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Must have baby sling/carrier for newborns?

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I got into babywearing when my DD was out of the newborn phase. I have a peanut shell, seven sling, moby wrap, ergo & boba. I guess from my stash, I'm thinking the Moby will work best for a little baby. 


What do you experienced baby wearing mamas suggest? 

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I only ever used a moby for DD.  I was handed down a sling because it didn't fit my cousin, but never used it because I am bigger than her!  I was also gifted a baby Bjorne type carrier but never really got the hang of it.  I really liked my moby though and just always wore her in that. The only position that I didn't like with it was the cradle hold.  I've registered for an Ergo, but wouldn't be heartbroken or anything if I didn't get it.

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Ring sling...hands down. I'll upload a pic of me with DS3 in the RS at 8 hrs old. I wore him in it everyday for the first 3 months of his life. I then started using a babyhawk, my woven wrap, and my DIY MT. I also have an ergo, Boba(just bought it), sugar Tai, Kindercarry, and Ellevil. I'll post a pic once I'm able to:)
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I always wanted a ring sling, but I didn't know what to get. Which one did you use? Handmade?

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I used the Maya ring sling a lot when my babes were really small, and used the ergo on the front from about 4 mo.   My babes get heavy for the ring sling sooo fast that I'm going to get the Ergo newborn insert this time.  


Is there any carrier that you can easily carry a baby less than 5 months on your back? I'm trying to think about how much gardening time I can do with baby, and back wearing is so much easier while doing certain garden chores.  

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you can wear baby on the front, on the back, you can breastfeed. In Florida it got too hot in the summer but luckily my baby was big enough at that point that I switched to a pouch. I tried a couple of ring slings but find them very uncomfortable, the ring just dug into me. although I know a lot of people really loved them. I also now have a buckled carrier (thanks to those who voted for my cardboard doll house) and that is nice too. I have only used it for a back carry with an almost 3 year old.

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The thing with RS's is that you have to be really careful with how you adjust/wear them. I had no luck with DS1 and DS2 in a RS but looking back it was the way I wore it and the kind of shoulder it had. I use a RS that was created by Sleeping Baby Productions. I sent her my Storchenwiege(woven wrap) and she turned it into a RS for me. It's not padded at all but has the most amazing shoulder EVER. Its a fanned shoulder and is so comfortable! I also have the Maya lightly padded ring sling. It's comfortable but not as comfy as my SBP sling. I used to own a pouch sling but it really hurt my back/neck after an hour or so.
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Originally Posted by Fern5Fern View Post

I used the Maya ring sling a lot when my babes were really small, and used the ergo on the front from about 4 mo.   My babes get heavy for the ring sling sooo fast that I'm going to get the Ergo newborn insert this time.  


Is there any carrier that you can easily carry a baby less than 5 months on your back? I'm trying to think about how much gardening time I can do with baby, and back wearing is so much easier while doing certain garden chores.  

Not to be a downer...but I've only heard bad things about the Ergo insert. My very close friend owns a babywearing store and she has quit carrying it because of the complaints and the difficulty using it. I carried my 2 day old son on my back with my Ellevil woven wrap orngbiggrin.gif I think the only way I'd carry a very small one on my back would be in a high back carry in a woven wrap. You should check out YouTube! Type in "high back carry newborn wrap" It's crazy!!!! I'm totally impressed with some of those wraps/carries and I hope to do the same for when I'm out in my veggie garden with my new little squirt:)
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Definitely the Moby, hands down the best newborn carrier. Even my more experienced babywearing friends agree.

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I loved my Moby, and DD was always very happy in it. It was just so much fabric and I never got comfortable enough with it for out and about. It always took me too long to get it situated and get her in it, you know? But it was great for around the house.


Thoughts on the baby k'tan? Looks like an easier to use Moby wrap kind of? Like a figure 8 so it's already put together and you can just throw it on.

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I use a Moby by far the most until my babies are about 5 months old and then move up to an Ergo (although I just bought a Beco!).  I like how snug the Moby is with the newborn, kind of like still being in my tummy.  But, I have enormous children, and by about 5 months they stretch it out way too much, and they are big enough to avoid the Ergo infant insert (I second that it's a waste of money - I own it and would rather use the carrier without it than with.)  I also have a few ring slings that I use for quick trips (just running into a shop to pick something up, etc.) or to nurse in.  I never have found nursing in the Ergo very comfortable for me.

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I used a heavy cotton ring sling with DD, and I didn't love it.  It also seemed to make her extra refluxy, so I gave it away.



I got an ergo later, which got a TON of use.  This time around I have the ergo and am borrowing an infant insert to try.  I also have an unpadded Maya Wrap ring sling that I found at a consignment store.  I really want a third option--maybe a stretchy wrap of some sort, but I don't know what to try.  The Moby seems great, but I'd prefer something that will last a little longer. 


I need to go stalk the babywearing forum!


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I'm glad to hear that the Moby is good for a newborn, that is the one that I'm planning on getting. Is it really useful, for say-- DAY ONE? What is the best position for a tiny baby in the Moby? Upright or a cradle position?

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I love my Moby but I don't expect to use it from day one, simply because aside from peeing and showering I won't be getting out of bed on day one. Day 4, sure.


Some people really like the cradle position in the moby, and theoretically you can easily nurse in it (my boobs are too big to make that feasible). However DD NEVER liked the cradle position, even in my arms, so I always held her upright, from about day one. But that's a personality thing.

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That's my DS3 and me about 8 hrs after birth. This is my Sleeping Baby Productions sling that was made out of the Storch. It's really comfy:)


Here he is at 7w old:)


I have always worn my littles in an upright, froggied carry for the first 2 months. My kids hated the cradle hold so I never used it. I also had a Moby type wrap with DS1 and DS2. I loved using it and my little ones liked it as well, but during the summer I was really hot with all that fabric wrapped around me and it was a pain to put on and take off numerous times a day. I sold it and bought my Ellevil which is great because I can still wrap a newbie from day 1 but because it's a woven wrap, it doesn't stretch and can hold a 40+lb child in it safely. With a moby you shouldn't really have them on your back unless you have a spotter because the fabric stretches and baby isn't secure anymore(even after an hour or 2). Plus, when I run to the store, I have to either wrap the wrap before I leave or wrap it at the place I'm going which means fabric on the ground or me trying to wrap in the back of my van....which is comical;) I also used a Sugar Sling MT during the first few months with legs froggied. I really liked it. It's wide and covers the entire baby easily but it also has a folding/snapping waist like the new Boba 3G. The straps are VERY wide to cover full breasted women(when wearing baby on your back and the straps are wrapped in front) but they snap closed to thinner straps for a rucksack carry. Plus there's a great pocket on the front with a paci/toy strap that I love. It's also tall in the body and can easily carry a heavy toddler, comfortably. Here's a pic- I have too many carriers so sadly I'm selling this one:(


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I've got a pretty nice stash of slings, mei ties, and wraps.


The moby wrap will be in heavy use the first weeks. The stretchiness and the easy wash ability are the number one reasons. A little poop? Leaky milk? Easy to wash and tumble dry. I also like the ease of popping a babe in and out without retying. After that newborn period I will retire it in favor of my woven wraps.


With my first two, pre wrap love, I used a pouch style sling the first weeks. I got the moby about a month after the birth of #2 and never looked back.

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I love that first sling, Tulafina! Looks perfect for a itty bitty!  


Yall are making me feel better about my Moby for a newborn too. So True AbbieB, about it being easy to throw in the wash. I guess I'm still intimidated by all that fabric!! And it being over 2 years since I've used it, I need to get comfortable with it again.  I think some sort of ring sling would still be a good buy  just to have something to throw on in a pinch. That's why I'm still considering the baby k'tan, it looks like an already put together Moby! I guess I'm just lazy!



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Tulafina (great pic with your 8 hr son, by the way!  Talk about glowing mama!)--how long are you able to use your SBP-modified storch ring sling, age-wise?  Are there comfortable carries past the newborn stage?  I admit to having a Storch wrap on order (couldn't resist the Lilly fabric bag.gif) but I don't know if I would prefer to leave it as a wrap or change it into a ring-sling?  That hold looks so comfortable for a newborn and I'm not very confident with my wrap-tying skills for newborn yet.  Maybe there are some videos online...

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Tulafina, love the itty bitty sleeping babe!


Good point about getting the wrap all over the parking lot when going to Target.  Well I know that's not exactly what you said, but that's what my brain thought!


What do ya'll think about loosely swaddling a small baby froggy-style to be carried in a SSC like an Ergo or Boba?  Would that work (and be safe)?

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MamaChick- Thank you!! I love using it for my new littles:)


Rasa- Thank you! I was glowing!! It was my first UC and I was feeling pretty proud of myself!

I use my SBP with my 19 mos old when I'm working around the house or when he's sick or wants to be cuddled. I use a hip carry and it's comfy for about an hour before the weight starts to aggravate me. I don't have the best back so I prefer my Boba and stick to back carries. There are tons of youtube videos showing you how to wrap a newborn! I guess for me....having 3 littles with a newborn....I prefer to get baby on and off quickly for nursing etc. I want to be able to keep the sling on me comfortably when not in use. Plus, there's no annoying re-tightening with a RS because it's really easy to adjust and re-tighten. I just loosen the top rail of the RS, slide baby down into pouch I have created in the RS, make sure his legs look comfy and froggied, and then tighten the top rail. To get baby out I just loosen the top rail and lift baby out:) I've even lowered baby down in an upright position and put him on the boob without much effort at all. I like to sit down and nurse but if we're out and about it really works well and then I just throw the tail of the RS over my breast if I'm feeling exposed. Most times I wear 2 shirts though- a tank and a tshirt so one of them covers my belly and the other covers my boob after I've lifted it up:) Maybe chack out babywearer.com and see if they have any cheapy wraps you coould purchase used and then get one of them made into a RS. Then you'd be set! :D


justKate- Thanks, Mama:) I would say that if the sides are completely enclosed it may work...but it wasn't really designed for newborns as the body is a bit long for a newbie. I prefer to have the head where I can see it when they are still pretty floppy so I probably won't even use my Boba for the first few months. A mei tai that is shorter in the body would work well because you can wrap the straps across the body to keep them upright and secure. If teh MT is a longer one, you can roll the waistband to make it shorter.

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