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Originally Posted by 1stTimeMama4-4-10 View Post

DH and I cannot agree on anything. He hates all the names I come up with and hasn't offered any of his own. We probably will avoid the subject until we know the gender. Sucks for me because I could talk about it all day every day.

That has been us too, sadly.  I really want to discuss names with him but he just won't really give his opinion other than to definitively shoot some down.  I have got him to 'ok' some names, but that doesn't mean he likes them, just that he wouldn't shoot it down immediately.  My mind changes so frequently as well, I want to be sure I have the perfect name for this baby.  


I really like Louisa Tilly, and I love Lulu as a nn.  


Lakeruby, I've always loved the name Carolina b/c of NC, as well.  Now that I'm moving there, it doesn't make as much sense for a name.


I took my 6 year old niece for breakfast this weekend and she suggested Tiger Lily for the LO.  She told me it would be nice because both Tiger and Lily are nature names, and aren't nature names so nice.  I told her I did think nature names were nice. I actually really do like Autumn, and it has been on my list from the beginning, but DP wasn't that into it before, but it seems to be growing on him.  Who knows though, I feel like we'll be lucky if this baby gets a name.

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Add my husband to the "won't discuss 'til gender scan" group. Well, he will discuss it, but not seriously. He doesn't really see the need to until we know what we're dealing with. Drives me batty!!

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Add mine too.  I cannot imagine having to come up with two names, one for a boy and one for a girl this time around with us both in agreement and loving both names.  At our rate one name is going to take us the full 9 months.

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We have been pretty clear about our favorite girl names from before conception, but boy names are going to be difficult. We are pretty committed to a Spanish first name and are not thrilled with any family names or translations into Spanish of English family names. My dad's name is in English, but the Spanish version is one of dh's uncle's names (and dh's middle name), but I dislike this uncle (he told me I lacked "maternal instinct" once before we started ttc--JERK) and I refuse to commemorate him in my son's name. This is going to be tough, but we have time.

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I need advice.  I really like the name Autumn for a girl, and I'd like to use the middle name Elinor after my great grandmother.  My sister says that when you say "Autumn Elinor" she hears "melon" in the middle of the name.  Do you guys get that?  We have a niece whose name is Zoe Claire and while they are both beautiful names, we all immediately heard "eclaire" when you said her name, so I am a little concerned about it.

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I don't really hear it that way, but I tend to put an automatic little break in between first and middle names when I say them. Probably not everyone does that...


edit: For what it's worth, I really like Elinore Autumn, too!

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I definitely hear the "melon" in there, but most people don't use their middle names at all in normal conversation, so it's not like it would be an issue on the playground or anything.  And if your daughter is raised to put a slight pause in when introducing herself, no one would hear the "melon" in there and therefore no one wouldn't think about it.  I really like the name Elinor.  I had a great-aunt Elinor, but DH doesn't like the name, sadly.  :(


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DP isn't a huge fan of Elinor either, but it is my great grandmother's name, so he is accepting of it. I don't think I could get him on board for Elinor as a first name, however. Plus, my mom doesn't like Elinor b/c her mother's name was Eleanor (which spelling I actually prefer) but she was a mean and nasty woman, so she probably wouldn't like Elinor as a first name either.

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Eleanor is actually at the top of our list for girls' names these days, having surpassed Vivian/Vivienne, our other first choice. I love all of the nicknames I can think of for Eleanor-- Ella, Ellie, Nell, Nora, etc-- and so does my husband, for a change. But I am sure this baby is a boy...

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Love the name Eleanor.  And Autumn is a nice name too.  As far as middle names go I wouldn't be too worried about it as hardly anyone uses middle names in real life, especially as an adult.  I don't know many people's middle's names unless they are close to me.  I have heard of the yell test, my parents weren't yell type people so I never heard my first and middle yelled at me all the time either.   

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Lots of beautiful names everyone.

Autumn Elinore is so pretty. Eleanor is just a beautiful name.

So is Carolina. (swoon, she sounds beautiful!)


Right now my favorite girl's name is Penelope. I am a little worried she would hate it. What do you think? We would call her "Poppy" for short because of a special thing DH & I have about the name Poppy.


Also I love Sebastien. But it might be too trendy. And of course. My mum hates it!


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I would just name her Poppy then, if it were me! I love that name!

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Thought I'd pop in!  We're keeping our names a little more secret and not telling close or FB folks until we know a gender.  We're hoping girl and my husband and best friend swear they have this firm feeling it's a girl.  I did the online Chinese gender prediction thing and got 100% accuracy for my 3 boys already here.  Plugged in info for this pregnancy...and it predicted girl. orngbiggrin.gif  I'm afraid to hope for it because it's our last baby and I really, really want a girl.  In about 3 weeks we have our scan, so we'll know then.


That said, since I'm reasonably anonymous on here, we've decided on Ava Caroline for a girl.  And a boy?  Well, apparently we're boy-name deficient.  lol.gif  We've used all the ones we love.  The last one I like, my husband doesn't like (Henry) which I don't like using the same first letter for our kids and we already have a little one who's name starts with H.  I'm hoping it's a girl, or I'm going to have to work hard to find a boy's name I like.


But I'm madly in love with my girl's name and hope I get the chance to use it.  heartbeat.gif

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Hi Everyone,

your name choices are all very cute!!!


I am pregnant with my second, and I am having such a hard time picking out names. I won't find out the gender, so I need to think about both. My 3 year old daughter was so easy to name, and it fits her so well. Her Name is Maya Elise, and I love the way it sounds, its so soft and smooth.


We picked Maya because I am very into the Buddhist Philosophy and Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha's) birth mother's name was Maya Devi. Elise is my SIL's middle name, and since I am German it was a good match for both of us.


Since I can't find a girl name I like for this one, I am somehow thinking it's a boy. Bodhi will be his first name, which is again derived from Buddhism, it's the name of the tree under which Buddha reached enlightenment. Middle name is much harder.


For a Girl, I can't think of a first name, but the middle Name would be Jane, after my Grandmother. Her name was really Juliane, but Jane (JuliANE) will be short for that.





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Maya Elise is so pretty!!


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We're planning to use Jane as a middle name for a girl, too!  It's after my grandmother; though Jane is her middle name.  Maya Elise is beautiful.  Do you have any rules for the boy's middle name that you're operating by?  Like, has to begin with a certain letter, has to be a certain ancestry, has to be named for a family member, has to be a specific number of syllables?  


We are really having a hard time with boys' names right now.  We had some front-runners for awhile, which we still like, but I have been looking for additional names to add to the list.  Some thoughts: 

(old favorite for both of us) Liam Wray

(DW's favorite) Cullen Scott

and the rest of the ideas... Idyn/Iden, Kieran, and DW is asking me to consider either Dag or Dax.  

Wray and Scott are family surnames from either family, so we'd like to use them as middle names.  But if we end up with a single-syllabled first name, I think we would be more likely to choose a middle name that has more syllables to balance.  Our last name has two syllables and begins with 'Mc' and is pretty Irish.  

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Dax Mc.... sounds super cute!

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Well, we thought about using my mother in laws maiden name, which is Harper, as a middle name. Or my husband best friends last name, Bryson, he died   Almost 2 years ago. So it would be Bodhi Harper or Bodhi Bryson. For a girl I really like Charlotte aka Charlie, because my 3 year old says she wants to name the baby Charlie, really whenever we ask her. But I also like Isla a lot. Isla Jane, or Charlotte Jane. 

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dovemama - I like both Penelope and Poppy. We've been calling our LO Poppy. :) I love the flowers and dreamt of them early in the pregnancy. But I think Penelope is great! I love names w personality! Sebastien is good, too. I have friends who named their son Bastian, which is nice too.

DesertSunsets - We are also thinking of using Jane as a middle name. It's my mom's name, my middle name is also her mother's name. So I'd like to continue the tradition and also honor her but we're just not sure. We like Louisa as a first name (after my Grandmother, Louise, also my middle name). We're also thinking about Tilly (part of my last name) and Maebh (May+v - DH's family is very irish) for possible middle name options.



As for boys names, I like your Liam Wray. Cullen is nice. I like the name Callum, too, Cal is such a cute nickname. We are considering Tiernan Bly (Tierney is a surname in DH's family, Bly means friendly) and Rowan August. I like Ruari, too, boy or girl.

yoginimommy - Your names are so creative! I like both of your Bodhi combinations. My MIL is a Charlie (Charletta), her maiden name was Brown. Lol! It's a great name! Everyone calls her Chuck. Isla is very pretty too. That's a tough one! They're so different. Maybe one of those times when baby will make the decision clear. :)



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I've rediscovered an old favorite: Mariel.  I'm not sure what middle name I'd use - Johanna, Augustine, Charlotte, Vivien, Helen, and Emery are all family names I like, and Nanette is my mother's name.  Any would work, really.  It's just for fun, since I know no matter how many I choose beforehand, the kid could be something else entirely.  And I don't know what it is yet anyway.

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