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Spray or Scrape or Other???

Poll Results: How do you clean the poopy diapers?

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DH recently suggested that we stop spraying the poop off our 16 mo DS's diapers. We have sprayed them off for months since I made and installed a sprayer last spring. But he thinks (and I agree) that the mist from the sprayer is getting all over the bathroom. We're a "close the lid when you flush" kind of family winky.gif so this kinda grosses us out. More than dealing with the poop! eyesroll.gif


So now we scrape. It's not as messy but sure doesn't get as clean, if you know what I mean....


So what to you do?


BTW, next baby we have is going to be breastfed until she/he is climbing on the table and stealing the food. After having a toddler who inhales solid food, I can now say I love breastmilk poop!! orngbiggrin.gif

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DD is still breastfed, but she's nearing the solid foods stage (she was showing signs of readiness, but I think it was just curiosity, because she wasn't a fan of eating food we've offered) and I think we're going to go with scraping.  If we do decide we need the sprayer, at least we will have only invested $1.39 in a spatula for scraping. 

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We have a composting toilet, so spraying is not an option.  We scrape using little squares of cardboard from cereal boxes, then compost the cardboard so there's no scraper clean-up.  We've never had a problem with the diapers getting clean, but do occasionally find a few little well-washed pieces of undigested food at the bottom of the washer grossedout.gif.  As to the breast-milk poo thing - be careful what you wish for!  My dd is just going on 24 months, and still has days when she gets significantly more calories from breastmilk than from solids.  Let me tell you - a toddler-sized breastmilk poo is a gooey explosive diaper-filling scraper-resistant absolute mess.

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I'm really curious about this too. I just wash since my lo is only 4 months, but I'll have to come up with something once she is eating solids. Looking for suggestions!!

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We dunk the diaper and swish it around a few times (while holding a dry corner) and this works just fine.  

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I know just what you mean, EBF

poo was delightful compared to the dreaded, "man poos"

Its a whole new world. 

With our first we scraped and it was our least favorite chore in the world. The whole diaper sprayer thing kinda freaked us out. With our second we discovered Grovia flush able liners and it is like the world a nicer, better smelling place. We just lay one inside every diaper and 99.8% of his poopie diapers we just dump the liner in the toilet and flush. Voila. We are on a septic so were a little worried, but after 8 months, have had no problems. It also works as a stay dry liner and diaper cream barrier. Really, really like these liners and don't miss that hideous scraping job at all. 

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I have a pair of playtex cleaning gloves that go up to my elbows. I just get right in there and scrub the back and front together, flushing a couple of times in between, until the water stays clear. I keep my gloves and a can of Lysol in a little trash can next to the toilet. When I'm done I spray my gloves and the toilet handle. While I'm at it I wipe my toilet rim with the diaper and spray it too... Double "Duty"! Lol Also a little stool to sit on while I'm cleaning it is a back saver. 

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Oh my, that seems like a lot of work, not too mention Lysol. I really can not recommend some flush able, bioliners enough. They will save your back and they have to be cheaper than gloves and Lysol, not too mention the extra flushes. 

Before we discovered liners, we use to scrape using a long handled spoon. It worked pretty well, but despite our efforts to hide it behind the potty etc. it was always aconversation starter with guests blush.gif

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I'm a sprayer.  I can't stomach the idea of scraping, and dunking never did a thing. 


If you're getting back-spray, try turning the sprayer down a touch.  I always have to test the strength of the spray in the toilet before spraying, because the difference between hard enough and too hard is tiny, and too hard definitely splatters poo. 



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Hmm, I might need to try turning down the sprayer power a bit, don't know why I didn't think of that!

As for diaper liners, I haven't found one that DS doesn't dislodge. He's a super active boy (or maybe I'm not putting them in right!). After dumping a liner and dealing with a diaper with poop on it, I gave up on the liners....

The dunk and swish method doesn't work either, DS's diapers stubbornly won't come "clean" without spraying or scraping.
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Sere234, have you tried Bummis (the large size)?  I've never tried them on an active baby, but they're pretty big.  I don't know how you diaper, but if you were trifolding prefolds, you might be able to wrap it around the edges.  it's pretty wide from what I remember (haven't used them in months).

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I have a very active 15 month old, and we found that the Bummis brand even in size large were too soft and therefore would scrunch up and not work, however we have great success with the Grovia liners. There are a ton of brands out there right now, but the only two we have tried is the Grovia and Bummis. I think the Bummis would probably work fine for an infant or non-crawling baby, but the Grovia almost always work even with our cruiser/crawler/walker/climber/dancer etc. etc. :) 

I also really like the fact that they work as a stay dry liner, and I can use some non-cd safe diaper creams if necessary.

not trying to sell these, I just remember those scraping days all too well....

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I think trying another diaper liner would be a good idea. I'll search for a larger size, maybe that's our issue.... Thanks ladies!



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