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Two Autism Questions

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Hi Dr. Bob,


What are your thoughts on proposed changes to DSM re: PDD-NOS/Autism/Aspergers diagnosis?


Second Question:

When you have a child with autism in your practice with chronic GI issues (constipation, in our case), when do you refer to a gastroenterologist? What do you try first?  Who do you refer to (is it a particular GI?)  If my child is recommended to have an endoscopy/colonoscopy, what do I need to know about general anesthesia - I thought I had heard/read somewhere that anesthesia & autism don't mix.



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Here is a link to an article I wrote on the proposed DSM 5 criteria:



As for the GI issues in autism, I typically try GFCF diet, other allergic foods, stool analysis for yeast, treat that, digestive enzymes.  THEN, if that doesn't help, GI specialist.  I do think it's useful to scope these kids after all that has been tried.  I know the anesthesia isn't ideal, but I think it ok when it has to be done. The Autism Book has a detail guide on how to approach these GI issues.

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THANK YOU Dr. Bob.  From the bottom of my heart - as the mom of a child with ASD - I'm sure you hear this many times a day but thank you for all that have done and continue to do.  Thank you for writing about DSM5.


also thank you for the thoughts on GI.  We are in this process now, adjusting supplements and testing for yeast, etc.  We may move on to GI if necessary and I think we've got a local name now and maybe can avoid having to travel to Krigsman.

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