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Flying internationally with cloth diapers

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Hi, mamas!


     We have a trip coming up soon, and we're debating whether to bring our cloth diapers, or try disposables (for the flights only); so I wonder - have you flown internationally with cloth? Any tips? And if you used disposables, which brand is the least harmful for baby and the environment? I got an email about the free trial for the honest company diapers, but DH is afraid it'll be hard to cancel the membership and end up with unwanted charges to our cc; besides, we just need a few dipes.


What about disposable inserts? We've never tried them, and I've read lots of mixed reviews. Anyone have experience with those? Please, any insight would be great!



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As long as you plan, and go actually over your plan you should be fine. I had travelled with cloth diapers and is not a big deal, disposables are out of question on our home, and cloth diapering hasn't being on the way of any trip.
Plan how many diapers would you need, put more just in case, and you do fine. I use a waterproof bag for dirty diapers, and I take 2 when we have long trips ahead. I do use flushable inserts now that baby has started solids, it makes things easier. I find that in an airplane is not as hard as other situations, like long road trips or backcountry camping. You have a washroom close by, that makes thing a bit easier. Good luck on your trip!
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