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Originally Posted by janinemh View Post

I think you missed mine-- I'm down to 165.4 from 167


So I did! Sorry.


Here's the new pie.... MMMMmmmmm PIE!



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Mmm pie. Sorry, got distracted.


I made it to my warm studio vinyasa yoga last night and it kicked my butt. Felt good though. About to head out for a run...hope it goes better than Monday did. Great job ladies! Claybear that's an actual biggest loser TV show (which I stopped watching) loss right there. Happy belated birthday AllissonRose

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I went to my new gym and worked out: 35 minutes of cardio (elliptical) and 10-20 minutes of upper body strength training and crunches. I like having the time to concentrate on myself a bit but am having trouble arranging gym time with nap times. My 1 y/o is still taking two naps a day and my 3 y/o still needs a nap but hates taking it. The 15-20 minute drive there doesn't help. I'm a bit torn on the subject.

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I love that you made pie charts! So awesome.


It was Biggest Loser the TV show style numbers but I think the 2nd week is when they all notoriously don't do well. We will see. I also started this as the largest woman in the game, so it makes sense for me to have some big numbers - I have a lot to drop!


For me, 175 is the perfect weight. Below that is kind of not so good - I get really boney and kind of gross looking. So, I have 50 in total to drop from the beginning of this game (I had begun originally at 256 and have been dropping from there. This morning I was 215, so 40 pounds down!)



I love this thread. I am going to work out now since I have said I will :)

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Glad everyone enjoyed the pie charts. 


I've been resisting some serious snack temptation these last couple of days.  I haven't eaten a single bad thing.  Not looking so great for the weekend though.

Dinner/Drinks for my little bro's birthday tomorrow, and lunch and drinks at a friend's place Sunday.


I tend to come a bit unstuck when I'm drinking, I become a bit of a potato chip fiend.  I will take some of my own, healthier snacks, and try to eat a bit before I go so I'm not starving.

Hopefully I can get in some serious exercise to balance it all out a bit.


BB - I get hungry in the arvos too.  I'm trying to stick with fruit.  I think it's more of a habit I need to break than "real hunger". 


So, maybe we can get a bit more participation happening here?  How about a poll?


What do you use to motivate you to keep "on track"?


For example:  I stuck a picture on the fridge of DP and I from about 2 months after we met (seven years ago!).  We both look really healthy in it. 



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Originally Posted by Milk8shake View Post


What do you use to motivate you to keep "on track"?


For example:  I stuck a picture on the fridge of DP and I from about 2 months after we met (seven years ago!).  We both look really healthy in it. 



You gonna talk about a picture, you gonna post a picture!


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Originally Posted by Milk8shake View Post

What do you use to motivate you to keep "on track"?


For example:  I stuck a picture on the fridge of DP and I from about 2 months after we met (seven years ago!).  We both look really healthy in it. 



My mumbleth (20) year high school reunion is coming up. I would like to look sexy, not frumpy. Back in high school when I was way thinner I did not think I was and always wore frumpy things. I would like to finally stop being that girl.


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I gained a pound after not weighing myself since monday. I spent all of last night reading a book called LIFE WITHOUT BREAD. Maybe I will try lw carb for the rest of the competition. I have never done low carb before so it's uncharted waters for me. I generally feel sick if my stomach is empty so I have a feeling that I am a bit hypoglycemic. So maybe this will help me feel a bit better. It will probably make my chronic constipation worse though. I don't think I have ever gone a single day in my entire life without eating carbs all day!



As far as what motivates me, just looking in the mirror and hating what I see. Also feeling really uncomfortable in the bedroom. Oh and going in the fitting room and nothing I try on fits. Like last night I tried on the largest sized jeans at the store and they were way too small. My DD said, Mom they're jeggings!

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What do you use to motivate you to keep "on track"?



I wear a pair of 2xl men's hockey pants. I wear them with suspenders (under my hockey shirt) to hold them up. I would like to get down to a size large or Xl because the bigger pants weigh a ton.  So every time I have a hockey class and wear the gear, it reminds me of my goal to get into lighter gear. smile.gif





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I just noticed the title of the thread is encouraging people to join. Perhaps the thread keeper might want to change the title? Just a thought. I was really strict with low carb today and feel confident about tomorrow. One day at a time.

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I want to post my exercise so I will make myself get it everyday!  I was trying to do the C25K but it doesn't seem like my joints or hip is ready for that yet so Tues I walked 3.5 miles and wens a touch more than that on thurs I built up a planter and hauled a couple of 40# bags of compost and manure, transplanted a blueberry bush and did battle with the meanest Carolina jessamine known to man.  I dug and chopped roots and pulled at that thing in muddy soup for what seemed like an eternity but was only 40 min.  

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Quote:Originally Posted by Milk8shake View Post


What do you use to motivate you to keep "on track"?


I don't have one specific thing for motivation. I joined a gym which is motivating in a way because I know my hubby will be POed if I spend money on the membership but don't use it. It's also a chance to shower without a LO crying outside the shower or insisting on joining me then pushing me out from under the water. (Although I'm struggling with being indifferent to stripping in the locker room and trying to do it in a modest way...)

The weight I'm losing now is not pregnancy weight. This is my infertility weight: the weight I gained with the stress-eating and body-hating I did while we were unsuccessfully TTC. So maybe part of it is just being sick of carrying around a reminder of that time.


I did 40 minutes of cardio (elliptical). I couldn't resist weighing myself this morning and was happy to see the number on the scale has decreased.

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I worked out every day this week. Eating well. Don't see much for numbers change but I guess with a huge week last week, that is perhaps t be expected. Trying to not get discouraged.

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Well I started low carb diet yesterday and this morning I weighed in at 202.7 down from 205. Just in one day! I sure do miss the carbs though. It feels weird eating fattening food when I'm trying to lose weight but that's what the book says.


DH and I took the family up to Mt Tamalpias which is just breathtaking with views of San Francisco and the golden gate. We had a really nice hike and enjoyed each others company. It has been real getting out with the family and breaking my sedentary lifestyle. I'm uploading pictures. I'll add some in a minute.

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MT TAM 3.jpg                                   MT TAM 2.jpg                                MT TAM.jpg

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That's beautiful.  Makes me miss California.


I pushed the kids in the double stroller to the park today and picked up trash while they played and then visited with a mom friend.  I was suprised that it felt difficult to walk there but didn't think anything of it till I got home and sat down.  It was the Carolina jessamine, I feel like someone beat the crap out of me it's hard to lift my arms up and my legs feel rusted like the tin man.  I want to start going to yoga but I think with my injuries and pain stuff I should try gentle yoga, anyone got feedback on that?  

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Beautiful pictures Trekkingirl. I miss the Bay Area. Lots of beautiful places to hike.



I woke up to a sore throat and feeling sick to my stomach. No exercise today and probably not tomorrow either.  I did a thorough cleaning of my dd's room yesterday and I did move furniture and swept. Maybe that counts as a little exercise at least. 

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down to 202.3 today! Woo Hoo! 2.3 pounds away from achieving my first weight loss goal!

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That is awesome, Trekkingirl! go YOU! Be careful going so low-carb--you can kick your body into ketosis, and that can be really hard on your kidneys. I'm supposed to be doing Paleo (which is no grain, no dairy, just meat, fish, eggs, veggies and fruit. I haven't been good at getting my carbs up high enough for working out (and part of that is not getting enough fruit). A few of my friends have been doing it for a lot longer, and keep their baseline carbs at about 150g for days with no workouts, and at least 200 to 300g depending on how intense they're working out (one of them is training for a half-marathon, so he numbers are the high ones). hope that helps...


Poppymama, there are some gentle yoga videos streaming on Netflix, called Yoga for Healing or something. They seem kind of hokey, but were really gentle, but thorough stretches and I know any time I've injured myself in yoga, it's from overstretching a muscle that wasn't used to it. There are actually a lot of workout videos through netflix--worth a look if you already have an account. Your gardening is sure a workout--I'm always sore after doing that kind of work!


allisonrose, that's great that you've been getting some time to yourself at the gym! 


and all of you are doing so well with working out and eating well--yay!!


AFM--I'm the exception to that ^ statement. I was feeling totally DRAINED early in the week, and realized I hadn't been getting enough carbs to sustain my workouts. And once I started adding carbs, I knew it would be  hard to limit them--and I have pretty much had nothing but carbs for the past couple days. I'm also starting to feel PMS-y, so that's not helping! Plus I've not been working out, and I feel like an absolute slug again. Tomorrow might be tough to get a workout in since it's Super Bowl Sunday, and we go to a party every year (plus we didn't do ANY housework today & the place is a sty, lol). I'm kind of scared to step on the scale Monday, but maybe it'll be the kick in the butt to get back in the game. 

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I'm headed to Yellowstone today for a cross country ski and a bit of wildlife watching if we have time. Leaving dd2 with a sitter all day for the first time and I'm a little moody over it. Skiing is always a great calories in calories out day, but not sure how the week shaped up overall. I seem to have a problem with portion control.

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