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anyone else expecting twins (or multiples?)

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Hi Everyone!


I am new to the August DDC club. I am pregnant with twins!


This is my second, er third? I mean, second pregnancy but with two babies? Yeah. I suppose this is my second and third pregnancy.


My first pregnancy was very very easy, I had also a very fast labor with no complications so I am hoping that this trend carries forward (perhaps I am lying to myself, I dont know)


Anyhow, I just wanted to say hi and I'm here before I started to lurk and reply to other DDC members post :)

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Hi there! Welcome and Congratulations!

We actually have two other mamas with twin pregnancies currently. I'm sure they'll say Hi when they pop on. Y'all will have a lot to talk about. love.gif

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I'm also expecting twins, and I have a 3-year-old son. I haven't been around the boards much because the computer makes me queasy in the 1T, but I'll be here from time to time and probably more later. Great to meet you!

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oh great to meet you!


My son is 2 and will be about 2.5 when they are born this summer.. happy to meet another DDCer with twins!

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So ithappened, I was curious if you've noticed anything different so far with a twin pregnancy? I was thinking about it this morning and curious.

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IntuitiveJamie- with DS I didn't even feel pregnant till about 18-20 weeks, but this (twin) pregnancy I had a total lose of appetite the first 5-6 weeks and after that I had really bad morning sickness till week 12. I just felt like I was on a boat all day and in the evening I totally lost my appetite and usually 'front loaded' in the mornings so that I would get enough calories for the day sometimes in the evening Id just have to lay down because I felt ill.. .. now I feel pretty normal at week 12/13 just get really tired after working out or longer days at the office . . .


are you having 1..?

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As far as I know just one. But I have some intuitively inclined ppl telling me twins. So far about 4 ppl or so. And no, just cuz I'm intuitive doesn't mean I know everything. There has to be some mystery in the world, even for me. winky.gif

I'm not intuitively feeling two. And quite honestly it would really freak me out to have twins...and my husband. This pregnancy is different then my other two. But my other two were completely diff, from each other, so that's not an indication. I won't be getting a U/S until the end of March. Guess we'll know for sure then.

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well I am still very freaked I am having twins intuitivejamie :) one was enough of a shock but two is like a whole new level of fear ;)


I had a bunch of people joke and tell me it was twins before I found out- so you never know :)

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I wouldn't think much about if just any person told me. Everyone has a wives tale they believe in.  But these are ppl I know to be tapped in intuitively. So it definitely makes me nervous.


I like what you wrote: "two is a whole new level of fear" - I imagine that's true! lol

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it really is.. esp when we live in a 400 sq foot apartment and its already crowded with 3 of us and a big dog.

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Hello! I', due in Aug and just found out I'm having twins!!! My daughter will be 3 when the babies are born. Just thought I'd drop in and let you know that I'm in this with you!!!

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This pregnancy is so different from my others I can't help bu wonder myself.

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I think when you start to get around 20w, I noticed I can feel them both moving sometimes and it feels to be in different areas, and its obvious there are 2 in there.. also my weight jumps A  LOT now. I can gain like 2-4 lbs in a day. 2whistle.gif

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Hello :)


I'm not expecting twins (this time), but I do have 8 year old twin girls :) :)


Enjoy the journey, there is nothing quite like it.


Feel free to PM me with any twin questions you might have (I don't always have time to check the boards, but I get PM notifications in my e-mail so I always see them.

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The weight is one thing that's making me wonder.  In all my other pregnancies, I do not gain a single pound till I"m through the first trimester.  For a total of around 50, each pregnancy.  I've already gained 10. 


I doubt I'm carrying twins....it's just so different from the others.

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its possible intime0 I think I am up about 12 lbs at 20w but with DC1 this was also the case.. so.. :) When would you find out if its twins? Are you waiting until the actual birth? very exciting.

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I have 3 year old twins and just booked a scan today (next week earliest appointment) because I'm looking bigger than I did with them at this stage and am allowing myself to wonder what's going on. I'd be happy to welcome multiples again but would like to skip the prematurity thing next time!

Congratulations to those of you who know you are carrying 3+ heartbeats joy.gif

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Yeah, it would be a huge surprise at the birth. LOL. Of course, if I went into labor early, that would be a tip off too.  We'd have to head in to the hospital in that case and that would be a bummer.

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after a scan today, my baby is officially, Officially a singleton love.gif


to all you mamas having multips i wish you a very joyous journey twins.gif

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