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Highest Weight/Height on RF Carseat?

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I've searched Family Safety and read far back trying to find info about this so sorry if this is a repeat question!



We're looking into buying a new carseat for my son since his Britax Diplomat will soon be handed down to the next child. I'd like to have a carseat in mind in case I see one on sale but am having trouble deciding which to get. Any suggestions? I was thinking Britax or Radian, whichever will last the longest with him RFing. We really love our Britax and are leaning toward another since we are comfortable with the brand. 


I've read that the height limits on new Britax models are inflated? But looking at the Radian, it seems so tall that it would stick up over top of the front seat. Not sure about the safety of that! As it is, the Diplomat is quite snug against the passenger seat and BTW, is that safe? Just occurred to me....


My son is 16 months, 30 pounds and 34 inches tall. The carseats will be in a 2005 Honda Civic. 



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Anything but the Britax seats.  They new design is by far one of the shortest on the market.   (The old Diplomats weren't exactly long lasting either!) 


You can brace your Britax Diplomat if your vehicle doesn't have warnings about advanced airbags and nothing touching the front seats.  Same with the Radians. 


Between those two, the Radians will last longer, probably several years longer, than anything by Britax.   You may want an angle adjuster (sold specifically for the Diono Radian) to get get a good angle in your Civic. 

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Thanks Maedze. After hearing what you said and talking to some other people, I think I'm going to go for the Radian. Seems like it'll fit DS better than the Britax.



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