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Injectable vs oral Vit K

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Just wondering what those of you that are pro-Vit K1 are choosing to do.  If you are doing the oral, where are you getting it and what dosing protocol have you found?  The hospital we are delivering at only offers the injection so I will have to decline it and get my own Vit K1 and find a protocol.  I've found where I can order it from birthwithlove.  I've found many protocols but the most common seems to be 2 mgs at 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month of age. 


Also, I had originally found 2 studies in the early 1990's that showed a link to the injection and childhood leukemia.  However, on another thread somewhat said these studies had been proven wrong.  Anyone have any updated info?


I just realized I hadn't dealt with this yet so it's definitely last minute!  Thanks!!

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I tried to be super proactive about the vitamin k issue.  I ordered the BirthWithLove oral supplement and have it packed in my bag, but will only use it in the event that it is a girl.  If we have a boy, we are circumcizing and after having our chosen pediatrician do extensive research with other doctors in the practice, I have found that no doctor will circumcize (within 48 hours OR 2 weeks) without having had it administered.  Even when I asked for a smaller dose, which I read to be customary among premature babies, they said they weren't aware of any. 


It's a battle I didn't want to lose.  But, I had to give it up.  We won't be doing the eye drops or the Hep vaccine.  I don't want to even discuss vaccines until after the child is 2, but my husband is uber concerned.  He tries to go along with my wishes, but struggles at times.  He doesn't educate himself properly about these things (reading both sides of the story -- there are ALWAYS 2 sides ...) and so he doesn't have any worry about them. 

Anyway, here I thought Vitamin K was going to be my biggest issue going forward. HA!  I have an appt with the OB tomorrow and I will be 41w + 6d pregnant.  I have been prepping for a completely natural hypnobirth since JULY.  Now, I'm facing a serious induction discussion that makes me cry daily.  :(


But enough about me .... I found all the same protocols as you did and would plan to use the one outlined on the birthwithlove webpage.


Good luck with your babe and your decisions!

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We do the shot right before we leave the hospital...so after a day. 



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I got the drops from www.preciousarrows.com.  They had free shipping and it was $30 I think for the bottle of 400+ drops of 2mg each.  They shipped fast, I got it aobut 3 days after ordering.


We did one drop within one hour of birth (per our ped's advice) and one drop at 7 days and will be doing at least one more drop at 30 days.  I have read some studies and in one, they actually gave the mom vit k supplements and found that if the mom took 5mg daily, baby's levels were best (breastfed baby).  So I have been taking 2 drops daily myself since about 2 weeks before baby was born and I will continue to take it myself for at least the first month.  The idea is that the best way to get it is through food, but most western women don't get enough so we don't give enough to baby in the breastmilk.  I figure that by increasing my intake, baby gets it the most natural way possible other than a perfect mom's diet, which i don't have.


I was just reading up on it again the other day and it seems that the 3 dose protocol may not be sufficient to prevent latent onset HDN, so I will be doing more reading to decide whether to continue baby drops after 1 month of age.

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Thanks everyone!  I ordered some from preciousarrows last night.  I didn't even know about this store out of Raleigh, NC and we used to live there!   Hopefully they get here before baby! 

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