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Pacific Bliss-  I hope you and your family get better better soon. I know it's tough being sick while the kids are too. Take good care of yourself.



Stegenrae- Do you recommend the Kinect Your Shape Fitness?  I just have a trial version of Zumba (which is a good arm workout) and Dance Central and the Depak Chopra meditation that I haven't opened. I can't sit still long enough to meditate. My 2 year old gets into everything and climbs. smile.gif





I did an hour of hockey skating lessons with gear. (adds extra weight) Then came home and took a walk around town with my family. I'm not sure if the scale is going to budge on Monday, but I'm getting more exercise. smile.gif

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So I just realized that I forgot to get my wii board out of storage. I was planning on doing step on wii fit. We spent all day walking at China Camp, a state park along the San Francisco bay. Had a really nice time. It was good to get away from the kitchen.

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Amandamarie, I don't know yet. It was a good workout, and a novel way to do it. It recommends using hand weights for upper body work during the cardio that I did, but I have a history of wrist injury/tendinitis, so I always skip that stuff. So as is, it's not much of an upper body workout, but it did work muscle groups in different ways than I was ever doing before--probably because the "trainer" tells you when you need to be squatting lower and other form corrections. If you can get it for cheap (we got last year's original for $20 over the holidays), then I'd say yes, if you like that sort of thing. I've only done that particular cardio interval workout (of course) and a weird "zen" one afterward (which I know I wasn't doing correctly, but I tried!), but there are tons more, depending on your goals and which type of workout you choose. Online reviews say it gets redundant and the users got tired of the same backgrounds all the time, but I doubt I'll use it more than twice a week, so probably won't have that same problem. If you can get the Kinect Adventure game, that is fun and a couple parts of it are pretty good workouts--we do it as a family sometimes & everyone has fun. 


...and I can totally understand how you wouldn't be able to sit still and meditate with no one else to corral your 2yo! My oldest is nearly 7 now, and he's not much better, lol.

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I can officially feel every muscle in my body!  I am proud of myself because last night I ate more than I should have, but this morning, instead of giving up on myself because I messed up (a normal response for me unfortunantly) I got up at 5 am to workout before my very busy day started!!  So I am workedout, showered and dressed and prepared for the day :) 


I also have a new goal for this 8 weeks - I would like to be able to keep up with my workout video (sectional progression strength training, I am doing it every other day) both with my form and my reps by the end of the 8 weeks.  I am focusing on form first, and making it all te way through to the end without giving up.  Thus far, I missed my first one of the week, but have done the other 2 and I can feel it!!!


Hopefully my healthy start to the morning will encourage me to stay on the healthy food choices wagon all day :)


Have a great day ladies!!!!

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I got in a strength workout today (40 minutes). I thought about working out yesterday but I always have a hard time fitting in workouts on the weekends. For some reason, having my hubby around seems to make me less effecient rather than more. I'm really thinking hard about joining a gym with childcare. My local Y is having no joining fee until the 31st and no need to sign a contract so I am thinking about going to check it out tomorrow. The downside is that from what I understand a family membership is $100 a month (I haven't yet confirmed that). But if they have activities included in that price for my 3 y/o it might be worth it.

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Originally Posted by herbalshakti View Post

Milk8shake, is too late to join!?


Maybe you can take Alphaghetti's spot... it doesn't look like she is coming back... I'll need your details.  (Alphaghetti, if you're out there and want to stay - speak now!  You're still welcome)


Well, it's Monday here, so weigh in day has arrived for me.  I have to say that I was a bit scared, because I derailed a bit on Saturday night.  But it's good news. 

I'm down 2.1lbs - 1.09% of my body weight.  Okay, so I probably wont be the "biggest loser" this week, but it's a reasonable start!  (Also, it's within my 8 week goal)


I look forward to everyone else weighing in, and I will tally everyone up, and post the results.  I'm keeping a little spread sheet, so who knows, I might even play with some graphs, or pie charts!!

Good luck everyone for the coming week. 

ETA: I didn't start the C25K last week because of the weather, but the weather still sucks, so I think I will just do it on the treadmill.  I'll be a week behind you all. 

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Originally Posted by BarefootMama99 View Post

Milkshake - I would prefer to go as cheap as I can, but I have been saving up for this because if I am going to enter the digital age, I might as well get what will really meet all my needs. 

Fair enough.  If you have been saving up a bit, it would probably be worth going for a iPod or Galaxy  (looking at the US sites, the iPod appears to be the cheaper of the two $199 v $269). 

Even thought iPod are Apple, you can still make them "talk" to a Windows PC.  Personally I find iTunes to be a bit annoying though. 


Devices that have app capability automatically come with a bunch of other built in functions (internet, camera, messaging, gaming, etc), which you may or may not use.  The links above show the features.  There are cheaper, Asian made copycat type devices around, of course, but I would tend to shy away from those because I know a few people who have had bad experiences.

My iPod Mini is still going and I have had it for about 8 years.


Ultimately, eBay and Craigslist might be your friend here, because a lot of people get these as unwanted gifts, and sell them for reasonable prices.  Also, if you're not particularly fussy, you could probably pick up a second hand, refurbished, or older model a fair bit cheaper than the brand new, latest and greatest. 


Hope that helps?


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I am not looking forward to weighing myself in the morning.   greensad.gif


Although I worked out a lot, I only got in one good cardio day and I had two or three days of overeating. At my mom's house again! Dark chocolate covered almonds dmmit! Her house is full of booby traps because she is a skinny old lady and apparently done eating right. Seriously, I sometimes think she is having bourbon and Cheetos for dinner. She used to be a gourmet cook, and when she says she's done cooking she means it.


No skiing here either. It was over 50 today. In Montana! The year winter never really came...

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Congratulations, Milk8shake!  That's fantastic weight loss!


After this week of exercising and eating so healthy, the thought of Buzzer's mother - the skinny old lady that has given up on eating right - sounds enticing to me!  At least there are some benefits to getting old! winky.gif


Really though, I'm feeling so good this week.  I had the energy to work out this morning, and then walk around at the zoo for 3 hours with my 2 yo while we waited for my other children to participate in a class.  Mind you, we were walking at a snail's pace at best, but it was still 3 hours!  Oh, and we live in a very hilly place, so there is not one level spot in the whole zoo-it's just up or down.  


Looking forward to the weigh-in in the morning..... 

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I was just looking at the YMCA's website because I was thinking about joining but it looks like their childcare only goes up to age seven. My oldest DD is eight! I would have to find separate childcare every time I want to go work out. That just wouldn't do. I may sign the kids up for swim lessons this summer though.

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Are there other gyms around you, Trekkingirl? I don't care for Y's, but there are a number of private gyms whose memberships are really comparable and they offer more flexible childcare. Even some community centers around here, do too. I realize I'm in a relatively big metropolitan area, though, so ymmv.


buzzer, I dream of being old and being able to make "bourbon and cheetos" my dinner. Damn, that sounds pretty freaking dreamy to me! (well, I guess it woud be gin & tonic and potato chips, but still) I'm not filing ANY complaints about the "winter that wasn't"...besides, it ain't over yet. 


Yay, milk!!


It's not quite Monday here yet, but I'm still not looking forward to weighing, though I've been a "good girl," calorie-wise the past couple days. I worked out every day this week but Friday, as it simply would.not.fit in (and we bumped a major activity even then!). I got up early today, worked out first thing, then showered and even went to church, kids to sunday school--which hasn't happened in about 6 weeks. I did let my blood sugar crash, unfortunately, but instead of shoveling chips in my mouth, I simply ate an orange and then my boring ol' salad for lunch. I need to be better about protein in the mornings, but I'm just NOT hungry in the AM. :/ 


I even meal-planned for the rest of this week, as it's another crazy one for us (February is nuts here--anyone else??), and dh didn't even complain about my mass-veggie-request from the grocery budget. I think he's catching onto this Paleo thing...though since he's marathon training, he still gets GF pasta and white potatoes, as do the bottomless-pit-boys.


I feel good about the coming week even if the scale doesn't budge for me tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's progress!

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Blarg, at least it's in the right direction: 149 today, milk


And after watching the calorie counts very carefully on both the Kinect workout and the elliptical this morning, I've come up with a working theory as to why I haven't lost any more (besides chronic constipation, sry for the TMI): myfitnesspal seems to have unrealistically high calorie counts for activities in the database, so I was always "allowing" more calories than I should have had for weight loss because of that. I'm going to be way more conservative if I'm not recording exactly the numbers provided by the programs I do (like if I run or walk or clean or ...etc.) 

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Not the greatest news today, but about what I am used to, a pound a week. I can't seem to muster more than that.


152 today.

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Thanks for the well wishes everyone! I feel a little better today and am about to head out fr a run. Good news this morning 174 lbs!  I feel like I got a little bonus because I was on my period when I weighed in for the challenge and it's been over for a few days now.

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Sorry if that was TMI :)

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Wow!!  Things are looking great so far!  Way to go, ladies!thumb.gif


135.8 for me today! smile.gif

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 Weighed myself this morning and I lost 2 lb. Finally my weight is starting to drop. smile.gif


 My new weight is 220.


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I'm the same: 173. But I was sidelined from exercise for a good part of the week and I had to have cake yesterday since it was my birthday.


I'm pretty sure I'm going to join a gym tomorrow. I checked out my local Y: $80-something a month for our family. And also another gym that would be $56 a month (for the family). The child center at the gym was pretty darn cool and the lady who showed me around mentioned that they background check all their employees, all childcare employees are CPR certified and have a minimum of 2 years childcare experience before being hired. The lady at the Y didn't tell me anything about their hiring criteria for their childcare employees and only showed me what I think may have been the little kids' room: there was one employee and two, maybe three kids: each under 18 months. But they do set up half the gym with a moon bounce at times for the older kids. The Y has a pool (with swim lessons for extra cost) while the gym does not. The Y also has some activities for little ones included in membership. I'm leaning towards the gym because their childcare room is nice and I found the childcare situation at the Y confusing. (Could just be my mommy brain.)

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My scale is giving me different weights but they are between 118.4 and 119.2 with most at 118.6 and 118.8 so I'm going to say 119.  That puts me down a pound which is pretty good for me since I'm one of those people who holds on to weight and often gains while breast feeding.  I wish there was a fix for that that didn't involve total militancy.  Oh well, if anyone has a solution let me know.

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Wow, congrats to everyone on the awesome weight losses! Looks like we're off to a great start! I weighed in today at 180.2 lbs. That gives me a loss of 13.8 lbs this month and means I'm very close to getting out of the 180s, which I'm excited about.

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