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Ideas to commemorate a special birthday?

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My eldest is turning 10 in a couple of months, and it just hit me recently that that's a BIG DEAL. I mean, TEN! That's huge! Crazy! dizzy.gif We always do a nice party with friends, and he's already been talking somewhat about what he might like. I have ideas, too, and I expect we'll do the party at a local park, etc.

But I feel like I'd like to commemorate this birthday, make a bigger deal about it, make it extra special... Not in, say, a bigger party or more expensive kind of way, but just in something important and special and such for HIM - perhaps just DS and DH and me? Perhaps the whole family? Maybe in relation to the party? I'm not quite sure where to go with it, but I am hoping someone has ideas on good ways to make it a special event!

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I think something special might be to do something just you, dh and him (or just one of you and him).  Maybe even a short one or two night trip somewhere?  A little road trip out of town?  A camping trip?  Something like that.  Or if that isn't in the budget then maybe a special outing in town.  It depends on what he's into.  It could be going to see a game (sports), a play, going to some sort of workshop or class (all-day cooking class, windsurfing lesson, whatever...).


Or, if he has his own room, what about re-decorating it more "grown-up".  Or perhaps the b-day could mark the start of some new freedom - a later bedtime, permission to do something he wasn't allowed before (walk somewhere by himself that used to be outside of his "zone", whatever). 

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besides the party thing-


why not a special gift he could have for life- we did a "chop" for my DD who took kung fu (her name)




a watch may be too soon, but something along the line of a more lasting "remember" the even type gift (pocket knife, fishing rod-something that would last- beyond the ordinary type b-day gift)

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We did knives for the double digit here.  Kind of a coming of age thing...  We also taught them knife safety.  Buuut at the same time, my 15 yo ds now has 6 or 7 really good knives.  That has turned into his "thing"

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Great ideas! I really like the special outing or even overnight one. If we went with DH, DS, and me, DD (16mo then) would have to come along, but it would still be pretty special. Of course, a family trip in his honor could be cool, too. Must begin thinking of options... Also thinking of a good camera for his gift (he has a cheaper, older camera but this would be a much better one that would be great for years).
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you know a trip would be actually a really great idea. a special one in his honor.


it reminded me of my own favourite bday memory and it was the one that was out of the ordinary and had nothing to do with presents. my parents brother and i did a weekend volunteer at a children's home and i had 200 children and adults sing me happy bday. even after 37 years its still a wonderful memory. 


thank you OP for that question. i hadnt thought about it. but yes dd is 9 so 10 is not that far away. 

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