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Anyone seen these dolls? Im in LOVE with these

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Check out the beautiful dolls I found online:




Im especially fond of the birth dolls- but, I would love one of each.


I would really love to try my hand at making a similar doll for each of my kids. But I have NEVER made a cloth, hand made doll. I am into the reborning buisness, and its very enjoyable- but i would Really Really love to make a doll like this, fully by hand for my children.


I want to make a doll that does the whole sha-bang. Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Cute, earthy clothes, yarn hair ( that looks like dreads! ) and of course birthing. In my case I would make a VBAC doll.


Any ideas/ patters for getting started? Im a bit overwhelmed with the idea, but very excited to try it!

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Well now I want one too! And I think it is far beyond my sewwing capabilities. Sorry I'm no help!

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I believe that theyre far beyond my capabilities as well! But im feeling rather adventurous and would love to give one a go! Hopefully I will come up with some ideas soon. Im itchin' to get stichin' twins.gif. Lol.

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They are so beautiful!  I think it would be hard to replicate, but you could probably come up with your own version by piecing together patterns. 

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I know, they are amazing and very OOAK. I would like to come up with my own rather than copy theres to a T. Of course, I would like them to still be able to go through all of the phases of motherhood- like the ones on the site, but I dont think I want mine to look exactly like theirs. Theyre so beautiful. I hope that I can come up with something similar atleast.

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I'm now in love with those dolls too! love.gif Though, I wouldn't even know where to begin to make one so I have no advice, sorry.

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Its been awhile since I first laid my eyes on them...and I still have NO idea where to really begin. Maybe I will save up some cash and just buy one for myself...eventually. I love them so very much..i cant wait to have one!luxlove.gif


Both DD and DS want one and have already 'designed' theirs. I hear about it ATLEAST twice a week now. Lol.

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There are a lot of standard waldorf doll patterns and kits out there, and the ones I've tried have been very good about instructions. From that base, it wouldn't be too hard to augment the pattern to allow for birthing and breastfeeding. (rather, it would be a tricky crafting issue, but a lot easier than starting from scratch)


The breastfeeding, actually, is pretty easy: snaps on the mama and the baby.

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Thats what I was thinking: maybe starting with a Waldorf pattern and going from there. Im pretty sure making the doll into a birthing doll wouldnt be to complicated..and neither would making the matching baby or placenta. And like you said, of course, the breastfeeding would be a super easy part. I also plan on making a sling for each of the dolls as well a little cloth diapers for the babies  and some custom clothes for the mama doll, if possible.


Im really in love with the hair on the mama amor dolls. Making hair similar for my dolls has me stumped. Would I just buy yarn in colors i want and then sew the individual yarn strips in the dolls head, layering as I went to give more of a realistic effect? Hmm. Not sure about the hair at all. Anyone have any ideas on how to go about giving my dolls beautiful yarn hair similar to the mama amor dolls?

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well.  i would start with a waldorf 16-18" pattern- which you could do a lot with clothes.  to me it looks like they used 2 layers for the front of the mama doll- and that is were the baby is.  i think if you put an elastic casing at the bottom of the outer layer it would work well.  All the dolls I have made I crocheted a little cap out of mohair and sewed that on and you attach the yarn hair strands to that.  A good doll kit will explain that.  I have used several Dancing Rain Doll kits- but I am not sure if they are still in business- Weir dolls is another good choice.  Good Luck and I would love to see what you come up with!  


Oh- once you see the pattern you will know what I am talking about- but I would make the outer front of the body a little bigger than the inner front.  That way you could stuff some boobs in and have a bit of room for the baby.  The trick is to get them stuffed really hard with wool- because otherwise they get really floppy.  Stuffing with wool is not like stuffing with polyfill. 

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Thank you so much! You information helped me BIG TIME.  I am looking at a few dolls kits right now. I cant wait to try one.


I will post pictures when I have completed the dolly, or maybe step by step pictures, to show my progress.  Once I have ordered or found the pattern and have the doll kit and have begun, I will start posting.  Im sure as soon as the kit gets here, im going to tear into it like no tomorrow! twins.gif


Pics to come soon!  joy.gif

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