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Congrats Milk8Shake on the weight loss!  smile.gif

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Congratulations on the loss Milk8Shake! I am sorry to report that I lost 0 lbs this week. Admittedly, with everyone in the house sick and a hurt foot I feel like it was a small victory not to gain. Sorry team. I am going to get back to running this week and I am going to yoga with a friend Tuesday and Wednesday. 

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Milk, I don't need pie, anyway! :P (besides, I've got wine. Hey, maybe I should cut back on the freaking wine, huh?!) *sigh*


Buzzer, if you have a Sears nearby, you can try on some of the Land's End selections there at the store. I'm glad I did that--I ended up needing a top 2 sizes smaller than I thought (which never happens with these big ol' boobs, but LE has some great options!). If they don't have your size in the color/style you need, then I believe you can ship to store for free. 


If the weather actually gets as warm again this weekend as they're calling for, I may get out and do some running slow jogging on some trails. Unfortunately, the trails I love are single-track mountainbike trails (meaning unpaved), and after our recent rain, will be miserable to try running on, so I'll have to go on the boring, paved ones. Maybe motivation will come back and bite me in the ass and I can use the crushed gravel trail 1/2 block from me during the week next week. 

stegenrae- I definitely need to cut back on the wine. So I am sighing with you.


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Leader board (last week's)


Blue team are still kicking butt...





Red team weight loss percentage is 1.49% overall

Blue team weight loss percentage is 2.62% overall!!!



Last week's pie...


pie 3.jpg

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So, three weeks in and I am down 2.8kgs, which is pretty close to my 1kg a week goal.  I'm really looking forward to getting under 80kg, which is 4.5kg, or about 10lbs... So, should be able to do that before the end of the challenge.  That would be 8.91% body weight, which really is a helluva lot when you think about it!!


Anyway, excited for all of you to do your weigh ins and see how we are travelling... Hope the Red team is bringing it this week!1

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I am 169.5 this week which is down 1 lb. Not terrible but not great really. If it weren't for the birthday cake, it might have been 2 lbs. At least we are done with birthdays for a while. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the hubby bought me chocolate for Valentine's Day even though he knows I am trying to lose weight.

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I weighed in at 173.6 this morning, down 3.2 lbs from last week. I've also lost about four inches off my waist since the beginning of January! Tonight dh and fil are picking up my stationary bike from sears, and I have Slim in 6 on the way from beachbody. Excited to see what kind of results I get!

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No surprise here, at least I have been consisitent. Down to 150, just 1 pound again.

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Weighed in this morning at 213, so down another 2 pounds this week. My big goal is to be between 180-190 by the middle of May and I feel like I am on track to be there, which is fabulous. Here are my stats to date:


January 2011: 256

(tried half heartedly to drop some weight and did but not a lot)

October 2011: 246

Started a committed effort to drop some weight

November 2011: 236

December 2011: 229

January 2012: 225 

(began this challenge at a time when I had 2-3 weeks of not dropping any weight and was frustrated)


Week One: 217!

Week Two: 215

Week Three: 213


First goal: 206 by March 1st

Second Goal: stay under 200 for 2 weeks (my dh and I made a plan for me to go clothing shopping when this happens!)

Third Goal: 185 by Mid-May



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today I am 196.8! 


I tried to post last night to let you ladies know what's been going on with me. But my baby pushed the keyboard and all was lost. I had a minor surgery on Friday and I was given a new sedation medicine then usual and it didn't work. I had a really hard time and it was a really painful afternoon. Then I woke up Saturday in severe pain. Sunday was a little better but today I am hurting a lot again. I was really hoping I would come out in a lot less pain but so far it's been the opposite,

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ARGH, I had a long post typed out and my laptop went dead. (We have to take it to the Apple Store and have it repaired; Macs do NOT do that, which is why we use Macs. I'm really peeved.) Anyway, it went something like this:


OMG, trekkingirl! I'm so sorry you're still in so much pain--is there ANYthing they could prescribe for you to take the edge off? (Of course, my paranoid self immediately jumps from "minor" surgery to worsening of pain 3 days later, and I wonder if you've ruled out infection from the procedure...? Feel free to tell me to stuff it, lol.) And WTG on the continued loss! thumb.gif


claybear, your hard work and loss is inspiring!


dantesmama & milk, yours too! :)


allisonrose & Buzzer, it's still in the right direction, so keep up the good work!


AFM, umm, I had totally fallen off the healthy food + exercise wagon. Well, I was still eating healthy food, but added in some serious carbs and sugars and too much wine. My body tends toward a couple different plateaus, one of which is around 155, and that's what I've creeped toward over the past 10 days or so. I weighed in this morning at 154lbs redface.gif  If I can get below 145, I will likely plateau again around 142, and it's been so long since I was under 140 that I can't really remember what my next plateau used to be, but I'm thinking it was about 136-ish. I will do some elliptical most every day this week to prepare myself for the self-induced hell of the 30-Day Shred, which I'm borrowing from a friend this weeekend and will start hopefully next Monday. (That wish to start running this weekend? Um, yeah, I was looking at some other forecast or something, because it was frigid here, and now we have snow. yuck.)


I need to go to bed earlier--I know sleep patterns can totally screw with weight loss, and I also snack on crappy stuff late at night. I have a thick book club book I need to get started on before I run out of time, so I think I'll just put myself to bed and read instead of websurf late at night. At least that will cut out the chips& salsa gorging before bed. eyesroll.gif


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I have been on a steady pain med increase over the course of this last year. So yes I have something to take the edge off but it's not helping as much as I'd like. Also even though I have been ok'd with DD's pediatrician and my back doctor to continue breastfeeding, taking a large amount of pain meds makes me really paranoid. I know a little goes through the milk. UGH!


I think I can thank the low carb diet for the continued weightloss because working out has been impossible lately!

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My weight this morning was 217.4.  I'm excited I'm making progress, even if it's super slow. smile.gif  

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Oh, trekkingirl, I'm hoping you find some pain relief soon!


Awesome job on the weight loss this week, ladies!!!  Everyone is doing so well!!


I weighed in at 133.6 this morning, so I'm down 1.6 lbs...at least it's a little better than last week smile.gif   

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Well done everyone, especially Trekkinggirl... Those are some tough circumstances, but you must have been so good with your diet. 


BB - slow and steady might win the race!


Rae nono.gif No more wine!! Hahah.  I feel your pain - I haven't had any alcohol for like 2 weeks now, which is a short, sharp, shock!  I have been going to bed early too.

I still don't seem to have that "more energy" that people reckon eating well and exercising is supposed to bring about. 

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I don't feel like it's really strict. I can eat all the meat, cheese, and veggies that I want. So I have been! I usually allow myself one cheat per day. I'm feeling fortunate that I am losing steadily. I'm glad everyone else is reporting losses too. No skips this week!

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Well, I'm feeling like I sort of shot myself in the foot by not posting my weight last week when I gained.  Because I did lose this week--down to 167.8 from 170.  But that is still up form the last weight I posted.  Oh, well here I am.  Trying to focus on the positives like the fact that I have gained in strength, agility and endurance in my kettlebell work outs.  Hoping that the scale with keep moving down and then stay down.

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Okay guys... so far this is where we are at. 

Just waiting on this week's weight from Barefootmama


Janinemh  5'4 167 165.4 PASS 167.8
Barefoot mama99 5'8 200.4 194.8 199.6  
Buzzer Beater 5'6 153 152 151 150.0
Dantes Mama 5'8 183.8 180.2 178.8 173.6
Trekking Girl 5'6 208 204.1 199.6 196.8
Clay Bear 5'8 225 217 215 213.0
Pacific Bliss 5'4 177 174 171.6 171.6
Milk8shake 5'7 192 189.9 190.5 184.9
Amanda Marie 5'4 222 220 219 217.4
AllisonRose 5'8 173 173 170.5 169.5
PoppyMama 5'8 220 219 118.5 170.5
Lovetolaugh 5'2 139 135.8 135.2 133.6
Stegenrae 5'6 150 149 PASS





I've just gone ahead and culled the people who haven't posted in the last two weeks.  Looks like it will be just us !!

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I weighted in yesterday with no change for the week - still at 199.6#.  Starting to get very frustrated with my lack of progress!!!!!

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Any words of wisdom for breaking out of a plateau?  I started around 220 and have steadily lost down to right around 200 (which is when we started this competition) but I have been stuck here for about 4 weeks!  I have tried being more strick with what I am eating and increasing my activity - I actually was so frustrated yesterday that I decided to work out 2 times!!  This is driving me nuts. . . . any advice would be welcome :)

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actually, in every diet plan I've ever been on, a day of indulgence can help your body realize it's not starving, so will let go past your plateau when you resume your "good" eating. Go have some pizza or something! :P

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