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38 Weeks and Midwife Wants a Growth Sono :(

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I have gestational diabetes with this pregnancy. It's well controlled with diet alone. My fundal measurements have been no greater than one centimeter above my current gestational age. My weight gain is average (~28lbs at this point). Baby is moving frequently. Heartbeat always easily detected. I am being tracked by a VERY conservative diabetes center and they are happy with my status. I really don't want a growth sono. I don't want to know an estimated weight...especially if it comes back bigger than my mind thinks I can handle. I don't want to know anything other than what I already know and feel. But midwife feels this sono will be very persuasive to the attending OB at the hospital who must clear me for a water birth when I arrive in labor. She also said that with the diabetes, it's best to get one last look at things before birth time...since fluids start decreasing around now and placenta health can be compromised by a history of high blood sugars. Any advice/suggestions/opinions/ or stories you'd like to share? 

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no advice sorry, but I know how scary it is to start down that path of "intervention". I hope baby is measuring just perfectly and you get your water birth. Maybe you can put a positive spin on the sono as just an opportunity for you to get one last look at baby while he/she is still in your womb - calm your nerves a bit.


sorry I am no help, but I hope it goes well for you!

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I don't trust ultrasounds, especially late in pregnancy ultrasound to check fluid levels or baby size. If *you* feel uncomfortable you can say no, you are well within your rights. Wishing you luck!

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I have a friend who was in a similar situation and they said her baby was 10lbs. 2 days later she gave birth to him, 8lbs 14oz, a fine size for vaginal birth. They had her scared to death that her baby was not going to come out (she's a smaller person). Everything went fine and she had no problems, but they pressured her the entire birth about time tables and progression and she ended up having an emotionally difficult birth because she felt like they had her on a timer and at any minute would say "times's up" and rush her in for a c/s. 

This is not something that I would do, simply because I wouldn't want to have the same thing happen to me. Even if I had to give up a water birth to have a relaxed birth, I would rather do that. Of course, if they suspect the baby is large and don't know, there's a good chance an OB will just act under that assumption.

Tricky situation. 

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You absolutely have the right to refuse! I just refused a late ultrasound last week, they wanted to check the baby's size because my son was 10 lbs, and I just think at this point ultrasounds are really off, 2 days before my son was born they said he was 9 lbs, came out 2 days later at 10 lbs 5 oz... so yeah I don't trust ultrasounds at this point for weight checks.  Just go with your gut and don't be afraid to stand up for yourself.  At this point your provider cannot legally drop you as a patient once you're past 36 weeks. Hope that helps thumb.gif

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I'm dealing with this now too.  Suddenly my doctor is concerned that my baby is too big or my fluid levels are too high because I am measuring a few weeks ahead (I have otherwise measured average size through the rest of my pregnancy).  I'm supposed to have an ultrasound on Tuesday but I am worried that they'll tell me he's too big and want to induce me, which is something that I would really like to avoid.  It's such a mind game, because before I had no worries about delivery and now I am worried that I'll have a hard time because my baby is too big, or that I'll face an unnecessary induction.  Ugh!  I have no good advice for you, but know that I am right there with you!


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2 words: fat squishes. 



Fundal height is normal within 4 cm more or less! 

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At my last appointment my midwife told me that fundal height is a tricky measurement because your uterus is not  2D. She said it can change depending on how baby is lying (more balled up vs stretched out). Just something to keep in mind!

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AT my last appt. I measured 4 cm bigger. I had been measuring 2 cm bigger. I asked if it was anything to be worried about, and my midwife said it could be baby position, fluid, lots of things. She said she doesn't really think about it unless it is consistently that way (at least a few times).


Can you ask your midwife what weight will it make the OB happy? Is their a number that would satisfy him, or is it just a lose/lose situation?

Also, can you share your worries with your midwife, and go from there?

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