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Frustrating "allergy" diagnosis...

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When my son was an infant we were told he had reflux, later that year we were told he also had asthma and were given a daily treatment for him with an inhaler.  I did my own research and found out he was actually having a reaction to dairy, once I cut out milk his symptoms cleared up.

Now he's 5...he has never been on an antibiotic, never had an ear infection, never had a serious illness, and has no known allergies.  Once the cold weather started up it seems he acquired this continuous dry cough (this seems to be a yearly ongoing thing).  It's periodic throughout the day but mainly bothers him at nap, bedtime and in the morning (i.e. when he lays down).  There isn't any phelm (because as a mother I'm always saying SPIT IT OUT), but more of an irritation.

His well check was last week and I mentioned this coughing and his pediatrician said it sounds like it's allergies then asked if we have a cat who likes to visit our son at nighttime.  Well, we have two cats but we've always had two cats so I would hate to say it'd be that...yes I know children can develop allergies to pets but I would think since he lugs them around everywhere, all day long, he'd have more of a reaction during that time than just at night. 

My pediatrician gave me a script for zyrtec, which is being filled today.  However, I picked up some Hyland's Homeopathic liquid nighttime allergy medicine just to see if we could do this in a more natural way.  I'll say...1. didn't make him tired at all and 2. didn't work at all.  I almost felt like I gave him the wrong dosage because it was like he never took it.


So here are my questions...

1. Any ideas on if this sounds like allergies?

2. Does the homeopathic medicine have to build up in the system?

3. What's your experience with zyrtec?

4. Any other ideas out there?


I've never dealt with allergies but I'm willing to start learning more about it.  I had a feeling it could possibly be that because I was first giving him nighttime triaminic when the cough was bad but when it didn't clear up I gave him some benedryl and that seems to make it go away asap.  But I don't want to pump my kid full of medicine every night so he can sleep.

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My son has a very similar sounding cough.  It started between 1-2yrs old - a dry, hacking cough that wouldn't go away and was much worse at night.  We went to a naturopath and had him tested for sensitivities, wheat and dairy came up as very high.  We cut them both out and within a week or so the cough was gone.  He is now five and in Kindergarten.  He's had more colds then usual this fall/winter which I'm putting down to being in school and his cough is back.  We got lax on his diet so we are back on track with no wheat/no dairy but it is not helping right now.  The doc gave him an asthma puffer but said he is not calling it asthma at this point.  This helped some but he continues to cough at night.  We went back and the doc gave us a puffer with steroids, we did this for 10 days and his cough was gone, a week off of it and the cough is back.  Very frustrating and I feel for him b/c he's not sleeping well at night b/c of the cough.  We are going back to our family doc to see what he says and I'm also going to take him back for sensitivity testing at the naturopath.  The naturopath I'm seeing for my other son said she thinks it is something that can be cleared up with diet.  Not sure, but I'm willing to give it a try.

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If there's a reaction to dairy, there's an 80-85% chance of reaction to soy.  Try cutting out all traces of soy for two weeks and see if that does it.


Dairy protein (casein) and gluten protein are broken down by the same enzyme in the body... so it makes sense that if you're allergic/sensitive to one, that you might be sensitive to the other.

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Persistent coughing is also an early sign of asthma, so if you haven't had allergy testing done yet I would recommend it.

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Persistent coughing is also an early sign of asthma, so if you haven't had allergy testing done yet I would recommend it.

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Originally Posted by kamsmama View Post

Persistent coughing is also an early sign of asthma, so if you haven't had allergy testing done yet I would recommend it.

Asthma can be connected to food intolerances.  There's a study floating around on it somewhere, I just can't remember the name of it.


Also, allergy testing will not always show intolerances that will still cause problems in the body.  Most doctors are running bloodwork for allergies that would produce a severe reaction as opposed to the lesser-reactive allergens anyway.  Even if you got a doctor that ran the lesser ones, they're not always going to pick up everything.  This is why they rely on removing a suspect and looking for a reaction as the ultimate test.  Best off to start with the top allergens and/or anything that has been tracked to be reactive.

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