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Success! Vbac2c at South Shore Hospital!

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I just have to put this out there to our tribal area. I just had a Vbac2c at South Shore Hospital with the midwives from South Shore Womans Health. I just want everyone to know that it is possible if so desired! Amazing experience!
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Oh I am so glad to hear this, I was wondering what happened with your breech baby...    


Congratulations mama and happy happy babymoon! 

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That's wonderful to hear! Congratulations!

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I'm so glad to hear a positive VBAC report from SSH and SSWH.  I know a few moms that will be looking for options soon and they are really looking for information since there has been so many changing (SSM now at Jordan's, etc.).  Would you share who your midwife or doctor was at SSWH?  Also, did you get strong supportive vibes from everyone at SSWH and the hospital?  I hope so!


Also, I think you mentioned your babe turned on his/her own?!   It would be awesome if they allowed breech, but I don't necessarily think that was the case.  In any case, very happy for you!


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Congratulations on your new baby! I'm so glad you had a good experience. smile.gif


Thank you so much for sharing the info about your vba2c with us; I really appreciate it. It gives me hope should we ever decide to go for kiddo #3. I thought I would be out of luck with providers/hospitals in this area, so this is really good info to have!

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Wow...Congratulations!!  I am relieved to hear that there are folks that have had positive VBAc experiences in our area since I will be headed that way soon...

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Just in case others are lurking, Jordan Hospital recently started offering VBAC's supported by Jordan OB/GYN & Midwifery www.jordanobgynmidwifery.com which is the former South Shore Midwifery Group.  SSM is no longer at South Shore Hospital hence the name change.  Offices in  Hanover (across the road from Isis), Duxbury, Plymouth and Sandwich.  


As far as I know, the only midwifery group supporting VBAC's (or births) at South Shore Hospital is South Shore Women's Health Center http://www.southshorewomenshealth.com/.


South Shore Midwifery (now Jordan OB/GYN & Midwifery) comes up a lot in past discussions about birth on this forum, so just trying to make sure people find out about the new name and additional vbac option.




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Congratulations! thanks for sharing!


Jessica - thanks for all the information! I would love to hear more success stories from either Jordan or South Shore. Not necessarily just VBAC or VBAC2C! 

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