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my DD2 was born in January 2011 too! Sorry to hear about the tornado, that really sucks! Glad everything's okay.

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Originally Posted by trekkingirl View Post

my DD2 was born in January 2011 too! Sorry to hear about the tornado, that really sucks! Glad everything's okay.

I have a January '11 baby too except it's DS2 for me.


Talked to my hubby about me gaining a bit of weight this week and he was either trying to say I've hit my minimum weight or that maybe I'm at a plateau. I wish he was supportive. He talks about losing weight himself but he doesn't want to eat healthy or exercise (of course he'll blame me for the exercise portion because I want him to come home and be a parent).


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my DD is 1/23/2011 how about yall?


ETA: I am considering removing dairy for the remainder of the challenge. I have hit a plateau and am having a hard time sticking to my diet. I want to end the challenge with big numbers. Removing dairy would leave me with just meat and vegetables. What do you think?

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My knee is healing really well. My instinct is to start working with it again but I know I am an idiot for even considering it. It is still purple afterall! 


So, forcing myself to take it really easy and not ride my bike for a week. I am the same weight as I was last week, so no gain and no lose. Not sure what this week will bring but likely more of the same since I really won't be able to work out at all. 



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So for dinner I had veggies (carrots, sugar snap peas) and beef pot roast. I had a coupon on the pot roast. Normally $7.49, on sale for $4.49, $1 off coupon. So I got the pot roast for $3.49. I just started couponing and it's really a lot of fun.

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aw man, trekkingirl, i miss beef! (I found out 2 years ago that I'm intolerant, which explained the horrible stomach pains I'd have after eating burger. No, I can't take a clue.) Going no-dairy may be enough to give you that big push you're looking for. Just be sure you have a quality multivitamin/multimineral...although with all your veggie-eating, you're probably doing great there already!


claybear, so glad that your knee is healing. And that you're listening to your reasoned conscience and staying away from working out for a while! (are you doing ice packs regularly and all that? traumeel and/or arnica?) ***more healing vibes your way***


allison, that sucks about you hubby using you as an excuse and not being supportive. ((hugs))


AFM, I didn't get my ab workout in today, but I did get to fly kites with my boys this afternoon at a park, thanks to our 30mph winds with gusts over 45mph. o_O Tomorrow may be nice enough to get a C25K run in if the rain showers hold off long enough for dh to watch the boys after he gets home.

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Trekkingirl, my DD is 1/18 - her still nursing (which I am hoping to make it to 2 years as per WHO recommendations) is part of my long slow journey to weight loss.  My body really holds on while I am nursing.  When I stopped with my older daughter, I started loosing weight at an encredible rate.  It was odd, because so many moms say BF helps them loose.


allison - That sucks that that is your husband's attitude.  My husband went through phases like that too and it is so aggrivating!!!  On the flip side, I am hopeful to have more workout time when he gets home from this deployment.  Maybe there is excersise you could do as a couple or as a family?

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I feel like I am off the wagon and cannot get back on it. I was out and about with dd today and I was so hungry I was shaking. That hasn't happened to me in so long! We had to run home for lunch around 11 because even after I ate her craisins I could not wait to eat. I'm very worried about going on vacation with this lack of fortitude, as we're doing an all-inclusive and will be eating buffet style for a week. Wish me luck!


The good news is that even though I'm barely losing weight, I am losing inches. Went back to the trainer today and, since Jan 16 I have lost 1.75 inches from my hips, 1.25 from my waist, and 1.5 from my bust. (I saw the boobs go.greensad.gif)

In six weeks I lost 3% body fat. I don't really know if that's good or not, but hell! I needed some proof I'm not doing nothing!


Definately signing up for another challenge!

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I am at 216.5, only half a pound, I also at peanut butter last night which I hadn't since the start of lent and then dreamed I was pregnant with a 5th child and I couldn't decide if I wanted to go for a vbac with my mw or have a scheduled cs.  BUT that wasn't the most involved part of the dream most of it was really about a bag of pastries I was trying to hide and eat and the endless contortions of that.  Ridiculous.

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Poppymama, that is hilarious!!


Buzzer, don't those buffet spreads include tons of fresh fruit? If I were you, I'd eat a plate-full of that, then half a plate of (lean-ish) meat and half a plate of veggies. You still get to eat awesome food, but if you have a plan like that where you "indulge" in the plate-full of fruit, then you won't feel so deprived...maybe? WTG on the loss of inches/bodyfat!! (Also, I keep a stash of peanuts--used to be almonds until I started reacting to those--in my bag at all times for those emergencies. I've also started bringing a clementine for when I want something sweet or need to up my blood sugar more quickly. Sounds like you could use some emergency food like that.)


AFM, I did C25K week 2, day 1 today and got to do it outside on the trail near my house. It felt great; I was sad to go back in the house, but I don't want to overdo it. I added an ab workout immediately afterward, too. I had a crappy emotional day, so didn't eat much for most of the day. BUT. I had a berry smoothie with protein powder and wheatgrass powder as a grab-and-go breakfast, so at least I didn't take a toaster waffle with pb!

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I hit the gym on Monday and yesterday. I've been watching what I eat (example: had lunch with a friend and her kiddos on Tuesday at the mall and I got a salad). I weighed myself this morning and I'm down from Monday morning so it seems my body was saying "hey, you can't eat so much dessert and expect to lose weight!"


My guy is a 1/18/11 baby. Funny that three of us have Jan 11 babies. I guess just around a year PP is when women tend to get sick of extra weight hanging around.


I'm hopeful that after Daylight Savings Time that we might be able to take family walks in the evening as a family....

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Originally Posted by allisonrose View Post



 I guess just around a year PP is when women tend to get sick of extra weight hanging around.




Ha ha that's when I got sick of it (and because I had added 20) but didn't do much about it til last fall.



Could people please not mention peanut butter!

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Peanut butter is on my diet! Oh no, I wasn't supposed to mention it. Sorry. I can have nuts in moderation and am supposed to eat oils and animal fat. So it has nuts and oils. If I have no nuts to snack on I will occasionally have a spoon full or two.


So I came here this morning to announce that I am officially in the 180's! Weighed in at 189.2 lbs this morning.


joy.gifeat.gifgrouphug.gifthumbsup.giftruedat.gif welcomeback.gif




ETA: I weighed 188lbs when I got pregnant.

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That unmentionable food sends me on binges so even though it can be part of a healthy diet it makes it really hard for me.
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Congratulations, Trekkingirl!!  That's Fantastic!!! thumb.gif

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Hey Buzzer, you might outgrow your love of that stuff.  I used to eat it every single day until my dd was diagnosed with a peanut allergy 10 years ago.  After her diagnosis, we never kept it in the house.  She recently outgrew her allergy and MUST eat peanuts every day now, so I tried it again and my,oh my...it is terrible!!!  She hates it, too, so she swallows peanuts like vitamins!  Just give it a decade or so......winky.gif

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I am getting tired of my plain old greek yogurt, any advice on yummy, non-sugary additions to yogurt?  The flavored varieties pack a huge sugar punch, so I am trying to aviod that route.


Also, I would be up for another 8 weeks if any team will still take me (considing my numbers have been pretty poor this time around!).

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try whole milk greek yogurt. It's heavenly!


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Whole milk plain Greek yogurt with a little agave nectar drizzled on it is so yummy. smile.gif




I'd like to do another 8 week challenge. I only lost 5 lbs, but it's the first time I've lost weight since my ds was born. It's progress. joy.gif

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Congrats, trekkingirl!

I would also be up for another 8 weeks. Milk8shake, I wouldn't mind doing the pie charts this time. I'm not sure how you were doing it, though...

I came on to share that I am officially "normal weight" again! I'm excited to hit this milestone because I've been overweight ever since I had ds3, who is now 2, and when I started this in December I was a pound or two away from being classified as obese. 19.4 lbs to my goal!

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