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If we do another 8 weeks, could we start a new thread?  This one is getting really long to sort through . . . just a thought :)


Agave nectar sounds good!

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I have to check in today as we're leaving for MX tomorrow. I'm at 147, looks like hopefully back to my one lb/week.



Can't wait to see dd1!!!! We will meet up in Denver and be on the beach by afternoon. Wish me luck on the buffet.

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Buzzer, yay for the continued loss and have a wonderful vacation!


I did C25K week2, day2 today, along with abs. I didn't do abs (or anything) yesterday and instead went to a party and drank too many sugary margaritas. :/ BUT it was the first crampy, heavyish day of my period, so I was drowning my sorrows. Today I had a bit of a Coke, but that's the only non-fruit sugar or carbs today, and I think I'll make it a good day after all. 

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Wow Dantesmama! Congrats! My goal is to be back in the healthy weight range too.  Good on you!


Not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow... I think I might have hit a bit of a plateau.  No loss last week, and it's not looking good for this week either.  Anyone want to weigh in (LOL) on my diet?  Can I do better somewhere?  I'm eating reasonable portion sizes (that's one thing that I was definitely doing wrong pre-challenge... HUGE portions. 


Breakfast: weetbix, or sometimes weetbix and a sprinkle of cornflake/bran type cereal to spice it up

Morning tea:  apple or orange

Lunch:  quinoa with vegies OR some type of vegie soup OR dahl/chickpea curry (no rice)  OR tomato based pasta

Dinner: soup/quinoa/dahl/vegie protein of some description/chickpea patties/you get the picture (serve with vegies/salad/appropriate side)

Snacks: I might have had like a handful of skittles, a hot cross bun, one can of softdrink in the last week, oh and maybe a spoonful of peanut butter (who can I blame for that!!)


I really am on Struggle St, because the loss has been keeping my motivated, but now I'm like, what's the point?  Oh, and I have been keeping to the exercise plan - walking dogs.



RE: New challenge, new thread.  I'm definitely keen for another go.  I've got some more to shift, there's no doubt.  Aside from my lazy threadkeeping, I have gotten a lot out of this. 

If someone else wants to thread keep, I'm totally cool with that.  I'm sure anyone can do a better job. 

I was doing the pie in Excel.  If someone wants to do the weekly calculations, and post them, I can create the pies!  Or we don't have to have pie... It's not make or break! 

Anyway, I say we keep this thread until we can announce the winner... But I'm totally down to start a fresh challenge this week as well.  I guess we could break it down to weekly threads if necessary.. It would definitely be easier to track the numbers then. 

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Milk8shake I think you have entered the BuzzerBeaterBummer Zone, where you do everything right and can't lose weight. Your diet sounds great to me, unless you are eating a tonna food. Maybe you are gaining muscle? You should measure to be sure. I'm glad I did, or I may have given up. My summer clothes fit well while I was packing this morning, but I've lost few pounds lately.

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I would try cutting out all those carbs. It's really worked for me. I listed my diet earlier in this thread. Maybe try it for a week.                                                                                                                                                          

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here it is

Originally Posted by trekkingirl View Post

still plugging away at the low carb diet. The LIFE WITHOUT BREAD book that I am using says stay under 72g of carbs per day. Here is what I am aloud to eat...



Any type of animal meat


Cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, plain yogurt, milk in moderation

All kinds of animal fats ( although all I could think of was butter)

Salads, leafy vegetables, asparagus, brussels, sprouts, cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, avacado, tomatoes in moderation

Alcohol unsweetened in small amounts ( but I don't drink)

Nuts in moderate amounts




lovestolaugh maybe try sticking to those foods. I've been losing steadily with this new diet



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Thanks trekkinggirl.  I should have mentioned my vegan status. 


Based on your diet, I could have salad, alcohol and nuts!! ROTFLMAO.gif  I'd be sozzled! 


Oh, and the buzzerbeaterbummerzone totally cracked me up!  I feel ya!  But I shall oblige, and take some measurements. 

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today: 180.2 angry.gif


I guess at least it's something!  A bit disappointed that I didn't reach my goal though. 

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If you can do the pie charts and what not, I would be glad to do the math and such.  I think a new thread each week could get cumbersome, but a new thread for a new 8 week set sounds good.  Do we take a week off and open it up to new participants? And do we want to mix up teams or keep old teams?  I have never been a thread keeper before so I am not sure what is involved, but I could give it a go if you want Milk . . . but then, I think you are doing fine, so I am open to whatever works for all!

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OOOH! Ya No! My diet consists of mostly meat! Even a snack is beef jerky.


I was watching a movie the other day where the villian had unbeatable super powers because he is vegan! It's called Scott Pilgram vs The World

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Weigh in this morning at 196.8#.  So down 1/2 pound.


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163, down 3.2 lbs.

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BarefootMama99 - You might try changing up the brand of Greek yogurt you buy. I find some are tastier than other. I'm not a fan of Fage but Greek Gods is excellent just plain. I've found that Trader Joe's is really yummy too although I'm not sure when I last purchased yogurt from there (it might have been years ago).


I think a new thread would be good too. What week are we on now?


I'm 165 today! Down 2.5 lbs from last week (where I had gained 0.5 lb). My total for the challenge is 8 lbs currently. Very happy with that!

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I managed to not gain anything with my injured self. Not a loss but at least not a gain. Weighed in a 208 again this morning. I am really into a another 8 weeks. I lost 17 pounds in this 8 weeks. Ready to do that again!



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156.5, so *up* 2lbs. I don't get it--I haven't been "bad" enough to cause a 2lb gain, I wouldn't think. WTF is wrong w my body? It's been all kinds of crazy this month. greensad.gif

Sorry again, red team. IDK how I'm going to actually lose weight, and idk if any team will have me for another two months...

I bought two running outfits last night for warm weather. I need to get out there more than every other day, it seems.
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216.4 this morning. Only down .4.  AF started yesterday and I had two days of eating dark chocolate. So relieved I didn't gain this week. Maybe all the water I'm drinking is helping.


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The reason FAGE isn't as good as Greek Gods or Trader Joes Brand is because they use whole milk. Fage uses non fat or 2% fat.



Well I'm finishing this challenge at 188.8lbs I lost 20 lbs and am now at my pre pregnancy weight. My total weight loss goal is to be at 170lbs so I still have 18lbs to lose. I would love to join for another 8 weeks.



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Late check-in....I'm at 123.6, so not much of a loss, but still something!  Is today the last day of the challenge or is next Monday the final weigh-in?

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I thought it was today. I had an ice cream sundae at baskin robins to celebrate

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