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Good birth videos?

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Would anyone like to share the links to their favorite birth videos?


I want to watch more with my DS and by myself but am finding wading through utube frustrating. Do you have any bookmarked that you want to share? 

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Oh man...I feel like I was supposed to post my list to you before?? Was that someone elses thread?? I will come back and post a list of some of my favorites! Yeah....wading through with a toddler beside you can be a bit dangerous..some of the videos that end up on the right side of the screen do not belong there! Yikes, the questions!

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i would like good videos for my 4 and 8 year old. so that they know what to expect and dont get scared. i would love to see your list!

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This is my favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utmknzYX3GQ
 I have lots of UC videos that I like but I'm not sure if that up your alley or not ;-) 

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I have 3 that I watched recently that I really liked. My DS really likes one of them - the water birth one. There is an expletive in the second one, in case you are sensitive to that. And they all are pretty graphic - but they are birth videos so that should go without saying. I suggest you preview these yourself before sharing with your children. Enjoy!


"Natural Unmedicated Birth - with original sound" (most graphic, shows tail end of pushing)



"Natural, Unassisted Home Water Birth" (short)



"K's Unassisted Birth" (a lot of vocalization)



I reallly like this one b/c I can relate to this woman vocalizing. With my son I used vocalization a lot to manage through my contractions and the pushing. It helped me so much! 

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Originally Posted by KristaDJ View Post

This is my favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utmknzYX3GQ
 I have lots of UC videos that I like but I'm not sure if that up your alley or not ;-) 

I just watched this one. I really liked it. It was pretty amazing. My son really loved it. We just watched it 3 times. 

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This is dh's first baby and I want him to watch some birth videos, maybe this is a good starting point!

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One of my all time favorites:




This one is a good one...this mama birthed twins like a champion!




Back with more...I've been SO busy!

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Thanks for all the replies. I'm loving watching how other moms birth. 


This is a nice one. I love how calm she is. I ff through a bit of the early labour stuff but it is nice to see how normal it all is. (my ds commented on how crazy it was for the dad to eat ice-cream of of the container and laughed so hard:)



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Can we resurrect this thread? I'm really finding it helpful to watch birth videos, because I'm trying to visualize myself giving birth vaginally to help with my VBAC. I know it sounds kinda weird, but I really am benefitting from watching women push babies out of thier vaginas. Like, specifically watching the baby come out.

So I was wondering if anyon had more links? My problem is tht my internet is too slow , and I can't really "shop" YouTube like I'd like too, because videos take forever to load. Im willing to wait ten minutes to watch one on recommendation from this thread though, because everything posted has been worth he wait!

So if you have more links you've found and want to share, please do!
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This lady has a nine part series of her baby's birth. I think the birth is only in the last two videos (maybe three) but it is all really good footage of the crowning, pushing, emerging part. 



Here is one that is a UC after c/s



I love this one and it shows the placenta birth as well




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Awesome! Thanks!
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Thanks to everyone who posted links to videos.  My daughter and I watched all the videos last night (except for two that had advertisements, couldn't figure out how to fast forward through that) and she LOVED it!  She wanted to watch the videos over and over again.  

If you do watch the videos, don't scroll down so that the comments are revealed.  Some people wrote inappropriate things.  


If anyone has more favorites then please share!


Thanks- thecountrymouse

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On this topic, I just rented "The Business of Being Born" on a whim from the library. 7-yr old DD Loves watching natural birth videos and she wants to watch this with me. She was there at DS's birth and I'm totally fine with her viewing natural birth videos but---


I'm really cautious about media with her and she doesn't watch anything more than Sesame and Bernstein Bears--so do you think this would be OK?


The natural birth aspect I'm sure would be fine, I'm just guessing there are interventions in the movie that might be scary for her (she's very sensitive--even an old Mickey Mouse episode scared her). 


I'd really like your input and am so grateful for the links above b/c DD is always asking me to watch "baby shows".

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I watched that 3.5 years ago before my daughter's birth.  I think you should probably screen it before you share it with her.  Then you could just choose which parts you think are appropriate, because a lot of it isn't actually birthing...

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I haven't clicked all the links yet but does anyone have any good hospital birth videos?  I am planning a midwife attended hospital birth but I just can't picture what a birth in a hospital could look with mom in any other position than on the bed, on her back (like I was for ds1's hospital birth).

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I don't really have any good hospital birth video links but have you seen this? http://navelgazingmidwife.squarespace.com/navelgazing-midwife-blog/2007/8/15/a-birth-unfolds-in-photos-words.html

The pictures are really inspiring. <3


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