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Thanks Evi! :)

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here's me at almost 18 wks. i guess it's time to get another one...I'm almost 22 wks now!

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Awesome pic, Katt! Is it professional?

Here's one for comparison purposes:
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Here is me today - at 22w1d.  I've finally popped out!



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@Crystal: Love your lamp :).


Great pics everyone. I have to upload some more. I mostly have them on my cell phone...

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Naw... I'm the professional photographer, my DH is just the button pusher.  I get everything set up and have him shoot like 30 images.  Then I edit.

We did this for my first pregnancy as well, so he's used to it.  Or he should be anyway.  :)

DS loves to ham it up.

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Here's my 24 week pic:


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I dont tihnk I can post mine... Im huge... everyone here has such cute tiny perky bellies. I work out like a mo fo (1-3 hours a day of vigorous activity like power walking with stroller/18lb kid in front carrier, hike with said kiddo in backpack, or stroller push in a hilly neighborhood, ride the horses, etc) eat whole food vegetarian (most vegan and mostly fruits, veggies, salad, protein smoothies), and have been strickly watching my calorie intake so I dont gain too much but I have anyways. Im up 18 lbs at 25.5 weeks and I told my self under no circumstances would I gain more than 25 this pregnancy because last time I was on bed rest and gained 50 pounds, and I still have 14 weeks to go . I still dont think I look pregnant, just fat and toting around a 9 month old I think everyone is still assuming I never lost my baby belly the first time.


I havent taken a single belly shot this time. I did last time and I have the same exact due date, just a year apart and had severe polyhydramnios last time that caused me to measure like I was having twins so it would have been interesting to compare...

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activealli, don't feel bad, some of us just gain more...I'm up 25lbs already...and I was overweight to start :(   I am eating way less than *they* say I should, walking when I can and taking care of my family and house as usual and I have a 28lb 1 year old I haul around.  My body just thinks it has to gain no matter what.  I'm sure you look adorable :)

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I haven't been as diligent as i was before with taking my weekly shots.  Then I feel bad 'cause what happens when/if that baby gets bigger and wants to know why he/she doesn't have as many belly photos as their brother?  I try to remember that the belly photos (and others) are for my memories and such for when I get older.  I dont' have to share them with anyone if I don't want to, but I have them.  

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It's a little late, but a photographer friend started a belly shot project on me last week. We'll get monthly shots from here...









I'm blushing a bit to post this, but I don't think it's indecent for a small board like this...

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that is a tremendously awesome belly photo.

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Yeeska -- that is one of the most beautiful belly shots EVER!!! That is stunning!! YOU are stunning!!
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So gorgeous!!
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That is so amazing I just love it - it gave me tears - that pic should be cherished!

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Beautiful picture Yeeska. amazing.

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Gorgeious Yeeska!  


activealli - don't feel bad. I truly believe each woman (when eating well and taking care of herself - and even sometimes when not!) gains what she needs.  I've never gained less than 45, and I'm already up 19lbs at 23 weeks.  More than I wanted....but it is what it is (I could be eating a bit better....).

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