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I agree with Stegenrae. Add some extra calories with fat and protein because maybe your body thinks it's starving and is holding on.

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That's what worked for me just recently...I added in about 200-300 more calories for a few days.  Then went back to my normal eating and the weight started dropping again.  Good Luck....and enjoy the indulgence!thumb.gif

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I went to my 30 minute full gear hockey skating class. We did sprints, drills, and at the end a relay. Women against men. We won smile.gif

Fun and challenging exercise. Also my ds and I bundled up and took a walk around town in the rain. We went in to a local salon and I made an appointment to get my hair colored. It's been 3 years and I think it will be a boost to my self esteem along with getting healthy.

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I can't believe I'm typing this for the second time in this challenge so early: I've been sick this week. I suspect it was food poisoning. I haven't been working out since I've barely had the energy to climb the stairs. Today I'm feeling considerably better. Tomorrow I'm planning to go to the gym - in part because my 3 y/o has asked to go to the "indoor playground" a few times over the last couple of days. I might take it way easy though. Not sure how this week will turn out weight-wise...

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Sorry I forgot to check in on Monday.  I was at 118.  My dd ran away but she's back and inpatient now so I will check in later and see what's up with y'all.

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Not a good couple of days for me. V-Day has become a 3 day total mess food wise. I worked out twice yesterday to try to make up for such bad eating. Need to work out today also. Ugh.

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My whole family caught the norovirus this week. Except me and the baby, thank god! It's been interesting to say the least. I continue to be dropping at a fast rate and I'm wondering if I'm on too much thyroid replacement? I'm going to email my doctor later today. Maybe I'm hyperthyroid? I've lost another four pounds since monday.



How is everyone else doing?

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Amandamarie I cannot imagine skating for a minute in full hockey gear. You are tough.


Poppymama sorry about your dd... stressful to say the least. I hope you have some good support.


Claybear I've been known to work out twice in one day if I ate too much, usually just some cardio.


And trekkingirl! Holy cow unless you have been working out like crazy, that's worth looking into. Four pounds in three or four days is not healthy weight loss under most circumstances. What is your dr trying to keep your tsh at? I used to keep mine really low, but my new dr, actually nurse practioner, showed me a study that links really low tsh and osteoporosis.


Hope everyone else is doing well. I'm sticking to my diet, moved my workouts from 3-4 days a week to 5-6. I cannot imagine eating one less calorie a day than I do and still functioning, so increase the work it is. One pound a week is driving me nuts. On the happy side, I learned some nice kettle bell exercises today, as well as some crazy shit on the TRX. I've gotta getme oneuh those. dang.

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I think the normal range they shoot for is between 0.5 and 5.0. When I was taking 100mcg of synthroid my TSH was .22 then I went up to 150mcg and my TSH went up instead of down and was at 1.68 so I went up to 200mcg and that's where I'm at now. My doctor just emailed and said to stay at this dose for four more weeks and then retest.

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Made it to the gym this morning. 35 minutes on a recumbant bike. Feeling pretty good!

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Hmph. Feeling lazy--had a less than stellar week *again* (but not as bad as last week...that counts for something, right?) I haven't managed to get in any elliptical work in, so unless BD'ing counts as exercise, I'm completely lazy.


My penance, however, is the 30 Day Shred, which I will borrow from a friend tomorrow and start on Monday (planning a hangover day in there for Sunday, I think, lol). 

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My last week of exercise (tell me why I have not lost weight this week):


Sunday: cross country skiing, 3 hours, very uphill on the way out.


Monday: 3.5 miles on track, walk six laps, run six laps. core exercises.


Tuesday: 3 miles on track, divided before and after lower body exercises, mostly walking, running enough to keep

               heart rate up.


Wednesday: 1.5 miles on track, run every other lap, upper body free weights including bench one hour.


Thursday: group fitness class learning kettle bells and TRX.


Friday: walk/run 2 miles divided before and after lower body workout including 100 lunges on the track,

            20 minutes on the elliptical.


Saturday: tbd going to the gym later.



My calories are so low I can't see to reduce them.


Normal day, every day:


One serving whole grain cereal with rice dream.


Greek yogurt, fruit, and nuts.


Dinner is always one serving, normally vegan with beans or something. Broccoli, salad or sweet potato on the side. Occasionally pasta (with red sauce) but I've essentially gone gf and almost vegan the last couple weeks. No cheese.


How in the world am I not losing more than a pound or nothing a week?????



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Buzzer Beater - I think you're right: you can't reduce your calories any more. My thought is add some on! You are very active and your body may be in starvation mode. I don't count calories now but I did a diet/workout plan once and the calories that was recommended was 1600. I lost ~2 lbs a week. Your body still needs fuel.


Hit the gym this morning: 40 minutes of cardio (some on a upright bike; some on elliptical). I just haven't managed to get the seat adjust properly to be comfortable biking. I'm thinking about checking out Yoga class at my gym on Monday since my hubby will be home and I can leave ds2 to nap at home with Daddy supervising. (Can't wait till he moves to just one nap a day!)

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Buzzer, I agree with Alison - try upping your calories! That seems like very little considering all the exercise you're doing. Are you taking measurements to see if you are perhaps losing fat but gaining muscle?

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Trekkingirl - wow! At that rate I think you're guaranteed to be the biggest loser here!

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Originally Posted by dantesmama View Post

Buzzer, I agree with Alison - try upping your calories! That seems like very little considering all the exercise you're doing. Are you taking measurements to see if you are perhaps losing fat but gaining muscle?
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I did take measurements on 1/16 with a trainer before I used her a couple times, and I've also gone to her group classes a couple of times. I'll check in again with her before the 8 weeks of our challenge is up. It would be nice if I am gaining muscle, I'd be very happy with that actually in the long run.


We're going to an international food bazaar in a few hours so maybe I'll treat myself!



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After many weeks of wondering what became of my AF after coming off of the mini pill, she finally visited this morning. Totally explains why I cried myself to sleep last night. Well the scale reflected such an event! Three of the four pounds lost earlier this week came right back on. And boy do I feel crampy and bloated! I had some short stints of spottyness at 6mo PP but I think this one qualifies as the big PPAF! 



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Today's weight was 184lbs.  Not quite a kilo this week.  Bummer.  Though, my clothes are looser, won't be long until they are going to need replacing.  On Friday, I had to wear a belt with my work pants!!! They wouldn't stay up on their own!! That was exciting.  I think my belly is shrinking joy.gif


I think the others are right on BB.  It seems like you are way low cal, and that is tons of exercise.  Let us know what deliciousness you find at the food bazaar.


Trekking girl.  Ugh.  AF.  Glad that it kinda makes sense though. 


Rae - how did the shred go?  I almost died trying to do it.  I have a bit of work to do before I can keep up with jillian michaels...


How's everyone else doing?  We're at the half way mark, people!!  Pat yourselves on the back!!

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Weighing in at 149- one pound down again and I wasn't sure late in the week if that was even going to happen.


I did pig out a little at the food bazaar and had some or all of things from around the globe I can't remember the names of now. Very spicy food from Saudi Arabia was my favorite.


I exercised 11 or 12 days out of the last 14, can't remember. And that got me 2 pounds. Now I will be sitting on my arse for the better part of the next week because I'm having sugery for uterine polyps this morning. It's the third time I've had this done; I'm so over it. The only good part is I will have another Mirena iud put in also, and not only will I have no more polyps for five years, I won't have my period either. Well with any luck, it worked before.


Good luck weighing in ladies!  thumbsup.gif

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I'm 168 this morning which is down 1.5 lbs from last week. I'm surprised that we're half way already. I'm down 5 lbs which I'm very pleased with. I never got around to posting my goals but I did think 8-10 lbs total would be reasonable and I'm definitely on track for that.

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