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For DS (I'm well aware the next may be different), I've resisted or have hardly used:

--bouncy seat (he'll only sit in it for other people, not me)
--sidecar (he prefers the big bed)
--a million blankets (I use two heavy and four receiving style)
--baby bathtub (he hates baths, but likes showers)
--baby monitor (I've used it twice; he won't asleep without me, much!)
--swaddler wraps (receiving blankets work fine, if he'll tolerate them at all)

Things we've definitely gotten good use out of:
--boppy (for nursing, and propping him higher in my lap so he can see my monitor)
--double electric pump
--Moby, Maya, and woven wraps
--quality nursing bras
--a diaper bag that met my exacting criteria
--a bucket seat with two bases (so we don't have to move it around every day, DH drops him off & I pick him up)
--vitamin B and a bottle of ibuprofin (for those early weeks of nursing! wink1.gif )
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My baby is 14 months so the things we've used/needed have definitely evolved over time.


The hard part for me is that I found that things really depend on baby's personality, and many things for me did have a purpose here and there, maybe for a month at a time...so I do find it hard to really know what you will need, or make assumptions about what you WON'T need, before your baby is born.




Bumbo- I drove far to buy a used Bumbo off craigslist for next to nothing and never really used it.


Swing (2 different types, thankfully one loaned to me)- DS hated both


All of those little matching bibs, hats, mittens, etc that come with outfit sets: We probably used 2-3 hats in the first month or two and that's it


pacifiers- I bought so many and DS rejected them all. He only took the NUK one for about 2 months...in those times I guess it was useful but with the next baby I probably won't bother. I have been a human pacifier for DS from birth and I've just learned to accept it.


A crib- this one surprised me. DS has always coslept, which was not really planned. Now he will sleep in his crib 3-4 hours when he first goes down which gives us our time, but we never needed it initially. We could probably do without it now.


A separate room- DS still doesn't have his own room as we are remodeling our house and his future room. It doesn't affect us in the slightest. In our old apartment I went crazy nesting and creating a nursery for him and then he was never in it. I'm sure it fulfilled my emotional needs at the time to plan a room for him, but $$-wise it was very unnecessary.


Toys/stuffed animals/baby videos/CDs, etc- I bought a whole bunch of natural wooden toys when I felt that DS starting needing something to do. He maybe played with them here and there but he has always been the type of baby who has been more into the stuff he's not supposed to have (i.e., tags, wrappers, remote control, cell phone) Even now I just want to get rid of all the toys he's been given that he doesn't bother much with.


Baby food gadgets- I ended up just using our food processor and returned the baby food mill and mini processor I was gifted. I did keep the cubes to freeze purees, but ultimately did more baby-led weaning than anything else.


Puj tub for baths in sink- DS screamed and we ended up bathing with him, which he loved. I think we used the Puj maybe 4-5 times.


Nursing bras- Terribly annoying. I would absolutely recommend investing in nursing tanks instead.


Nursing stool- never used it, not once.


Ring sling- DS didn't like it.


Baby food cookbook


Nursing pillow- I splurged on some organic, bean-filled nursing pillow and then ended up just using couch pillows instead since I was always on the couch with DS attached to me.





My boobs: hands-down. Unless going back to work, no need to bother with pacis, bottles, steam sterilizers, etc.


Nursing tanks- absolutely indispensable


Nursing and postpartum pads- went through boxes and boxes of them. Wish I would have stocked up more or registered for more to avoid trips out.


Moby wrap and Ergo carrier w/ infant insert- Without these DS probably wouldn't have slept during his first 8 months of life


A fleece bunting- see above


Baby monitor/breathing detector- for my sanity, I couldn't have done without this. Even with this, I was still checking on him 50 times a night. Contrary to my initial thoughts, I can see the benefit of a video monitor for older babes. I've woken up my son a dozen times busting into the room when I thought he was awake and he was just dreaming.


Breast pump, 2 bottles, tons of milk storage bags- For when I went back to work.


Cloth diapers, wet bag, big bag (not necessarily a diaper bag)


Bed rails- A MUST if you are co-sleeping with a baby who can roll and crawl


Car seat, and a stroller frame: was great for quick trips in and out without having to wake DS up and transition him in and out


A toy that strapped on the car seat- without this DS would have screamed for entire 10 min trips. With this I could keep the screaming down to a minimum


Pack-n-Play w/ bassinet: We kept this next to our bed until DS was 7 months. When he woke up he was brought into our bed.


Organic baby socks with grippers on bottom- can't get enough of those.


Burp cloths- we used them A LOT in those early months


A few blankets (not 50)




Portable changing pad





Play gym- I actually did use this for my DS. I would put him in it and get on the computer right by him. He was occupied, and I could do other things while still watching him. I could see how most people could do without this, but I had it, and I used it.


Bouncy seat- DS would tolerate this for a little while and I could take a shower while watching him in it.


Stroller- Once DS hit 4 months or so the stroller was great to be able to take walks and sit on a bench with him asleep in it. The Ergo wouldn't really allow me to sit and it was just a harder walk with him strapped to me as he grew.


Exersaucer- It benefitted us for several later months. It is not an absolute must-have but it came in handy for us a lot.


Changing pad- I changed my baby on the changing pad in his un-used nursery a handful of times. I'd recommend it if you use your nursery but I ended up changing my baby wherever I was in the house on a blanket.

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