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After nearly 10.5 months..she's out in the world!

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Baby1182012.jpgThere's always so much to a birth story..I'll try to keep it as short and simple as possible (:


Most of you know, on 1/17 I went into early labor at 2 am, later on that day I went shopping (of course) when contractions were about 3-5 minutes apart (what can I say? I needed some breast feeding stuff!) and I pretty much maxed out (oops, forgot to mention I didn't drive no worries!) so we came home and I paced and paced and paced some more.


I called my MW around 7 PM and said "um I think it's time I come in" she asked several standard questions and agreed.


Let me just say - the birth center room was beautiful!

When I arrived they of course got me all registered, checked in, the works - then the RN came in and I was around 6-7 CMs dilated, was hooked up to the NST machine and baby was all fired up! And she was amazed at how wicked the contractions I was having! And really..I can't say enough about the RNs I had..what an amazing group of women.


I found it most comfortable to stand and walk around during 1st stage..at 9 CMs I was walking around and visiting the nurses station lol! The one taking care of me at the time said "oh my goodness! Look at you walking around at 9 cms!"


I'm incredibly amazed how painful some contractions can be - it was absolutely mind blowing! My water didn't break until the FULL 10 CMs! There was no denying it either! It came out like in the movies! However, there was still a sac of water in front of baby's head so she did break that.


My favorite part - I'm not even kidding - was when it was the sort of transition period..it felt SO GOOD to push and I couldn't help but to push, my body knew what it was doing. Ironnically, it felt best to sit on the toilet (similar to a birthing stool position) and push like that at first. Then I got on the bed and it was fierce - I pushed with every ounce of my being and she was out in about 5-6 'fierce' pushes. I never yelled, screamed, or called anyone a bad name (for which I'm proud lol).


I did intend on a water birth, I'm partially sad I didn't have one. I did get into the water during first stage but I started to hyperventilate (I think because of how warm I already was and how warm the tub was) so my face started to go numb - ): But for what it's worth contractions are painful in and out of the water lol. I also tried using a birthing ball - that didn't do anything for me either. Walking, bending over and swaying my hips felt best.


But anyway (and I said I wanted to keep this short, ha!) Baby V came out hollering! There was no denying that baby was alive and kicking! Her name is Victoria Leighann (middle name after an aunt I lost to eye cancer - who I was VERY close to), an honest 9 lbs 6 oz, 21 inches long. Cutest thing I've ever laid my eyes on - I'm biased of course. Born at 12:54 AM on 1/18 - so nearly 24 hrs from start to finish, talk about a marathon!


Unfortunately, I tore pretty darn bad. I didn't feel it happen but good God almighty I felt them stitch me back up! It took forever!! Another bummer, my placenta fell apart so MW had to basically fish the rest of the cord and placenta out of me - eek gads! Baby swallowed some meconium as well but fortunately she spittled it out and we're slowing but surely figuring each other and this breast feeding thing out! Overall, we're both happy and healthy. I will certainly enjoy it all SOO much more when I'm not afraid to cough, laugh, or fart!


I'm sure I forgot some details, but there was my last several days in a nutshell. (:

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Yay to you, Kaitlyn!!  I also tore horribly bad and just want to add to not be proud - take the Colace, use the peri bottle, pamper your lady bits until you feel they're better.


Welcome, sweet Victoria!  We have all been waiting for you. :)



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Oh my gosh Kaitlyn have I been waiting on pins and needles to hear from you!! Sooo incredibly utterly happy for you!!  You did such an amazing job bringing little Victoria into the world.  Please keep in touch and enjoy that beautiful baby girl!

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Yay Kaitlyn!!  What an amazing birth story.  You were definitely a ROCK STAR!  Welcome Victoria - you are such a lucky little girl to have such an inspiring mama!  I hope everything heals up quickly and you are enjoying every second with her!  Congrats!

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Yay for not having to be induced!  Congratulations, she is beautiful!

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kaitlyn, i am so happy for you.  i've loved sharing your journey to motherhood- i know all of your mama-sisters here are so proud of you!  you did it!


welcome, sweet victoria!  you're beautiful, and very loved!

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Congrats, she's beautiful!

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I think about you so often and how it just all of the sudden happened for you .... I joined this group at just the right time -- you've been an inspiration as I sit here waiting!

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I can honestly say that I couldn't have done it without you ladies. You all have literally been with me this entire time, and I'm so thankful.


A funny for the day - I now can watch a baby story on TLC and think oh that's nothing! LMBO! I swear all these ladies get epidurals and the doctors threaten needing a C section and my oh my what a mess their labors are! I'm VERY glad I didn't get an induction - I held out til the bitter end!


They did place her directly on me right after and I just cried. That little person I supported for so long is now out in the world, talk about an experience!


I had original fears that I would be upset that I didn't have a male companion to go through this with..looking back - I'm thankful there wasn't! Guys have no idea - when I needed support I held my midwife's hand and all was fine. I saw on one of the baby story's this husband was holding and kissing the wife and I was getting annoyed just watching him! LOL! So needless to say it worked out the way it was supposed to.


I'm supposed to start my class tomorrow but I think I'm going to email my professor and tell her that I'm experiencing some complications from pregnancy so I'm going to shoot for next week. The class is 4 hours long and with this angry of a hemorroid, the thought of sitting for that long is painful!


lisamarie - you hang in there girl! It can happen all of a sudden so here's hoping that's how your labor will be! Although I hope for your sake your water breaks quicker than mine!


I'm just so in love and in awe, the female body is absolutely the most incredible thing.

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kaitlyn, I cant tell you how amazed i am by your bravery.  Victoria is lovely... Congratulations!

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You rock! You're amazing! Congratulations and welcome to the world Victoria! joy.gif


I can't believe you actually considered going to a 4 hour class.....wow! My E was born 19 days ago and I still hardly feel good enough to leave the house! What a testament to your strength as a woman and a mother! 


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