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Getting Full Fast?

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I am a first time mom so I am not familiar with this.... can you share if you have experienced the same?


I get REALLY hungry and then when I go to eat, a couple of bites completely fills me up, to the point of stuffed. I am eating a lot of protein and veggies (trying to stay away from all the  carbs I ate in the first trimester) so I know that has something to do with it. However, I have eaten low carb in the past and had no problem finishing my plate. The hunger and the sudden fullness just started this week (I am 17 weeks tomorrow), so maybe it is just the baby pushing my stomach up and making me feel full faster?





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I can't eat nearly as much as I used to. I am eating low carb too but I was doing that before I conceived and I'm only able to eat about half of what I used to. The progesterone slows down digestion (that is why women get constipated) so that adds to the fullness and the uterus pushing up makes a difference as well. A lot of women don't get that until later but if you are short, and especially if you have short torso, your body will fill up with the baby faster and you will notice the fullness earlier than most. 

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I am getting full much faster ever since the beginning of this pregnancy. I normally have a HUGE appetite and can eat a ton in one sitting, but since I've been pregnant, half of my usual serving fills me up to the point of not being able to force myself to eat more.
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Thanks so much for sharing. I am glad I am not alone with this. I am not short (5'8'') nor do I have a particularly short torso. My midwife mentioned that I might have a retroverted uterus, so I wonder if that has something to do with it? So far I have just been having much smaller meals throughout the day to compensate for it.

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Yes, I am having trouble with this too. Surprised it is happening already. Really hungry and then can't eat much or I feel sick.  I've learned to just pace myself and pretty much just graze on food all day. 

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Me too!!  It started the day before I turned 17 weeks.  I took a normal size portion of food for dinner - 2 enchiladas and some lettuce and tomato and a few tortilla chips.  I couldn't even finish it and I was FULL.  So much so that I didn't feel not full until almost 11pm.  Everytime I took a sip of water, I felt overstuffed again.  It lasted for 3 days where it was really bad and now I'm just eating much smaller portions.  It's like my body goes from full to starving.  And that's it, two modes.  It does feel better now than it did a few days ago, so hopefully whatever was shifting around in there is settling down, I love eating while pregnant!

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nicole, you put it best... two modes only: full or starving! I have been doing really well today with eating... 1/2 pb and j for bfast, cup of chili for 2nd breakfast, grilled cheese and red pepper soup for lunch. I can't wait for second lunch/first dinner! being pregnant is awesome :) I am really enjoying being able to eat all of these foods again without gagging at the smell or taste!

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I've been feeling really full now at 28 weeks. I notice that I can eat more earlier in the day and I take full advantage eating protein rich greek yogurt, eggs, drinking milk, fruit w/ almond butter. Later in the evening - dinner time, it is as if my stomach is closed for business. I feel fine about that as long as I get lots of healthy protein IN early in the day. I have also noticed that soft foods are easier to eat- yogurt, oatmeal loaded with good stuff, hearty cereals, and my stomach feels great when I eat large green salads with nuts, pumpkins seeds ect... at lunch time- keeps things moving along.

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