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Man.  There is a lot of exercising going on.  My two youngest were hacking and difficult today and I did nothing but clean up pee and calm squawking.  I did try to eat less junk today and I ate much less late in the day.  Tomorrow more veggies less seeds.


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I went to the gym tonight (with macaroni and cheese in my hair I discovered) and "ran" on the track. I shuffled through the first day of couch to 5k.


Here's the link if anyone is interested in joining:




My waistband rolls when I run, too, and then slowly moves down. Dangit.

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buzzer read the link. looks cool

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Okay - we are up to date - I think - let me know if there's any errors! 

Allisonrose, sorry I missed you whistling.gif

Alphaghetti - I couldn't say no, and I hope to have another competitor coming, so that might even out the numbers!


Buzzer - ROTFLMAO.gif I bet you looked sexy with pasta in your hair!!

I've got the C25K podcast. Here is the link - it gives you the change pace prompts, and has some music.  It's not bad.


It has stopped raining here, so I might have to dash for a walk while I can...


Has anyone set an 8 week goal? 

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If it is not to late, I would love to join this challenge!  I am 5 foot 8 and I am currently 200.4#.  I realize you started yesterday, but I would love to join up if it is ok!!!

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Since we are both 1 day late to start, maybe one of us can each join at team - then it would all be even?

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I just saw this thread...I'm a day late, but if you need an extra person to even out the teams, count me in.  I'm 5'2" and 139 lbs....and could really use some teamwork and friendly competition to get me going! smile.gif

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Milk, mind if I join? 5'6", 150lbs. (trying to lose a pound a week or so, eating mostly paleo)
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It's nice to have some last minute additions to the roster!

Originally Posted by Milk8shake View Post


Has anyone set an 8 week goal? 

I have two goals I'm working toward, but not necessarily time framed.


1) improve functional fitness over time. I feel old, out of shape, stiff, awkward from how long it has been since I got any regular exercise.


2) look better in my swim suits on spring break in Mexico. I look okay, but would like to lose ten more pounds.



I started eating better (rightish but mostly lessish cuz there's not much I could change) and walking 3-4 times a week on Sept 1. I have lost 17 pounds (started at 170). I'm ready to add some energy and pick up the pace. That's very slow weight loss and I'm trying to figure out how to make it go faster.



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Today is going to be a rest day for me. I only slept about two hours last night due to ds2 being sick. It is a stomach problem so tomorrow might be a rest day as well if it turns out to be a virus thing vs a something he ate thing.

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Ok so I skipped breakfast...a no-no for trying to drop lbs, I know.  I walked for 25 minutes in a light snow. cold.gif It was lovely!


Right now, I am eating broccoli, baked skinless chicken breast with bbq sauce and basmati rice (leftovers from last night's dinner).  Should we mention the accompanying Dr. Pepper? Nah, I think it's best to not mention it to you guys. LOL


I would looooove to head out for another walk this evening, but my dh works away during the week, so it'll all depend on the moods of my kiddos. My oldest is 12, and I can leave the other two with her for hour long increments, but if any one of them is feeling hornery in any way, I can't do it. FIGHTS! Eesh.



FWIW, I did Couch potato to 5K a few years ago, and it worked really well. I ran for a year or more, then lost steam...but the program DOES work. I could barely get through the first 60 seconds without wanting to puke, and by the time a few weeks went by, I could run for miles!


What is everyone else up to today?

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I am 5' 3"" and weigh 139 which is 3 pounds more than the day after I birthed both of my boys  blowkiss.gif



- I am a CPA working at women's residential organization as the Finance Director -  on Tuesday we get yummy "processed" foods from Whole Foods Marker - organic, natural and wicked - I work late nights a lot and then go into that kitchen -OUCH-


I am IN with you!!!

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I've been thinking about an 8 week goal, and I came up with two.


1. Lose 10 lbs by the end of 8 weeks.


2. Follow a consistent workout routine.


My current weight is 182.2 lbs. I did some walking yesterday, and earlier this afternoon I did 40 minutes of cardio. This is my tentative workout schedule:


Sun off

Mon pilates

Tues cardio

Wed pilates

Thurs off

Fri cardio

Sat cardio


I'm hoping to add some strength stuff into the mix eventually, but I'm giving my muscles time to ease into things!


Good to see the new faces!

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Okay people - I know I said we start Monday, but I'm having trouble saying no to the newbies... I hope no-one has a problem with that?

We could probably afford to give it another day, but after that I think we will have to say no, otherwise it will throw our stats out - everyone cool with that?


Here are the updated teams:


Buzzer Beater 5'6 153
Dantes Mama 5'8 183.8
Trekking Girl 5'6 208
Clay Bear 5'8 225
Janinemh  5'4 167
Anna argentina 5'9  162
Barefoot mama99 5'8 200.4
Pacific Bliss 5'4 177
Milk8shake 5'7 192
Amanda Marie 5'4 222
AllisonRose 5'8 173
PoppyMama 5'8 220
Lovetolaugh 5'2 139
Stegenrae 5'6 150




AFM: My very broad goal is to get back into a healthy weight range BMI (even if it is the top of the range).  My eight week goal somewhere around the kilo a week mark, so eight kilos (give or take)

Outside exercise here is almost impossible as the rain is mental (it didn't stop last night after all) and there is serious flooding going on.  Not happy. 

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Sweet! We're off. I hope to lose 10 lbs in the next 8 weeks. I got down to 169 just before Thanksgiving and put on a whopping 10lbs over the holidays. Not cool. Psyched to see a few of you trying the couch to 5K. I am on week 8. Today I walked for 5 minutes, ran for 28 mins, then walked for 5. In the 38 mins of exercise I covered 3.1 miles. I was supposed to run yesterday but it was pouring.

I will keep up the running 3X/week and go to warm vinyasa yoga 1x/week throughout the challenge. Good luck!


Do we have an official weigh in day?

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It's no wonder we have so many late joiners MDC sent out an email today advertising  our thread!


I weighed in today at 204.9


I guess my eight week goal should be 15 pounds but that sounds maybe too high? What do you ladies think? Maybe if I was really working out hard? Which I'm not because of my back. I'm going in for a spinal epidural on Feb 10th and generally I can't walk for a few hours afterwards but am hoping to get real relief.

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Thank you, milk, for letting us latecomers play! GO RED TEAM!!! (and blue, too...)


Yesterday I did elliptical--intervals for 30 minutes. It was the first time in an embarrassingly long time that I actually worked out. Today I did workout#1 of "mama wants her body back" and holy crap, I've lost SO MUCH fitness, it's shocking. Last fall, I was doing all the workouts at highest intensity and had energy to burn by running afterward. Even the first time I started it last year wasn't this bad. ugh. It only means it'll get easier and I can look back and think to myself how much I've improved, right?!


Eating-wise, I haven't been terrible, but definitely off the paleo wagon today (though I did forego some GF bread that smelled YUMMY). I had just a crazy-weird morning, which led to a crazy-weird afternoon, but will try to redeem that and make some baked chicken with roasted yellow squash and broccoli for me, with roasted potatoes and broccoli for dh and the boys. I did manage to get to the store and eek out some money for groceries (paleo is expensive!!) so tomorrow WILL be better.


I keep track of my food/exercise at myfitnesspal.com --does anyone else? I'm stegenrae over there, as well, if anyone can figure out how to add me as a friend. (I've not figured that part out yet, just waited for friend requests from others, lol)


Keep it up! :D


ETA: crap, I forgot to say that my 8-week goal is to lost at least 8lbs. (by eating fewer grains, maintaining healthy blood sugars by cutting back on carbs overall, and by working out at least 5 days/week (if not every day). 

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My 8 week goal:


                    - To lose about 1 lb. a week, so about 8lbs in 8 weeks.  I tend to hold on to weigh because of nursing, so losing that much a week is more realistic for me.


                    - Establish a consistent 5-6 day a week (Tues-Sun)  exercise routine. Right now it's at 3x a week.


                    -drink 8 glasses of water a day, eat more protein,  and stick to a serving of Greek plain yogurt sweetened with agave when I crave something sweet.

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