honoring my paternal grandfather and I think it will be a nice surprise for my dad when his first grandchild is born.

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I'll bite.  My husband and I are still working on a name.    It's tough because we essentially have completely different styles and none of my favorite are his or vice versa. But after an elaborate process, that involved lots of ranking and spreadsheets (yes, we are complete geeks), some of our current top contenders are Caroline, Dahlia, Cecilia, Rosa, Lucia, and Corina.  Any thoughts about them welcome.  And one specific question.  Does Dahlia make you think "Dolly"?  That's my big worry about the name, which I think is my husband's favorite, and I like in a lot of ways, since with our accents "dahl" and "doll" come out sounding almost the same.  (The middle name will be my maiden name, which the whole family will share, including my husband)

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Dahlia makes me think of the flower, but then again, I'm a gardener. I don't think of Dolly at all. :)

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I agree, I don't think of dolly at all. I think it has sort of a classic southern charm.

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Dahlia is GORGEOUS! I have mentioned it multiple times, but always vetoed by dh. He doesn't like flower names. (Oddly enough because I call him Poppy, like the flower)

I also liked Zinnia and Petunia, and Daffodil, but those were nos too greensad.gif He said no way to daffodil because she would be daffy. Haha.  Which I happen to think is totally cute.


We don't know the gender of our baby yet. It makes it rather challenging to pick a name I must say. 


Anybody have new ones picked out??

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