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Had a slightly crazy work week, very little sleep, and then got my period today. Scale shows about a 1-2lbs loss so far for this week, which is amazing. I have been able to get some great work outs in but things have felt hectic. Hoping my period does not throw me off too much. Skipped having serious cravings (which was nice since I went crazy last week). 

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181.3 today!! 2.7 pounds down.  Not bad considering I was at a music festival ALL DAY Saturday, and the meal options weren't super healthy.


bag.gif Okay, now for the walk of shame... No pie last week!  I'm bad, I know, I'm sorry.  I will do it tonight without fail, I promise


Looking forward to some more weigh ins from you all

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Last week, in order of biggest to smallest losses


Lovetolaugh 4
Dantes Mama 3
Janinemh  2.80
Stegenrae 2
Clay Bear 2
AllisonRose 1.5
Buzzer Beater 1
Milk8shake 0.90
Pacific Bliss 0.59
Amanda Marie 0.20
Barefoot mama99 0.19
Trekking Girl 0.10
PoppyMama +1.5


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Overall weight loss from biggest to smallest:


Neck and neck between Clay Bear and Dantes Mama... with Trekking Girl not far behind!!



Clay Bear 14
Dantes Mama 13.2
Trekking Girl 11.3
Lovetolaugh 9.40
Milk8shake 8
Pacific Bliss 6
AllisonRose 5
Amanda Marie 4.80
Buzzer Beater 4
Janinemh  2
Barefoot mama99 1
PoppyMama 0.5
Stegenrae +2


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Oh, but it's different when we look at percentages, which is what is going to win the challenge, after all!!


All of a sudden, Lovetolaugh is a real threat....


Dantes Mama 7.2
Lovetolaugh 6.8
Clay Bear 6.22
Trekking Girl 5.4
Milk8shake 4.2
Pacific Bliss 3.4
AllisonRose 2.9
Buzzer Beater 2.6
Amanda Marie 2.2
Janinemh  1.2
Barefoot mama99 0.5



Stegenrae 0.0



And here's the pie chart I owe you


week 5.jpg

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Down one pound again.


I'm happy with that this week since I sat on the couch for 4 days after my surgery, then took until yesterday to start any cardio.

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Thanks for the pie, Milk!  Gotta love those percentages!! 


I weighed in at 128.0 today, so I think that's only down 1.8.  Better than nothing.....


Off to exercise now...looking for a bigger loss this week!



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This morning I'm 167 - down 1 lb. smile.gif

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156. And I have some other stuff going on that points to pcos... :( (I'm sorry to be dragging you down, Red Team!)

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192.2 this morning! Yay!

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Awesome to see so many people dropping this week! Good work everyone.


Another good week for me. I am really proud of myself for plugging along, sticking with it and fighting for it. Kep saying to myself "This weight does not belong to me"



Start of Challenge: 225

Week One: 217

Week Two: 215

Week Three: 213

Week Four: 211

Week Five: 208


Total lost during challenge: 17 pounds

Total Percentage during challenge: 7.56%

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I am back from my week of travel. Sorry to say business travel is a killer and I am up 2 lbs at 173. Sorry red team crap.gif

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168.8, down only 1.8 from last week. I'm a little bummed because two days ago I was down to 168.0; not sure what caused it to creep back up. Oh well, a loss is still a loss, and it feels good to kiss the 170's goodbye!

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I weighed 216.8.  Only a little down from 217.4.  I'm going back to Weight Watchers. It still will probably be slow going because of breastfeeding, but at least I'll be more conscious of how much I'm eating.  Still not getting enough exercise on non hockey days. I could add more rink days, but it means getting up at 5 :30am and being on the ice by 6am, and making sure I'm home by 7 to get my dd up and ready for school.

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Yay! I weighed in at 217 yesterday, so glad it went down not up.
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Holy Shit guys. I took my measurements on 10/1/12 (arms, bust, waist, hips, thigh, calf) and I redid them all today. I have lost 28.5 inches since then. So happy. I love seeing that my fat arms are 2.25 inches smaller than they used to be! My waist is 8 inches tighter! Really pleased and so happy I have measurements and not just pounds to celebrate.

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Holy crap clay bear!  That's awesome!

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Claybear, that is soooooo awesome!!        joy.gif

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I fell off the bandwagon for 48 hours! I stepped on the scale this morning. I gained a pound! Stepped it up today, hopefully I will have pounds lost to report on monday.



How is everyone else doing?

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Claybear...absolutely fabulous!!  You go!!!  Wish I had thought to take measurements when I started.


I'm with you, Trekkingirl.  I went out with some friends on Tuesday night to celebrate the completion of a very, very large volunteer fundraising project that I chaired.  Well, lots of margaritas and nachos is not so good for weight loss...although it was great for my sanity!  I'm afraid to go near the scale!  After eating so healthy for the last several weeks, it was really noticeable how bad all that dairy and sugar made me feel.  I'm still recovering! 


Dantesmama..congratulations on kissing the 170's goodbye!  Here's to never seeing them again!!


I hope you're recovering nicely from surgery, Buzzer.  You are like the tortoise...slow and steady wins the race.smile.gif


It sounds like you have lots going on, Stegenrae.  I hope you get it all figured out soon.  And don't worry about the red team!!


Congrats to everyone else on their losses!  Once you're back to your regular routine, that weight will fall right off, Pacific


I'm off to exercise.....

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